So Which Marvel Property Would You like To See Pixar Take A Shot At?

With the news that broke earlier this morning about Disney buying Marvel, many interesting possibilities aries. The most interesting one for me is the fact that Pixar and Marvel are now under the same virtual roof which opens the door for a possible 3D animated Pixar film based on a Marvel character(s).

So a simple question for the international friends:

If Pixar was indeed to do a CGI animated film based on a Marvel character or group of characters… which ones do you think would work best for that medium?

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69 thoughts on “So Which Marvel Property Would You like To See Pixar Take A Shot At?

  1. I’d say Ant-Man. As much as CGI has improved since the remake of Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, there might be a bit of difficulty creating a movie with decent effects for what is essentially giant humans. Animation could just make it easier.

  2. In my opinion, the Marvel Universe is far too deep and perhaps a bit too adult for Pixar to attempt with their style. Most characters would have to be toned down or changed so drastically, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore (the Wolverine anime, anyone?)
    There’s far too much potential for serious stories in my opinion for Pixar to simply appropriate a character or team.

  3. EWWWW DUDE!!! That is a DISGUSTING idea!! UGGH!! I like Pixar but they BETTER not fuckin TOUCH any Marvel franchises. fuckin YUCK!!

  4. DISNEY+MARVEL = $$$

    Seeing the logo of both on a film will be somewhat unsettling for the first time but people will get used to it.

  5. Ike Perlmutter (CEO of Marvel Entertainmen) just made billions of cash and will definitely resign in a year or two.

    He is the real winner here.

  6. That’s a good, speculative question. I shall speculate.
    For now I will leave out the characters connected to other studios, specifically Sony (Spider-Man, Ghost Rider); Fox (X-Men, Fan Four, Daredevil) and the distribution deal with Paramount (Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Avengers).

    The animation films from Marvel that were once released by Lionsgate will probably now be released in the DTV future by Disney.

    Tell ya what. How about a top five? Would you like that? Knew you would. Here we go.

    Beta Ray Bill
    Howard The Duck (already mentioned)
    Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy (also mentioned)
    Adam Warlock

  7. oh man i should of figured u was on the pixar tip really john come on Disney and pixar have no right to be messing with any marvel films

  8. I’d say Damage Control. It was a limited series about a company that does the cleanup after all these superhero battles.

    They had interesting issues like dealing with staff shortages caused by employees finding alien artifacts in the wreckage and having an “ORIGIN” or explaining to supervillains and government approved heroes that their insurance company didn’t cover the destruction of their base. They had to interact with a lot of Marvel heroes and a couple famous villains to get their job done. Especially since they often left some interesting problems behind.

    I think a series like that would fit PIXAR’s sense of humour quite well.

  9. I would not consider Pixar’s name on Marvel stuff, but rather parts of it…
    I would love to see some series, like X-Men, Avengers, Spidey on weekly TV shows, including classic old stories.
    And let all great events released yearly into the movies, like World War Hulk, Civil War and Secret Invasion.

  10. I think that Pixar won’t use the Marvel characters because Pixar likes to create their own original stories. Nothing they have worked on is based on any type of tale and that’s why they are so successful. They are able to enjoyable, original stories while other films that are released are based on books, remakes or are based on other things such as toys and the stories from which the toys come from (so this sets Toy Story aside because they are not based on the actual toys’ stories).

  11. Using the Pixar Technology in co-operation with Live Actors would be my vote. Like having Pixar develop the CG elements for the Avengers film. They would be able to do Galactus and his Heralds justice.

    1. LOL! Ya, I want a Marvel Zombies movie pretty badly myself. But Pixar wouldn’t do it. Plus quite a few characters in the story are owned by other companies at the moment, their movie rights that is.

  12. What would kind of be cool…
    Is to see individual short films for each of the avengers before pixars own origianl movies… Then when they get them done, do a feature length avengers movie.

    Or apply that to some other marvel property.

