Bryan Singer Bringing Back Battlestar Galactica

I can’t put into words how much I loved the new Battlestar Galactica. The first two seasons I maintain are the best two seasons of television the small screen has ever known.

Piggy backing on the success of sci-fi juggernaut “Star Wars”, the 1970’s television show “Battlestar Galactica” took to the air telling the tale of 11 human worlds suddenly attacked and wiped out by their robotic creations, leaving only a rag tag fleet of ships to carry on humanity as they run from their hunters in search of a mythological 12th human planet known as earth.

The show was reborn in 2003 as a remaining of the original series while staying very true to the mythology of the 70’s show. The new series was an amazing success developing a very passionate fan base. The show finished out it’s 4 year story line and aired its finale on March 20th.

Now, just months later it appears that Battlestar Galactica is heading quickly for its third incarnation… a feature film that will not be connected with either of the original 2 television series. This time director Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2, The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns) will be developing the project for Universal who recently acquired the rights.

Were you a fan of either of the first two Battlestar Galactic incarnations? If so, are you ready for a third version?

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30 thoughts on “Bryan Singer Bringing Back Battlestar Galactica

  1. Well, I just gotta say that BSG was far from the best Sci-fi series I have ever seen. I guess if Edward James Almos keeps telling everyone how amazing it is and there will never be another one like it, then people must believe him right?

    I agree with most people here and say they should just let sleeping dogs lie, Bryan Singer is a franchise killer.

    You wanna reboot something…. then reboot “Buck Rogers” then you will see geeks explode out of the woodwork!

    1. I thought the Star Trek reboot was the result of the success of other classic franchises like Battlestar.

      The acceptance to change of other classic (dead) franchises prompted them to consider it.

  2. I really enjoyed the first two seasons of the new BSG, it really dropped off from there. I quit watching mid season three because it just became too much drama for me. There was not enough action in it to keep my interest, just felt like the writing let me down.

  3. this is a waste of time, why a third retelling?? wait 20 years if so, but it makes no sense having another BSG that has NOTHING to do with the first 2 series or at least some connection to it. and why does bryan singer wants to do it anyway? Pfft! stick to your uberman Bryan, lame ass director for lame ass stories, leave BSG alone!

  4. John, fuck x- men one and two and superman returns, the usual suspects was awsome and so was apt pupil, everything else he’s done is shit and no x2 x-men united is not a good sequal its fucking terrible, how are you a movie reviewer again, wait don’t tell I could really give a shit

  5. I don’t know. As much as I love Battlestar and Bryan Singer, why?

    I mean sure, I can see improvements on the new series’ story line, I myself have thought up a few here and there, but still it’s going to be really hard to top for me. Unless Singer just has a REALLY AMAZING idea for a retelling, then it’s just going to be a huge waist of time.

    I guess one just has to wait and see.

  6. I think this is a bad idea as well. I could see them going with some story after our Earth is found and such, or maybe how the original Earth was destroyed. But, until there’s further news, we can speculate all day and night about it.

    I found this newer iteration a lot disappointing, to be honest. After watching season 1, I was kind of excited albeit a little skeptical. I gave it a shot, and season 2 did things better, but then 3 and especially 4, blew chunks. I REALLY hated the extended, repeated shows they threw in there too. Didn’t really need to be done.

    I do have one question though, regarding the original show. Wasn’t there a “bird man” guy that was present there? Why was he excluded in the newer series? (OK, technically 2 questions).

    I think a movie could have potential, depending on what direction they wanna take the story. If it’s just another re-imagining, then it’s probably gonna suck (hopefully not as bad as GI JOE though! Yikes!)

  7. i watched the show.
    thought it was lame but really well done lame and i kept watching every week. lol.
    still- cant they come up with a new space adventure with new characters from whole new worlds and universes?
    i dont get it.

  8. I think this is a terrible idea. If this were a feature film based on the TV series it would be an excellent idea, but if they’re going in a totally new direction, it’s way too early after the TV series. I think they’ll wind up confusing people.

    Though not based on a movie, this should fall under John’s rules for remakes…

  9. Asinine, as someone said above sums up my feelings.
    Not aligning with EITHER TV SERIES? Really?

    I can see in a few decades, but we just got finished with the second version of TV, and it was fantastic.

