Hot Popcorn! Top 10 Favorite Eye-Candy Actresses

And this is *not* to diminish their fine acting skills.  Or lack there of.  But let’s face it… sometimes, we’ll pay to see a movie we *know* is not good, because the eye candy is worth it.  Or wait for the Netflix option.  But I digress…

That’s right.  I love these women on the silver screen, regardless if it’s 2 thumbs up or a lot of rotten tomatoes.

So to kick off our new category: Hot Popcorn! — Here’s my Top 10 list of actresses I’d pay to see, regardless of how bad Erik and Lars say the movie is, counting down to number 1…

10. Halle Berry: I watched all of Cat Woman.  There’s the proof she belongs here.

9. Jessica Alba: The whole… Sue Storm… had its moments.  Hrm.  It had a lot of moments, actually.  I think I’ll be watching some FF tonight.

8. Lucy Liu.  Charlies Angels.  Ahhhh….

7. Eva Mendes: I had Will Smith envy after Hitch.  Nice wetsuit.  ’nuff said.

6. Jennifer Aniston: Nice girls don’t finish last.  They finish 6th.

5. Penelope Cruz: She pretty much just has to say stuff and look at the camera and I’m done for.

4. Jessica Biel: Was that Blade movie good?  Not sure.  All I remember is some serious crossbow skills.  And I may not even be remembering that correctly.

3. Kate Beckinsale: Van Helsing.  Leather.  That is all.

2. Ashley Green: Was it Twilight?  Ya, she was cute… but did you see those Sobe Lifewater body paint ads?  Google is your friend.

1. Angelina Jolie: I’d say she melts celluloid, but that’s so last century.  Other than Girl Interrupted, which was hot in its own offbeat way, she’s a friggin’ digital dominatrix.  Adopt my kid, Angelina!  We can then be all parental together.

Honorable mentions:

  • Megan Fox: I don’t like her, but most of you do, and I didn’t want to hear your flak about it.  Yay.
  • Ashley Judd: How much talent can one family have?  Freaky.  Loved her with Mr Freeman.
  • Charlize Theron: I think being that Wuornos chick sorta killed it for me.
  • Keira Knightley: I dunno.  Something about her wants to make her fall in love with me.
  • Winona Ryder: Shoplifting schmoplifting.  This is about movies.  Not real life.
  • Natalie Portman: I’d be with her in movies or real life.
  • Salma Hayek: She smolders.
  • Sandra Bullock: Jennifer was lonely as the only girl next door.
  • Kristen Stewart — but hey hon, can you smile or something?

Ok.  Toss out your faves, and let the popcorn throwing begin!

Mmmmm buttery!

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