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First and foremost, Ryan Brown is a fan. He has been an avid fan of both the theater and cinema since an early age and his passion for both has been continually growing ever since. When dissecting a film, he focuses on all elements of film-making including some fan/cult factors. He believes that character development is the foundation of a good film and usually starts his analysis of a film from there moving forward. His writing style may be influenced by his background of narrative and argumentative studies in the subject, but he tends to enjoy a more conversational style to better interact with the readers, unlike some other pretentious and pompous writers.

18 thoughts on “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 scenes and pictures leaked

  1. @Millie  Have you read the damn books? huh? I used to hate this series but now I love it so much now! It inspires me and your one of the people that skips pages and talk shit about this amzaing series.

  2. Go fuck your mommy and suck ur dads dick….Twilight is fucking amazing and it takes an inbreed to not know any better…..fucking ignorant cunt.

  3. Cmon now guys, its fine that you disagree but try and refrain from personal attacks. We all have different taste just leave it at that.

    Relax friendo.

  4. Looks horrible. She looks horrible, the movie looks horrible. Everything… Horrible… But consistently horrible with the rest of the series.

    1. Don’t hate on this movie, you have no idea what you are talking about, I mean the books are way better then the movies but its close enough…it looks amazing and it’s going to be a great final film of the series.
      I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!! <3

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