Wonder Woman Fan Poster

We have found a Wonder Woman fan poster to show you thanks to our friends at moviesonline. The poster was made by a Joss Whedon fan that calls himself JossMc

Poster Wonderwoman-Poster

I have seen some of the work that has been done in the past from our international friends, and think that someone out there can one up this artist. I don’t care if you use crayons – feel free to send us your rendition of a Wonder Woman poster and we will throw it up! Get to it, art it up!

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16 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Fan Poster

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  2. Angelina Jolie!

    (One of the few actresses suited to the part, and one that fanboys and dads alike *wouldn’t* be embarrassed to go see as a titular superheroine on the big screen)

  3. Jennifer Connelly in her “Inventing the Abbots” and “LA Confidential” body days was wonderful. She needs to do this film. All she needs to do is gain some weight.

    :starts slobbering:

  4. The dude’s name is Josh MC, not JossMC. In fact, there is nothing to indicate that this has anything to do with Joss Whedon.

    It does look cool, though. But his Dark Knight posters were better.

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