Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical. No, Really. You Must See this.

Well folks. Here it is: My big regret. I was actually pretty excited to audition for this last year, but I couldn’t – but good grief, I should’ve anyway. Returning for another very short run in Toronto after staging out west, and before heading off to the world-famous Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, is Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical.

The Musical? You say? My oh my. And does it ever work. In fact, the entire show is a meshing of all three movies into one single cabin trip.. with a slight 13th century trip at the end. And folks, the folks know their stuff. Absolutley everything is referenced: the big one-liners that’d you’d expect – Come Get Some – Honey, you got real ugly, etcetc — Right down to the REALLY dedicated references. – They even have a production referencing poster torn in half. (that’s for the hard core people). And yes, there’s even a self-propelled, forward, hand-thrown somersault. The first 3 rows of the theatre? – The Blood Spray section. Oh the joy.

The gorgeous thing about this musical is this 1) The over-the-top fare of the movies really provides an awful lot of slack for props that are purposefully cheesy looking. The props that are used are very well made and the cheap “camera tricks” of the first 2 movies, allows for very successful stage tricks. and 2) – Ever watch figure skating?, not that you should BUT, you often hear people judging a performance based on “It really looks like they’re having fun out there”. This applies here in spades. Many of the cast have worked together on Tony and Tina’s Wedding and obviously have a dubious love for these films. And don’t even get me started on the songs. Extremely funny stuff. Especially the love song(s) and the crowd favourite: “What the F#@$ Was That”?

Folks, tickets are 25 bucks at the Bathurst Street Theatre at 8pm tonight until the 26th. GO!!! Seriously.

Here’s their webpage again: www.evildeadthemusical.com

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14 thoughts on “Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical. No, Really. You Must See this.

  1. awesomely great show, if you missed it, ure probably stupid. hey joe, we should’ve stuck around longer, apparently the cast comes out into the bar to hang out after the show. that would’ve been cool.

  2. Uh… I just got back from the show and i have the program… if anyone wants to still know who played who… but it’s late and i’m tired so, later. let me know.

  3. There’s a LIST of the cast on their site which, I realize isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but it’s right here regardless — hit the Star at the top — it’s for “cast and crew” breakdowns.

    No stalking now….

  4. does anyone know where i could find pictures of the cast in toronto? i have been looking all over the web and i can’t find any that specifically say who is who.

    little help!

  5. Bummer bud-ee…..

    I really hope this show would come all the way down to Florida….Highly unlikely but a man can wish, can’t he?

  6. And Day-vuh and I have VERY different understandings of the phrase “very early”. My early wake up sympathy meter runs a little low once I’ve already been at work for three or four hours …

  7. dmiller…

    By all means.. Allow me….

    All righty, so there I am last year. The Time: Morning. Early June.

    I have just come of finishing a show over Easter and was about to have my closing night of another show. My show (written by Neil Simon actually.. OooOooohhh) was closing on the 8th.

    Auditions for Evil Dead 1&2 The musical took place on the 9th.

    Bubba calls me from work VERY EARLY I might add: “You’re sleeping, I don’t care, go to the computer and read this audition.”

    As excited as I was about the show’s possibilities, after finishing two different shows at once, and having no revenue from the restaurant from all the tourists who thought if they SPOKE the word “Toronto”, they’d get SARS, I was down to my last scrap of cash — and couldn’t afford being in another long rehearsal process all summer long.

    Result: I had to pass.

    A year later, I wish I had — but sigh, what can I do?

  8. And who called you to point out the audition? Who’s prodding did you ignore? The lesson here is this: ignore Bubba at your own peril.

  9. That concept is AWESOME….I played the game and it’s cheesy but fun if you’re a fan….

    “Well, heeeelllloooo Mr Fancy Pants”

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