Batman Year One is a go!

I think more than any other superhero genre film, a new version of Batman is what I have personally be waiting for the most. My excitment jumped through the roof when I found out that Christopher Nolan (director of Insomnia and Memento) is taking the helm and directing. As far as casting goes, rumours on the internet are abounding:

The Guy Pearce rumors have been dying down over the last several weeks, partly due to a comment the actor made to (even though the interview predates the Jon Stewart interview in which he talked positively about the project). Anyway… the latest relatively-firm-sounding non-Kutcher casting rumor to come out started on Dark Horizons Friday, and was greatly elaborated on by IGN FilmForce today. The actor in question is Hugh Dancy, a 27-year-old Briton who costarred in Black Hawk Down, and has Ella Enchanted and King Arthur coming in 2004. There has been no confirmation of Dancy’s negotiations, but an anonymous tip sent to describes Dancy as being “signed, sealed and delivered” at this point as Nolan’s #1 choice. I don’t know much about Dancy, but I’d be willing to bet the British unknown would make me (and many other fans of the character) happier than the kid from “That 70s Show.”

I’d love to see Guy Pearce play the Batman. Besides being a dynamite actor, he could easily carry a dark brooding Bruce Wayne better than most. As long as it isn’t Ashton Kutcher I’ll be happy.

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