Tomb Raider Reboot Update

The Tomb Raider reboot is official, it will happen. Anjelina Jolie and her phony British accent, however, won’t return.Thje Toronto Sun gives us:

The two installments were made by Paramount Pictures, and now The Departed producer Graham King has acquired the rights to the franchise from Japanese videogame company Square Enix Ltd, and is planning to release a third movie in 2013.

In a press release, King states he’s looking for a young Lara Croft, sparking speculation film bosses will be working on a prequel and casting a younger star in Jolie’s famous role.

But in truth, it’s a whole new reboot. In a way, I’m sort of happy- as Jolie never really convinced me with the British accent. It always took me out of the films- and her character was played as a bit cold and indifferent. But the action was fairly good, I’ll give it that. Also, with the dumbness as Salt was, Jolie can still handle wirework and crazy stunts. I’m also sad- because this is a reboot that isn’t needed. I see nothing wrong with continuing the franchise after Cradle Of Life but simply recastting the main part….I mean if you really had to.

But how young are we talking here? Jolie (although I didn’t like her) could still crank out another. She does have a fanbase, y’know. Call me very concerned over this. I don’t see who could take over myself –Kelly Brook?-I’m stumped.

Who would you want to take over for Angelina?

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