The Amazing Spider-Man’s Lizard could have been better. Much much better.

Yesterday we took a look at some concept art for the Amazing Spider-Man and saw the alternatives for the costumer design of our favorite web slinger. Thankfully someone had sense enough to reject those. A few more concept art images have made their way online and show us the rejected designs for the Lizard and I can’t help but wonder “what happened?!”


As you’ll see below one of the early design was based on the look of actor Chris Cooper. The following Cooper lizard morphing images come from designer Aaron Sims. Makes me wonder if at one point they were actually looking to cast Copper in this role, which would have been amazing!

And a few designs from artist Jerad S. Marantz:


So yes, he very well could have looked a bit more reptilian and Lizard-Y and instead the folks behind the film went with the design below:




Let that sink in for a while…


Via: Greek Tyrant



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