Unused Inglorious Basterds Poster Online

Inglorious Basterds had some really great posters out during its publicity run, however today we trip over a poster they chose NOT to use.

I really like this painted style, and it reminds me of old Indiana Jones posters or Star Wars. Maybe a little Big Trouble Little China.

However as much as I like the poster, I am glad they didn’t use it. I think the existing posters fit the look and feel of the trailers much better.


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  • phil

    Long and extremely boring movie…anyone saying different either has no taste or is just following the wave for not getting drowned by saying that its bad. Tarantino lost his touch is the bottom line. Bad actors (including Brad Pitt), no action scene except for gore scenes (scalping german once they are dead) no characther development, badly directed. The worst part is people who see the preview (myself included) are getting a sense of a great movie with a good plot (and i’ll admit the plot of sending american resistence fighters to fight the german does sound interesting, but the ball got drop for this one..in a big way) and its way to damn long (2h45min). Dont waste your 20 bucks to see it. Heck, i would even recommend renting it. I kept thinking to myself while i sat there waisting time which i will never get back that i should ask for my money back. Tarantino described this as a type of spaghetti western on WWII (during letterman appearance)…well this is worst than chef boyardee could ever do.

  • brandon

    this would be good except for the exceptional amount of dead space on the page, as soon as I saw this I wanted to crop it

    • Its an unused poster. It didnt even see typography yet. I am sure that deadspace would have some words in it if they finished this poster.

  • I love the poster n I would truly like them to use this as the cover for the blu Ray edition of the movie

  • The poster looks great but I can understand why they didn’t go for this one.

  • I like it, but it reminds of KOTCS

    But the movie ruled. And I like the poster they used.

  • Herby

    Not to crazy about the poster, but I did love this movie. Plan on seeing it again this weekend