Finally a new trailer for ‘Knights of Badassdom’…but when is the release date


I have been anxiously waiting for the release date of “Knights of Badassdom” but there has been no word on the status of this film for over a year now. With the release of the latest trailer for the film there is hope building among the movie’s already growing fan base that a release date will be announced soon, but for now enjoy the latest trailer with bits of new footage from the film.



But now, Ain’t It Cool has unearthed this new trailer complete with new footage. Could this be a promise that at long last Knights of Badassdom will be released? Personally, I’m pulling for it as this looks to be all kinds of awesome.

Via: Cinema Blend


After seeing this trailer I immediately reached out to one of my contacts who is apart of this film. Hoping to get some inside information about the release date of this film, I was disappointed to hear that the cast are receiving the same updates as the rest of us which is, “coming soon…”. After a panel at SDCC and an already growing number of fans, the film is consistently driving everyone crazy by not giving us a date to look forward to. I know filming has ended, so could this possibly be a ploy to build hype for the film? I will keep everyone posted on what I find out.


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