Tekken Promises to be Best Game Translation Ever

Former 80s boy bander turned actor Luke Goss can be seen as Prince Nuada in this summer’s Hellboy 2, but most gamers are anticipating seeing him in next year’s Tekken. Recently Goss was talking about how the fans will be happy with the film.

MTV says:

Luke Goss boasted to MTV News, saying that the story’s fidelity to its source will shock most hardcore fans.

One thing it won’t share in common with the game, of course, is Goss himself – or rather, Goss’s character, Steve Fox. Yes, the character makes several appearances in the games, but as a much younger man (one of the coolest actually, a fighter who doesn’t kick.) How do they update him here?

“I play him 15 years after his kind of champion days. He’s in the underbelly at that time of the Tekken environment,” Goss said. “He’s trying to find a protégé to go and kick some Tekken butt and he just might do it.”

I find it interesting that Goss talks about how faithful the movie will be to the game, but then they had to make some serious changes to Steve Fox to facilitate Goss playing him. So the storyline wont be the same as the game? I am confused.

One thing that will be easy for them to do is the martial arts. Tekken was always praised for using “real moves” and remaining faithful to the techniques and styles that each of the competitors. This is the part that they are paying all their attention to. Making the characters look and feel exactly like they do in the game.

Some consessions for storyline are made, but honestly, Its a fighter game and we will watch it to see the fighting.

And they promise the fighting will be top knotch.