  13. found this on ign,

    “Disney has reported lots of enthusiasm in internal talks between Pixar and Marvel. The company indicated that co-branding of properties isn’t likely but that the two groups are looking “very expansively at all the opportunities.”

  14. According to John Lasseter recently met with Marvel, maybe they have been cooking up a Pixar Marvel movie for a while.

  15. The Fantastic Incredibles

    Finding Namor

    Cars/Ghost Rider: Highway to Hell

    Iron Wall-E

    The Spectacular Carl Fredricksen

    Toy Story 4: Weapon X

    Hulk Inc.

  16. And so ends an era.

    Guys, prepare for awful stories a-la Disney.

    Bet you wolverine will dance/sing at some point? Hell, they will destroy everything. And i bet Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers will be lead actors in all those marvel properties?

    This is the first sign of the apocalypse for me.

  17. Defenitley Moon Knight, but I also wish we could see Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse in something, though I doubt we’d see an animated X-Men film after the live action releases.

  18. fantastic four remake, remimagining or whatever. young avengers…

    i also think it would be col for them to try short films that can be side stories to the main movies…

    such as a random iron man fight before the second movie, or fury meeting other heroes for the avengers initiative, like small marvel universe tales that dont always include main players…luke cage meeting spdiey in a bust, man gets saved by the fantastic four near baxter building, some front line tales

    1. i would love to see TRUTH done in the same style as the books, and pixar already has that sort of style for human characters…maybe a straight to dvd kinda thing, or something…TRUTH is one of my favorite stories and i think pixar would at the heart and sadness that made the story great

  19. I got along with what others have said and say that I can’t see PIXAR doing anything from Marvel. It doesn’t suit their storytelling style.

    What seems more plausible is Disney doing an animated feature from one of Marvel’s Superhero collection. Either that or another cartoon series.

  20. On second thought, a story which could really fit Pixar’s style would be “Marvels”. Pixar could create somewhat realistic stylization of a character study about normal people living in a fantastic world.

  21. It is going to be a long time before all the movie rights revert back to Disney from the other studios…

    But since we are wishing, I want to see an Age of Apocalypse movie. Pixar or not.

    1. I would love to see that. If only we could see an Apocalypse story with the X-Men first, also introducing Mr. Sinister, and then the Age of Apocalypse.

      1. YES! I sooo wish SOMEONE would make an Age of Apocalypse movie. Wanted this ever since the Age of Apocalypse story first came out.

        But alas, as long as Fox owns the movie X-Men and keeps on insisting they be something so different then the books they’re based on and so far, 50% of the time, total crap, this may never happen. Lets just hope a prey that some day, Fox will finally give up the rights.

  22. I’ve always thought that Sub-Mariner had the potential to be a visually stunning film unlike anything we’ve seen before (I’m talking about people who actually live and breathe in an underwater city, without bubbles that keep the water out like the Gungans in Phantom Menace).

    But on the other hand, I’ve no idea how that could be done in live action. Let Pixar have a crack at Namor. All the others I want are spoken for right now.

      1. I’d watch that! Also I think Ant Man might make a better transition to film as a Pixar style movie than as a live action.

  23. Civil War since I dont ever see it happening on live action. Thad be extremely awesome.

    It would be kinda nice to see an animated Marvel Knights movie. But its not Pixars style.

    But I dont see Pixar EVER making a movie about Marvel. Thats a joke, Pixar wouldnt make a Spiderman movie.

  24. None. I’d prefer they stick with their own established creations or, better still, keep on telling new stories of their own.

    Failing that, the best possible Pixar-produced adaptation of a Marvel property would be… DEVIL DINOSAUR, the tale of Moonboy and his giant red T-rex pal.

    1. Wholy [email protected]#* that would ROCK! Didn’t even occure to me, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.

      I also think that a Pixar take on Iron Fist/Power Man would be rediculiously awesome. They could camp it up just right without making it just plain bad.

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