R2-D2 in Star Trek is Found!

Remember when it was announced that R2-D2 made a cameo appearance in Star Trek and they even made a contest around it. People speculated that R2 was in a pillar design in the launch bay, or that he was in the machinery in the engineering deck. It wasn’t him. Well now the cat is out of the bag, and we have found R2.

Ok, we didn’t find him, but we found an article that definitively answers the question.

Gizmodo reports:

During the Drill Machine sequence as the Enterprise comes out of its barrel role amidst destruction of the other Federation ships above Vulcan, we cut to an interior Enterprise bridge over the shoulder of Kirk that is looking out through the front viewscreen. In space, R2-D2 is floating in the debris from about the top middle of the screen to the bottom right.

And now, we are starting to hear rumours that R2-D2 also has a cameo appearance in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen too!

Has anyone found out if this is true? Have you seen him?

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