Natalie Portman talks The Professional 2

Its long been the stance of Luc Besson that his classic contract killer film The Professional would not be sequeled with him involved. The film starred a very young Natalie Portman who is now on record saying she would be up for a sequel, but only if Besson directs.

MTV says:

Years have passed, director Luc Besson has gone on record as refusing to helm a second installment, and nothing seems likely to change. Portman herself told us recently that she’s even declined to read the script.

“I have never read it because Luc won’t direct it himself, and so I’m only interested if he [directs],” she said while at the Toronto Film Festival promoting “Black Swan.”

I think that this would make a great story if they did sequel The Professional catching up with her character so much later, but I agree that Luc Besson should do it, and seeing as how he still says he won’t… it wont happen.

If they sequel it without the same cast or director? The Professional: Havana Nights

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  1. god this is something that has to happen! Matilda meets the Matrix(leather and effects style) kinda sound cool lol!
    Stay strong Nat,(holding out for Luc)
    Come on Luc, (you could pull this off)
    R.I.P. Leon and Standsfeild

  2. Later for “Natalie”, personally I for one would much rather see another installment with “Leon” in the form of a prequel and the events that lead to his becoming a hit man as well as all the contract jobs put out by “Tony” before “Matilda’s appearance.

    I think it would be refreshing to see how “Leon” made the transition into a professional hit man as the film with “Portman” is fine as is so there is no point messing with its integrity, however, a film based solely on “Leon’s” character would definitely have great potential.

    A man in love who’s world is shattered driving him to avenge the lose he suffers and his subsequent journey toward becoming a hit man has all the earmarks of a winner.

  3. Defense and “CounterPunch teams are preparing to react.  This sequence took 5 minutes in real time.  This occurs hundreds of times a day.  It is rare to lose a US Ambassador or an envoy…a very rare mistake indeed.  
    Portman, the uninteresting secretary now discernible but still disguised as an unattractive and hardly noticeable human punctuation to the mechanism of the NSA, prepares to head home for the evening, and her departure is noticed only by the card swipe.

  4. The NSA agents previously on screen are paged to the briefing.  Key points screened from the processed intel have red-lighted; meticulously programmed screening computers project with an above average near-certainty an attack on overseas US officials is forthcoming.  Now the agents will debrief by a committee of high ranking military officers, psychologists, etc. and this will be strategically uplinked.

  5. Two NSA Operatives walk by a dowdy secretary, dumping SD cards and papers, expense receipts and ask her to brief their Section Chief.  They head to separate offices leaving her to sort the mess.  I have definite ideas on who should play these three.  She proceeds to batch the collected data into a presentation via ordinary software and specialized decoding programs.  The sequence of pictures about a Hamas splinter cell begin to shape into usable intelligence from this capable woman, which is prepared for a briefing and Lotus’d to the Chief (Hackman?).  He sits in a spacious room with 50 monitors, partitioned by sectors–hot zones–surrounded by Assistant Chief’s and supporting staff– and collates the information on these screens as computers direct each packet by pertinence.  Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, China, Turkey and numerous other locations under satellite, drone, and operative surveillance coalesce and are constantly updated.

  6. hey jeff, lets get gary oldman in there. well, seeing that it ends up that mathilda has a deal with tony. why not stretch it out. mathildas been moonlighting as a hitgirl. tony mysteriously dies. some twists and turns. she finds out stansfield survived the explosion and is back for revenge. too back she has a family stansfield can mess with. but little does stansfield know, that her family has a bit of skills of their own. just brainstorming.

  7. I think that they should jmake a 2nd sequel because it ended without telling nor showing the skill and abiluity that mathilda has they shown us that he had thought mathilda lots but we would like to see that skill in action and who wouldnt want to see that much ass kicking

