New Moon Full Trailer Online

I have to admit it, I liked the Twilight series so far (just finishing the third book) and looking forward to the upcoming sequel New Moon. The first book was all about introducing how the world of Twilight works, and it wasn’t until New Moon that the plot really took shape.

Check out the full released trailer below.

This looks to be more action filled than the introduction and that’s great. I was currently more interested in the treaty that the Quillettes have with the Cullens, and the social structure of the Vampire Royalty, so I like this film focusing more on Jacob and his furry family and seeing the bigger world of the Vampires.

Also, I feel very strange finding Dakota so attractive as a Vampire since I still have a hard time wrapping my head around her as a teenager. Somehow in my head she is stil 8, so to see her growed up some is odd.


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