The First 3D Movie You Can Watch Without Glasses?

Universally, what is the worse thing about 3D movies? Yup, having to use those annoying glasses. So, what if I told you that in the near future you will be able to watch a 3D movie without them? You’d probably give me a “get the f outta here”. Well, apparently, this isn’t so far away. Maybe it’s so close, that the new Spiderman 3D reboot could be the first one…

Cinematical reports:

Sony and Toshiba are reportedly in a race to develop quality 3D technology that you can watch with bare eyes, though they seem to be concentrating on this benefiting television screens. There are some pricing and tech issues, but there’s no reason to think at least an expensive model will be ready in a few years, perhaps just in time for Sony to market its product as a tie-in with a 3D Blu-ray release of its Spider-Man reboot.

I don’t think this will be out for Spiderman’s new reboot film. I believe it’s possible; I won’t bet against mankind. But how will this work? Will the film (in the cinema and on the TV) be responsible for the “no need for glasses” experience? Or will we need to use contact lenses of some sort? I bet that these companies are salivating by just listening to the idea/concept. This would change the movie and the TV industry big time; specifically talking about the 3D area. Sounds awesome.

What do you think? Will it get done soon? Or how far off? Would this interest you more in the 3D experience?

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18 thoughts on “The First 3D Movie You Can Watch Without Glasses?

  1. it’s possible to watch a 3-d movie without glasses right now!!!! I know this because I’ve done it. The only thing is only 1 in 5,000 people can do it. Sorry. I was born with lazy eye and my eyes confuse certain things. The glasses confuse your eyes to think it’s popping out, but lazy eye gets confused without the glasses. And that’s how to watch 3d movies without glasses NOW.

  2. I think that would make alot of money for sony but 3D is sometimes over rated. Only time will tell but either way I cant wait for the next spiderman movie.

  3. Didn’t the Micheal Jackson show have this huge 3-D Screen that didn’t require glasses in it? (the show that never happened) it was in “This is it”

  4. This is what I have been waiting for, hate wearing the cheap glasses and dont wanna buy the expensive ones. Why should the burden fall upon my shoulders just to watch a movie is what I say.

  5. i think in about 10 years we will find 3d everywhere .. in the car and on advertising in the street . i think there will be some legal discussion about where to implement is because of health issues

  6. I’ve seen a 3d $onitar before. You wore glasses but the 3d didn’t pop out at you. It was a reverse affect. The 3d sank into the screen. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to make 3d screens like that with no glasses. Like someone said, I am waiting for the star war holograms.

  7. I heard rumours about the development of holograms, like you see in Star Wars. Apparently Japan (Sony?) has included holograms in their World Cup 2022 bid. I read that somewhere a couple of weeks ago. I think we should be able to watch holograms without glasses.

  8. The contact lens idea is definitely interesting, but not one that would be convenient or cost effective. But I’m sure you could come up with polarized contacts just like polarized glasses, the technology is there. But the market wouldn’t be there.

    Glasses free 3D is already done with televisions, just ask Toshiba. I bet in 2011 there will be some on the market. The question is how good will they be. Yes the Nintendo 3DS works well but it is in a unique situation in that it is only meant for one person, at one distance. Those are huge variables. It won’t be so easy in the living room.

  9. can we just get away from this 3D fetish? i’d much rather watch a black and white film that has a great screenplay (Clerks) then a piece of dog shit like clash of the titans in 3D.

    maybe that’s just me.

  10. I don’t see why it’s not possible since the soon-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS features rather powerful and very beautiful 3D technology without any form of glasses. If Nintendo can pull it out for it’s gaming handheld, why can’t the technology superpowers create something for domestic and theatre use?

  11. I’ve heard of this news of a second hand nature. My father travels a lot for his company and gets to see a lot of new tech demo’d all over the world. He’s told me that he’s seen some 3D tech sans glasses, and that it looked pretty good, however you had to stand in a pretty specific “sweet spot” in relation to the screen to get the good 3D effect.
    I’ve also worked in the movie theater industry, and from the sound of it, a lens-free 3D tech could potentially pose some problems and would require some serious thought. You would have to ensure that the 3D effect would be evenly dispersed across your entire seating area. You might have to convert projector/screen technology. These are some potentially expensive changes and would require support from major theater chains.

  12. This will be a 3D tech more in line with Avatar then Jaws 3D. They’ll probably use multiple thin LCD screens each showing different images all interpreted by a single pain of plastic or glass.

    The effect would be depth in your tv, like you were watching a show taking place inside of the box, not just on the surface.

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