Gremlins to Return in 3D?

Gremlins was comedy genius, and a truly original idea. Now with other 80s films coming out of retirement like Ghost Busters, it seems that there is a rumour that with the recent return of director Joe Dante (who originally directed Gremlins) that he may be tapped for a new Gremins movie.

And of course, they would make it in 3d!

Market Saw is spreading the rumour:

I have very good information from a top source that tells me another GREMLINS movie is coming to the silver screens and it will be in stereoscopic 3D! It is in the early stages with still lots of hurdles to pass, but it is being developed. This is not a 3D conversion of the original to be clear.

There are somethings that only work if you are in the 80s. And when looking back on some of these films, they worked BECAUSE it was the 80s. We were a very forgiving sort then, and had a real penchant for the campy silliness.

Can they make a Gremlins 3? Or will it be a remake?

Would it have the same charm? Or will it give our kids nightmares now?

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23 thoughts on “Gremlins to Return in 3D?

  1. Gremlins was perfect cause it nailed the fantasy stuff and the dark comedy, with enough sense to make fun of itself the whole time. A lot of the remakes/reboots/sequels just get pumped out to reuse a solid(probably money-making) idea. For what it’s worth, not that Hollywood really cares as much as it should, but I hope this gets the respect and treatment it deserves as one of the classics that defined movies for a lot of us as kids. 3-D? I guess if they can come up with cool ways to use it without being too tacky, it’d be a great film to have it in.

  2. There’s always potential for a good movie, but I tend to fall on the side of ‘don’t bother’. They’ll probably screw it up.

  3. Why does everything have to come out in 3-D now? I’m fine with it from time to time, but I’m not into the idea of wearing a pair of big black plastic glasses every time I see a movie. I’m going to feel like I’m attending a Killers concert every time I see a movie now. Weak.

  4. Anyone see Phoebe Cates lately?

    Is she still a hottie?

    last time I saw her was in a little “gem” called
    I Love You To Death, and she was smokin’!

    1. I’m pretty sure she’s married to Kevin Kline, retired from acting, and still a hottie….. She is the perfect 80s woman

    1. Now that “Avatar” is a huge hit all films will soon be in 3-D. Say “Goodbye” to 2-D, by the end of this decadE it will be extinct. We will be forced to sit throught the gimmick/distraction that is 3-D.

      1. It has already begun.

        There are already releasing 3-D TVs, and in June(If I remember correctly) there will be 24 hour 3-D channel for ESPN, and other corporations will be releasing a 24/7 3-D channel.

        Not to mention that most films are being converted to 3-D. Hell, there is already plans to re-release “The Fellowship of the Ring” and Star Wars in 3-D.

        3-D TVs, and 3-D Blu-Ray players, and this is just the beginning.

      2. It’s just the beginning as long as the major populace buys into the 3D 24/7. I’m not sure that is going to happen. Plus, the technology will be too expensive for the average family. Yes, Avatar is the top grossing movie ever, but it’s 1 movie and everyone always jumps on the bandwagon of success. I’m not saying 3D is going to go away that would be silly, but we won’t lose 2D. There is no reason for RomComs or Dramas to be in 3D. In fact, 9 times out 10 I’m going to choose the 2D showing and if there isn’t one? Well, guess the B.O. is going to lose my dollars.

  5. 3D or no 3D
    I know a Gremlins film, remake or sequel will work really well in this day and age. How do I know? Well, let’s put it this way: this generation may have forgotten the rules or intentionally ignores them. Thus there are dastardly dark comic gems waiting to happen when you get them wet, expose them to bright lights or feed them after midnight.

    Puppets are fine, some will be CG. A mix of the two is worth it.
    As for the 3D thing.
    I’m down.

    The 1990 sequel had the Gremlins break the fourth wall. I can buy then a Gremlins 3D being planned. The only downside to it is the repetitive jokes. Still, old and new fans will still get a hoot.

    I don’t know how good they will be getting the actors from the 80’s films, but y’know, I at least hope Dick Miller has a cameo.

    Kneel before General Stripe-Mohawk!

  6. @”There are somethings that only work if you are in the 80s. And when looking back on some of these films, they worked BECAUSE it was the 80s. We were a very forgiving sort then, and had a real penchant for the campy silliness.”

    I agree, and you know they will use CG to make the creatures, which will ruin the experience.

    1. I dont know that it would ruin it (I liked Yoda better when he was less muppety)

      It could be great, but they would have to leave the silliness behind or replace it with an updated silliness (Alvin etc) or it wont fit at all with the new media.

      1. Puppet Yoda is far superior to CG Yoda.

        I find that films that use less CG to be more entertaining than films that depend on it. But, don’t misunderstand I do enjoy CG, but a film shouldn’t be dependent on it.

      2. CG Yoda may have been badass in a Jedi battle I’ll give you that. For the prequels, that was needed. Hermit Zen Muppet was needed in Empire and that was equally as good, for that’s what the character was called to do.

        Hence, I go 50/50. So as far as Gremlins are concerned, I’ll say some are puppets and others not.

  7. I dont think it would induce nightmares to the new generation, if it looks like the 80’s it’ll probally induce laughter.

    I totally loved the 1st one and remember seeing it in theatres twice. it also ran beside Ghostbusters. didn’t Speilberg have something to do with the 1st one?

    I wont mention the sequel cause it was horrible..
    and whats stereoscopic 3D!? is it different from true/real 3-d?

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