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*SPOILER WARNING* This is extremely spoiler-ish for those who want to walk into the Captain America movie untainted by the internetz reporting of key scenes. Seriously, if you don’t want to ruin the ending of the movie then you should click elsewhere right now!! Ready? Good. Apparently the Captain America movie that’s expected to be released in a short 3 months still had a scene to film with this one being in, quite possibly, the most publicly accessible place possible. Tons of fans were witness to the spectacle of Chris Evans and Sam Jackson filming a scene for the iconic hero set dead center of NYC’s iconic Times Square.

Source: Collider

Captain America: The First Avenger is scheduled for release on July 22 — I am amazed at just how much studios can work up to the deadline. Just yesterday, less than three months before release, director Joe Johnston shot another scene featuring Chris Evans as the titular superhero and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Times Square.

Of course you can’t film a scene in the busiest area in NYC without witnesses and tourists snapping a torrent of photo’s and video. Here are a few:

Good stuff for those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and seemingly coincides with earlier reports that Captain America will in fact take the trip to the present at the conclusion of his own adventure. Hopefully he’ll do some shopping while in the heart of fashion in order to do something about those tacky tan pants that are soooo 50’s.

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14 thoughts on “Captain America last minute shooting

  1. I’m wondering how they are going to bring Cap’ to the present. In the comics he was frozen and rethawed in the present. How does he just show up in Times Square? Some kind of Nazi time machine? I hope not. Dear God, I hope not. That would just suck. IMHO.

    1. I imagine that they will stick with the “ice” story, but after thawing him out and explaining what year it is, they have to take him out in public to prove it.

      Or maybe after the thaw he loses his poop and flees and Fury catches up with him while he is reeling in culture shock and explains.

      1. In all of the retelling of this story going on in recent comics. He wakes up in a hospital bed and wigs out and beats everyone up and runs outside then is awe struck and fury catches up to him and explains what is going on.

  2. I like that idea better! :)

    Word around the campfire is that Thor is a Good film and that the end/easter egg scene will blow us away!


  3. What’s with the director STILL filming shots?

    He did that same thing with his previous film (I think) and it suffered from it and re-editing/shots killed the film (for me anyways). I hope this is a schedule issue (Sam J.) and not re-shoots.

    this hopefully is no cause for alarm, BUT it worries me slightly especially after the butchering of another one of my all-time favorites under his helm.

    Just sayin’

    1. I agree. While Thor is getting pretty good reviews Cap is the one I’m worried about. I don’t think Joe Johnston was a great choice for director. None of the scenes shown in the trailer really set the tone for what a Cap movie should feel like. I’m more concerned with the action than the look of the film. I don’t think he really captured the Super part of super soldier. If Johnston doesn’t capture the way a Super Soldier should move the way Louis Leterrier did in the Hulk we could have a problem. Haven’t seen anything like that in the trailers. That’s a big selling point, no different than nailing the way Spidey swings through the city.

      1. Completely different people involved but similar in the idea that everyone said that the Thor trailers were too much earth stuff but from all early reviews the majority of the movie is set in Asgard. I think the timeline for Captain America was so condensed that I don’t think they have had adaquate time to put out trailers that show what you got a glimpse of in HULK. Come early July it is my hope we see some of this stuff.

    2. The prevailing opinion is that this is the post credits Avengers tie in scene. It is my hope that they waited until everything was all done with Thor, coupled with schedule issues (possibly weather too) to get this small prob no more than 3min scene put to bed.

    1. Roman, I think the picture of Sam is not part of the actual sceene. If you look closely at the picture of he and Chris facing eachother, you can clearly see that strap for the patch he’s wearing. I’m pretty sure this sceene takes place in the present.

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