Microsoft Holding Back Halo For Now

Just a couple of days ago we talked about how Speilberg was spearheading an offer to get the Halo movie back on. But now we hear that Microsoft is just not interested.

Well not yet anyways.

Coming Soon shares:

We’re glad there’s still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

I am baffled by this. It seems that Microsoft has nothing but to benefit here.

All they have to do is take the truckload of money and maybe have some involvement to approve the script or any other quality control issues to keep the film in line with their franchise. The story they intend to use doesn’t contradict with the game franchise. They approved the book the proposed screenplay is based on.

And they risk nothing in its failure. Dreamworks/Disney would pony up the cash and fork over an agreed percentage back to Microsoft on top of the payout for the rights.

Did I miss something? Did Microsoft’s Halo team disagree to hand over the film rights to the franchise because they already have a day job?

It will happen eventually. Just not while they are busy with their current game releases.

  • obi-wan kubrick

    Microsoft will obviously wait until the next XBOX console to launch this film. The 3rd Xbox won’t launch with a new Halo game but it might launch with a new killer app made by Bungie studios and they will advertise the hell out of a Halo movie at the same time. Makes sense to me.

  • Edvin

    This is typical business as usual, say you are not interested to get the bastards to offer even more.