Why I Can’t Wait To See Oliver Stone’s George W Bush Movie

Bush-Movie.jpgSo by now you all know that Oliver Stone is gearing up to start shooting his movie about President George W Bush later this month and it should be in theaters before the end of the year (they’re aiming to get it in theaters BEFORE Bush leaves office).

Over at CNN they asked a pretty simple question that got a lot of responses. The question was this:

“Will you go to see this movie about President Bush?”

Simple question. But by far the best answer I read was left in the comments by Keith from Texas who said:

“Why see the movie, Jack, when I’ve lived the nightmare for 7 1/2 years?”

I laughed out loud when I read that, but it also got me thinking. A lot of people hate Bush, a lot of people want to see him tried and convicted of crimes against humanity… and I can see where they’re coming from to a point. But as for me, I’m DYING to see a movie about George W Bush… but not for the reasons you may think.

It’s no secret that I think Bush was a horrible world leader. He’s done more to make the world a more dangerous place than any American president before him and found a way to make even more people in the world hate the US than before him.

Having said that… let’s face it… the man was in an impossible situation. Maybe he made horribly wrong decisions… but can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better? He’s just been elected president, and all of a sudden for the first time a foreign attack is made on American soil with a catastrophic series of events that left thousands of people dead and BILLIONS of dollars in damage. Communities destroyed, lives ruined and a country in panic.

Put yourself in George W Bush’s shoes in that moment. Seriously. WTF do you do? You can’t do nothing. You have to do SOMETHING, and you don’t have a year to sit around and think about it. You’ve got very angry people screaming for justice, a nation hurting… and on top of all that you HAVE to be insanely pissed off. How the hell do you manage all of that? How the hell do you take a situation like that and make calm, rational and sensible decisions that are well thought out and wise?

THAT’S something I’d love to see a movie about. That’s a story that deserves to be told. Maybe Bush failed, but dear heavens, 99% of us would have failed one way or another under those type of impossible circumstances. I’m not trying to make excuses for Bush or the string of decisions he made following 9/11, but step back and think about it. It was a remarkable time under remarkable circumstances that would push the capacity of any human being. You can’t write drama better than that. It was the single most dramatic moment and decision facing an American President since JFK and the Cuban missile crisis and a look at how one mortal human being faced it, rightly or wrongly, is a movie I’d pay to see.

Maybe Stone will do a great job with this movie and maybe he’ll ruin it. Either way it’s a movie worth making and one I’m anxious to see.

52 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Wait To See Oliver Stone’s George W Bush Movie

  1. I’m a little late but I just found this site. If this is another media “We hate Bush” I’m not wasting my time. As it is I can’t believe someone would make and release a film about a sitting president during war time. If this was the mentality during WWI & II we would be speaking German.
    America really has been dumb down to the point where they don’t think for themselves, if CNN or any other media says something its gospel.
    News flash it’s not the current policies that drive the economy, it’s the previous 5 to 8 years. That’s why Clinton had such an easy ride and why the economy was starting to show a decline when he left. BTW unemployment was higher under Clinton than the 1st Bush but according to the media when Clinton walked into office, there were no homeless and everyone had a job. CLINTON rode the county into the ground! As mentioned previously he closed bases, weakened our military, and would anyone like to count the number of terrorist attacks America sustained under Clinton and the counter measures he used to deter the terrorist from attacking us? 7 attacks (I may have missed a couple) and 0 retaliation, (oh, except for that baby aspirin plant). WHY did 9/11 happen? Because Clinton portrayed America as weak and non-retaliatory, pacifist! Bush was the only politician around that I would entrust to deal with the situation. God Bless America and God bless our President!

  2. Why the fuck would any fuckin person make a fuckin movie about fuckin George fuckin Bush? Fuckin retarded. (Sorry for foul language, I’m mad)

  3. Oh I do not think anyone is saying they would attack Iraq what is there besides the guy that tried to murder the first Bush oh what maby that is why Bush went for Iraq.

    I would have gone for Afganastan or North Korea or evan Iran maby bush got Iraq confused with Iran hmm. lol yea that is probly what it is.

  4. Politics and Religion the things no one will ever agree on a pointless thing to argue about no will change anybodys opinion.

    We should let it go.

  5. That was a long read…

    Fredo and 1138 have made some valid statements and I can honestly say that I agree with much of what they posted, with the only difference really being the comment on lowering the amount of nukes. People can argue that it’s about defence, but elimination of nuclear weapons has to be a priority. They’re not a “defence” tactic so much as a fear mongering one. The US (and the supporters of keeping nukes solely in its possession) should be reminded that for every nuke out there, the US has more than 10x’s the amount. Also remember, that it really only takes one to destroy the planet.

