How Marvel Could Influence Disney

Ever since it was announced that Disney had bought Marvel, most of our discussion (understandably) has been about how much we think (or worry) Disney will influence Marvel.

Well… what if we asked the question in reverse? What would Disney look like if Marvel influences it instead?

An artist by the name of Jeffrey Thomas put some alternate art together of classic Disney characters. This, I imagine, is how they would probably look if Marvel has anything to say about it.




You can see more of this guy’s fantastic art over here.

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30 thoughts on “How Marvel Could Influence Disney

  1. I have to agree with some of these neutral comments. Though the art work is brilliant, it seems quit out of place in both the Marvel and Disney realms. The characters that are being depicted are heroins, and good (in the right vs. wrong sense) to boot. These images show them to be more deranged and evil. I think a better example may be the recent art work done by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young in their telling of the Wizard of Oz, may be a better approximation. It has elements of the Marvel darkness with the villains but a softer edge on the heroin and her lot. Just my two cents.


  2. Looking at all the pics now thought from that blog, they seem more like Top Cow comic’s style the Marvel really.

    Just the pic of Snow White with the “demon” versions of the dwarfs around her reminds me so much of the Darkness comic.

  3. Indeed some cool pics, but not really all that “Marvel” to me.

    Plus I can’t think of ONE Disney creation I’d like to see given the Marvel treatment. Not because I don’t like Disney, my girl friend and I are both huge Disney fans. But because they just don’t mix at all to me.

    Except maybe just in a fun guilty pleasure video game.

  4. None of this art looks like anything Marvel releases. Not the art, not really even the subject matter. Sorry, you missed the mark. Marvels art isn’t this stylized as of late (if ever). Marvel usually tries to keep it more realistic to next to photo-realism.

  5. Yeah, maybe in Bizzaro world Marvel could influence Disney but lets get real. Disney is 10x bigger than Marvel and the fact Disney bought Marvel out means less creative freedom for Marvel. Guess they shouldnt have made all those sucky comic book movies.

  6. This just gave me an awesome idea.

    I mean there is already lots of reboots and all that, so why not give old disney movies reboots with pixar and marvel influencing it now?

    I mean those disney movies from the past are classics, but the new generation of kids just hardly know how magical they are. Instead they see the decent or just plain terrible movies today.

    It would be awesome to see the better graphics and maybe some changes in the storyline now dinsey has more to work with

  7. Holy shit!!!

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! So wonderfully dark and gothic! Look at all the blood and gore!!! Now…add some tits and ass, a few erect nipples here and there and the occassional lesbian implications, kisses and the like and we’re all sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coming up next: Disney Hentai! Ariel the little mermaid against many…many tentacles…


  8. Hey John, as cool and impossible these ideas are it’s actually plausible. One example which is not confirmed but all signs point to yes is Warren Spectors new video game Epic Micky.

    Think putting all Disney characters under a dark post disaster steam punk world. Here are some concept pics.

    If this game comes out to be true, I wouldn’t be surprise if disney saw Marvel as a opportunity to let them play with their stuff (as oppose disney playing with Marvel’s stuff).

  9. Mixed emotions about this being a comic collector. As long as Disney do not get involved in any character development, I am cool. the only thing I want to see is Pixar style movies or shorts on Heroes/Villians. Write Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:
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    3) off topic messages for the author should be emailed directly, not left as a comment.

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