I thought that headline would knock your rear right out of your chair. No, it isn’t a joke. The 1986 martial arts cult classic that starred Jean Claude Van Damme and co-starred Forrest Whitaker is now on a fast track to getting remade with ‘Salt’ director Phillip Noyce behind it.
Cinemablend has this to report:

it’s hard to imagine what modern actor can possibly fill JCVD’s ass-kicking shoes, and yet Screen Daily reports that Salt director Philip Noyce has been set to handle the remake, with Robert Mark Kamen writing the script.

Unsurprisingly, the story’s details will be updated– the main character this time is an Afghanistan war veteran, and he goes to Brazil “to recover from the violence he has experienced,” only to find himself in, yes, a martial arts contest.

Interesting, considering that the original film was loosely based upon the contreversial and/or contradictory life of Frank Dux, who supposedly participated in underground fighting tournaments. I’m assuming, then the remake has nothing to do with Dux, and if so, how in the world can this be called a remake? I mean, when one really thinks about the remakes premise, that sounds like most martial arts B pictures, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just a title? There’s also another element of Bloodsport, and that’s not just the Hong Kong location, but also ‘within’ the Walled City (since torn down).

I like most of Phil Noyce’s films. He can do fairly good action and suspense, so he probably will be alright here. But I wonder who can not only fit in Van Damme’s ki as Dux, but who gets to play Chung Li?

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7 thoughts on “Bloodsport….Remake!

  1. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THIS MOVIE!!! The first was far too good for a remake. Not to mention it WAS about the real life fighter Frank Dux. How in the world do you remake this and it NOT be about Frank Dux? That sounds like a NEW movie riding the coat-tails of a classic!

  2. Also I think Randy Couture would do just fine in the lead role. It’s not Like JCVD is an Oscar award winner lol as far as Chong Li(or the brazillian equal) You don’t need a superstar I’d say do a casting call you might hit the jackpot

  3. Statham may be a good choice, although their fighting styles are different. Can always get the fake JCVD that was in the expendables.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bolo play Chong li again, but if they are looking for a Brazilian they should probably use Bigfoot Silva.

  4. Capoeira time!

    Are the Gracies cast yet?

    y’know if there filming in Brazil we’ll see some good ol’ fasioned T&A in there somewhere.(emphasis on the “A”!)


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