Branagh Bails On Hamlet To Prep For Thor

KennethbranaghWell it looks like the news of Kenneth Branagh being tapped for Thor are true. The man has recently bailed on a production of Hamlet in what can only be a move to prepare for Thor. We get the following scoop thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

While there still hasn’t been any official announcement, it seems that things are moving forward regarding Kenneth Branagh being set to direct Marvel Studio’s Thor. According to, Branagh has pulled out of directing Hamlet for London’s Wyndham Theatre because of the film.

Branagh’s film and stage history are filled with the works of Shakespeare, and Branagh’s film directing debut was with the critically acclaimed Henry V. It seems extremely unlikely that he would step away from directing Hamlet, especially with Jude Law set to star, unless things were looking very promising for Thor.

I am not that familiar with the directing work of Branagh. I am excited about his theatrical experience and hope he rounds up a group of outstanding actors for this project. One guy that I would very much like to see play Loki is Roger Bart. The guy looks like Loki and has stage experience. He also has been in Harold and Kumar 2, The Producers and Saw 2 among other films. The dude is versatile and I think that in the hands of Branagh he could be a perfect fit.

Like movieweb – I believe that by choosing Branagh, Marvel has sent a signal that Asgard and the Gods will be featured heavily in the film. One way to separate the Gods from mortlas is with their speech, and the use of Thees and Thous have been used to great effect in the comic book and I certainly think that this kind of speech would work even better in the film. “I say thee nay” is to Thor what “Hulk Smash” is to the Hulk.

Whenever Thor seems down and out and sweat is beading upon his brow, his teeth grinding in a contest against a foe his equal or greater, his blood begins to boil in anger, his muscles strained to the breaking point; the god who refuses to die this day violently regurgitates (from the depths his being) the verbal command of “I say Thee Nay!” The chains of rage are freed for more, the stores of might are loosed and the full fury of the Thunder God is upon thee; verily worlds have been torn asunder at such power! Now upon the supple face of his foe lands the lightning charged uru of Mjolnir: hammer of lore. This phrase must be in this film, and this film better be epic.

If they make an awesome Thor movie, I will be pleased beyond measure.

The above post was written by Doug Nagy

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7 thoughts on “Branagh Bails On Hamlet To Prep For Thor

  1. This sounded like a terrible idea when you first reported it and just keeps getting worse. The one good thing is like someone else said – favreau sounded just as bad for Iron Man and turned out to do a great job. This has disaster written all over it.

  2. Are you reading this Ken? You know what needs to be done. The words
    ‘Creative Consultant: Doug Nagy’ must be in the credits of your film. You cannot make it without him.

    I am soooooo pumped about this film, i’m giddy. I have no doubt the film will be well cast and look spectacular. My only worry is that Marvel might pull the same number they did on Incredible Hulk by having the director make a movie of over two hours and then cut it down to 90 mins. I do not want a 90 minute Thor movie. I want an epic.

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