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Angelina Jolie is a pleasure to watch in action films. She is not only distracting to the eye, but she is convincing as a female combatant.

Considering this role was originally up for Tom Cruise, and the script was altered ever so slightly to replace the main character with a female, Jolie was one of the few who I think could keep up with the role. Check out the teaser Trailer to see why.

Seeing this kind of action in a “rogue agent” storyline makes me happy Tom Cruise isn’t attached as Salt. (aside from the fact that I like looking at Jolie more) The comparisons to this and Mission Impossible are close enough with the borderline over the top action scenes and well choreographed spy hunter themes.

I like how they don’t spell it out for you. We get the plot, but is she being set up? Is she a brainwashed superspy? You will have to see the film to find out.

I hope the full trailer doesn’t spoil that for us.

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19 thoughts on “Salt Teaser Trailer Online

  1. This movie is a cross between mission impossible and a long kiss goodnight, two movies that I actually enjoy and I’m actually glad they didn’t get tom to do this movie it looks average and boring. Angelina has never been convincing.

  2. RIP OFF!!!

    Dear God, this movie looks soooooo bad!!! Why do people keep wanting to see Jolie in action flicks, I’ll never understand! She’s so tiny, it’s inconceivable she could handle herself in any confrontation, let alone be able to hold a cannon of a gun to shoot someone.

  3. I’ll probably go see it depending what is released at the time.

    Not a huge fan of Jolie myself, never liked her as Lara Croft, I always felt they should have made the movies with the original Tomb Raider girl herself “Rhona Mitra” but its all water under the bridge now I guess. I do like Liev Schreiber so at least there is that, if he is in the movie I think it will be good.

  4. That trailer is terrible. Jolie is completely unconvincing … what was that weak ass wall-spring all about? It looked aweful and had no business even being there. She doesn’t come off as anything but silly in this to me.

    1. When I saw the wall spring, I thought it looked really weak too (I actually laughed because it looked like something Star Wars Kid would have done). I don’t know if it is her per say (because she was decent in Mr.& Mrs. Smith) or if the choreography was bad/lazy… they need some Jason Bourne action up in there.

      The fight director is Simon Crane (who did Mr/Mrs and Tomb Raider), so I am kind of surprised… also the guy is directing the Kane&Lynch adaptation

      1. Really? After all the other action in the trailer you are going to whine over one wall step (maye it wasn’t supposed to be a spring)

        Not every action star has to be Tony Ja.

      2. I’ve never even seen a Tony Jaa movie, Rodney. I agree … not every action star needs to be him. But Come On! a commanding female lead SHE is not … at least not in my eyes. She looks thin and weak. We need someone more like Zoe Bell for these types of roles. Ms. Jolie may have used to look like she could do things physical work … but now she just looks like she needs a solid meal. Too much weight this woman has lost. Plus, I’m very unimpressed with the whole look and feel of the film. To each their own I guess.

  5. I was actually in Washington D.C. when they were filming this movie. I turned a corner and ended up walking across the street in the middle of their shot (since they couldn’t close down the streets for the shoot). And I said, oh man it’s Liev Schreiber! I didn’t even recognize Jolie, she was so short. Anyway, I got some good pictures of them stretching out before doing a little foot chase scene.

  6. “Angelina Jolie is a pleasure to watch in action films. She is not only distracting to the eye, but she is convincing as a female combatant”

    Thanks, Rodney.
    I needed a good belly laugh for the morning.

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