Oscars Promise to be Different this Year

The Oscars are a long tradition of celebrating the best chosen by their peers. However the show itself is not drawing an audience like it used to. However they are hoping to change that with this year’s ceremony.

Cinematical Reports:

Academy president Sid Ganis used this year’s Nominees Luncheon to talk up changes to the upcoming ceremony. “Cinematographers, editors, composers. All of you guys. You’re in for a big surprise.” What sort of surprise? Lord only knows, but he promises that it will be truly different, that it’ll take “some risks,” and “Your categories are being presented in a completely different way. Heads up.”

So they are hoping to make some changes? Take some risks? Well the host is always a risk and sometimes its awesome, while other times it isn’t. Personally I think they should stick to hosts that have something to do with the industry. A TV Political Satirist might be great at his job, but what does he have to do with movies? I am looking forward to Hugh Jackman hosting this year’s event.

How about keeping it under 2 hours? I don’t mind the host doing their bit – that’s entertaining. And I don’t even mind hearing the nominated best songs being performed. But the solemn suspense built up from the scripted presentations and the long speeches.

But if they cheapen the show, will it take away from the value of the honour?

Maybe they could hire the announcer from the Price is Right and just tell the nominees to “Come on down” and they can stand at bidding row while a pretty assistant shows off a movie poster of the film they were in and then announce the winner. Some spirited music, a little jumping and they can even kiss Bob Barker as they take their statue and dance off to the media rooms for pictures and interviews.

If you are already not watching this show, what changes would it take to lure you into viewing?

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