  8. (O_o) (This is my version of the plot in my twisted lil mind…lol)…Matilda continues her education at the girl’s school under an assumed name w/the help of the head mother who takes her in & raises her as her own. Now a grown woman…Matilda works at the school & is highly respected & is engaged to be wed. Her past life long since behind her now & practically forgotten about….(O_O) UNTIL…1 day a highly trained lil girl seeks her out…the Grand Daughter of Leon. Previous to his death…Leon had spoken of a recent relationship w/a woman gone bad which unbenounced to anyone had produced a love child-(the real reason Leon cared so much for Matilda)! Leon’s family back in Italy has been raising the little girl after her mothers death & upon learning of Grand Father Leon’s untimely & treacherous demise from old family folklore…has been grooming her into the family business since early childhood & it’s her greatest wish to someday seek revenge against her father’s murderers!!! The child comes to America & quickly seeks out Tony & swiftly smokes him, but not before she learns from his begging death pleads of the existence of Matilda! Curious…she seeks her out. The meeting doesn’t go well & quickly gets heated & Matilda gets the eerie feeling that once alone…she was lucky to have left with her life! Leon’s daughter starts a hellstorm of trouble which eventually leads back to Matilda getting reluctantly dragged back into it & in the process her new fiancee is killed which quickly re-sparks old long since dormant killer instincts in her to once again reemerge…& and together as a team….(O_O) Absolute HELL & CARNAGE ensues!!!!

    1. (O_o) I’m sorry…it wasn’t so recent of a relationship & I meant to say “against her Grandfather’s murderers.”. I also said Leon’s daughter & I meant to say Granddaughter.

  9. Well it would be hard to have Sequel to the professional. Especially if people have only seen the American version which is total robbed. If you haunt seen the professional get the uncut version. It’s just called Leon the professional twenty four more minutes of extra footage. Best movie ever and in this version you find out why he is in deep crap with a woman. Which brings to my point if there was to have some juice for a sequel I would make hitman vs hitman then one turns on the other to see who wins.

  10. I see a beautifull classic being brought to life. Revenge on the guy that gave up leon. Of course he decides not to give her the money as promissed and puts a hit on the little girl making her even stronger throught the adversity. Goes underground (stripper, call girl) changes her identity and gets back at him/them and takes her share $$$ and then some, hiding and plotting the perfect revenge. She figures out the corrupt police departments envolvement (he survives the blast) with ironically the mafia and takes them out one by one. She falls in love and moves to a remote country (sequel)..

  11. remember the guy that hired Leon is the same one that gave him up! she goes back to collect leons money and he puts out a hit on her she learns hes the reason leon is dead! and the rest is movie history!!!

  12. What a waste of potential. This would be an epic production if it stared Natalie Portman, but without her I wouldn’t waste my time or money on it. Fact is though somebody’s going to pick up on it and hack it to pieces, a damn shame… All that needs to happen is to have the original director sign on? Seems to me, somebody needs to light a fire under his ass!!!

    1. What revenge? The bad guys died at the end of the first one! I think a sequel is a great idea… if it was done right. But Hollywood would ‘F’ it up because they just don’t care anymore!

  13. It’s too late for NP on the Professional:

    If you want to make Natalie Portman a contract killer, then make it. Don’t make it a sequel.

    However, if you want to do a sequel, the obvious choice would be Chloe Morentz.
    But honestly, Jodelle Ferland…Or maybe Jennette McGurdy…

    I don’t want a grown up Mathilda to be a contract killer, I want the adolescent Mathilda be a contract killer.

    1. I disagree. She is not too old and she looks so much like she did as a child. I guess it’s a moot point since she refuses to do it with anyone except Besson. She would be great… but have her a mother and wife who can’t forget the past and has to make things right… I don’t know how that would go but I’m sure some writer could develop it.

  14. Half of what Besson does is just garbage so I wouldn’t want them to gamble making a horrible sequel for a great movie. If somehow there was a guarantee this was to be one of the good movies he does then by all means it should be done.

  15. one of my favorite movies I probably seen it 30 times id love a sequel but only with her and the same director if they just cast some new chick and make it some crazy action movie I would be realy pissed

  16. I fell in love to Portman the first time i saw her on Leon: The Professional (rfelax, i’m still in mid school back then). And always envisioned a story of what if Mathilda grew up and continue the legacy as hitman…. or in her case, hitwoman. Even had created a fancomic on my own about that vision.
    To bad it still a long shot. Even when Portman has grew up to be such a bonafide actress.

    1. actually, the cleaner is the guy who dispose the intended bodies & cleaning up the messy scenes aftermath. Which… ironically what Jean Reno character did in La Femme Nikita… FYI

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