Mike Myers will voice Pepe Le Pew

The Brothers Warner are making a live action Pepé Le Pew film and have already attached Mike Myers to voice the character.

Both Pepe and Myers stink lately, so this was bound to happen. Hopefully this works out for the better for both of them.

Vulture reports:

Warner Bros. Pictures is now developing a live-action/CGI movie on the lovelorn French skunk and Myers is attached to voice the lead role.

Disney makes 5 times as much on their character roster in licensing, so WB figured they might as well step up their game.

They do have all that studio lying around going to waste after all. Why not use it to make some money?

I think Myers would kill as Pepé Le Pew.

The film is likely to fit that riff of Garfield, Marmadukes, Chipmunks and Yogis, but the kids eat it up like a training bra craves Twilight, so its just business.

6 thoughts on “Mike Myers will voice Pepe Le Pew

  1. WHAT!! WHAT!! WHAT!!?? Myers?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! RAPE MY CHILDHOOD WILL YOU!!!? **Apologies to the Nostalgia critic**

    1. Sounds good to me :)

      Mike Myers should just get Dana Carvey to make a Waynes World reunion flick where they try to get the Monsters of Rock Tour together again, But run in to obstacles along the way like…….. Rap Music/Techno

      That would be nice.

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