    Like I said before, Hollywood is populated largely by money hungry idiots who couldn’t make a good decision if their lives depended on it. Here’s more proof.

  10. This is really disappointing. Singer ruined X-men, then ruined Superman- hell I think he even ruined Nazi’s for me.

    BSG doesn’t need a reboot and DEFINITELY doesn’t need singer to head it. I hope this project gets squashed in it’s infant stages.

  11. the show sucked….triedto makecharacters the main issue! this wasa70’s reject show that did not utilizeits cast the best itcould…seriously i just dont see what the massesseen inthis show…stargate was so much better…whish they would have stuck with atlantis instead of this show.

    1. Different preferences different people. I loved RDM’s BSG, but could never get into the Stargate series’. Loved the Stargate movie as it created a wonderful atmosphere, but the series’ production seamed so cheesy to me that it clouded the storylines and prevented me from enjoying it.

      I am looking forward to Stargate Universe, though, as from what I heard it is supposed to be a lot more serious and darker. Plus its got Lou Diamond Philips!

    2. I disagree- obviously the success of BSG compared to Atlantis can attest for that. People liked BSG because it was dark, character driven and has the most action and amazing visuals than any other show on TV. Atlantis on the other hand is a spinoff of another show which carries over all of it’s faults and none of it’s successes. Add the fact that for the most part the visuals are cheesy and character shallow- Atlantis cannot even compare.

    1. a i agree …stop making crappy dune miniseries with lousy cgi and start making a children of dune….when sci fi did the miniseries of dune it was horrible….all they did is make shit special effects and the film was exactly like the original movie which sci fi fans think is lame….do it like the book and do it fucking right.

    2. The miniseries was nothing like the the David Lynch movie. It did have some horrible special effect that really hurt the eyes; however, it followed along with the book much closer than the Lynch movie did. The way I see them both is that Lynch had a pretty cool style everywhere from set design to costuming, where the miniseries did an amazing job telling the story more closely to the book.

      I do look forward to re-adaptation of the first Dune book to the big screen, and would love to see the whole series get a cinema experience; however, the later books of the original series get pretty weird, so not sure if that will ever happen.

  12. I can’t picture such a lengthy story being summed up in a single movie… well, actually I can’t picture it being summed up in anything shorter than an episodic TV series. Definitely going to require some re-imagining to make it into a theatrical release. Will be interesting to see what is done with this IP, though I can’t imagine it being better than the most recent series.

  13. I just can’t picture all the great character devlopment and story of the re-imagining series being pushed aside for a different adaptation. However, I do have some hope that Bryan Singer will know what he is doing. My biggest fear on the adaption is seclusion of the beloved word “frak”.

  14. I was a fan of the original series growing up, I disliked the recent series at first, but then liked it as it went along. I still can’t make heads or tails out of the finale; but it beat a cylon in the backseat with famous DJ personality icon Wolfman Jack (Galactica 1980)

    Singer of course, was connected to Galactica shortly before the recent series; it might be closer to that proposed version, which “continues” the old Galactica 25 years after leaving Caprica, but no Galactica 1980 stuff..although… are we sure this isn’t old news coming back up again via the web?

    1. When you say dike, I will assume you are referring to lesbians… which is odd, since Starbuck did nothing but prove herself to be quite heterosexual in the show.

      This small fallacy does not speak well for your comment.

    2. I love the new Starbuck and Commander Cain. Yes, growing up with the old show it took me a bit to get use to them being women, but once I did, I realized they fit perfect in this new modern style of the story line.

      Yes woman who can kick your ass can be intimidating, but if you just open your mind and give them a chance, they can instead just seem really awesome. Take Angelina Jolie for example, she’s just a beautiful as she is tough and that’s just the way it is in this day and age.

  15. I’m a huge fan of the 2003 version, and don’t think any other reimagining of it could improve on that story/writing/acting.
    Fans of the new version have The Plan coming out in October too.

  16. This is asinine. If you’re going to bring BSG to the big screen then do it with the the 2000’s version. If not, then wait 20 years. I can’t see this being successful unless it focuses on a non-gallactica battlestar.

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