    Everyone knows, btw, that the president is only a puppet of the people that put him in office. There’s WAY too much money behind him getting elected to allow his fuck-ups to screw anything up.

    Kristina’s comments aren’t asinine. If anything, maybe ill-informed, but they’re not ridiculous, especially considering the “dooms-day” videos one can see on a widely available basis on the web. I believe she has fears that many people have, namely one’s private and personal security and safety.

    To answer to your thread, I’m not really sure how I feel about Stone making this movie, and really I could go either way on the “watch it or not” decision. It really depends on how one sided it’ll be portrayed. If it’s too “anti-Bush” I’m not sure it’ll answer any questions regarding his mindset. If it’s too “pro” it’ll just make the last 6.5yrs seem like the greatest decisions a president’s ever had to make. There’s got to be a balance that’ll show this president as a person that made some good and some bad decisions, based on whatever information he had at that time. Personally, I do think I’d have made different decisions, and IMHO, I do think I’d have done a MUCH superior job handling the situation (the one in question). I say this based on one, teeny, tiny little thing people tend to overlook (and Angela briefly mentioned): Bush is reading to a bunch of school kids in Florida and is told the US in under attack, and yet calmly sits and finishes reading, before leaving and … whatever. Listen. You’re the president of the most powerful nation on the freaking planet, and millions (if not tens of millions) of people have just heard that NY has been hit by hijacked airplanes, and you continue to sit there and read, without showing any sort of urgency to your people because you didn’t want to come off as panicked, all the while, they’re already panicking and crying for help! You politely say “sorry folks. We have a situation and I must leave” so that people don’t think you’re an idiot and actually give a shit that your country and its citizens are “panicking”.

  6. So this is starting to get off topic, but I think we have a responsibility to be a bit hypocritical when it comes to nukes. When Ahmadinejad (no idea on spelling) claims openly that he’s going to “wipe Israel off the map” and I’m pretty certain N Korea would obliterate cities in S. Korea if they have the means, then we need to do what we can to keep these nations from procuring nuclear capability.

    Yes, we’re the only country to have ever used nukes, but it was from a sound and stable frame of mind – not based on hatred or prejudice, but by “strategery” and necessity. It likely saved millions of lives in the long run and ended the second great war.

    So yeah, I think getting rid of our nukes to set an example would probably not only be pointless, but also pretty stupid. Deterrence is important. See Cuban missile crisis.

  7. George, you are correct. And that is an excellent question. I suppose, because I was one of the fence-sitters in 2004 on the War. I still wanted to hold out hope that it was the right thing. Today, in 2008, I am penitent for the choice I made. But I am grateful that I can rectify that with the choices I make in the future.

    And “war is never the answer” probably was painting it to broadly. I’m saying we need to ask ourselves if the shedding of blood – if violence – is the only way to accomplish something good. I just don’t see that played out in Iraq. Paint it how you want, but it doesn’t seem better to me. We’ve destabilized the whole region even more than it already was.

    NBAKID200, I’m saying if we have nukes, we have to realize that others will have them too. See the Cold War for example. And if someone breaks into my house, I will assume he is there to harm me and my family and will take appropriate action. Despite my calls for peace and restraint, I own three guns.

  8. NBAKID2000: “As far as “love and peace and harmony” – yeah, tell that to the dude who’s about to kill you and your wife/kids when he breaks into your house. Tell me how well that works.”

    I believe Fredo settled that argument before you even started it:

    “I think people have a right to defend themselves. When the United States went into Afghanistan after 9/11, that was the right thing to do.”

    Reading is cool.

  9. Fredo:

    We get rid of nukes, and others don’t, that leaves us defenseless. YOU may like having no equal measure of defense from an attack, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

    As far as “love and peace and harmony” – yeah, tell that to the dude who’s about to kill you and your wife/kids when he breaks into your house. Tell me how well that works.

  10. I wasn’t making comparisons. Just merely complaining about the “war is NEVER the answer” statement; which it seems he completely took back in the next statement. Which, by the way, I can get behind.

    As for this movie, while I think Kristina’s comments above are a bit asinine, I do agree with her on one thing: we’ve all lived through this garbage for 8 years and see it on the news everyday and hear about it in the rest of the new media all the time. Why the hell would I want to go pay ten bucks to see it again in a fictional light? That being said, I’m sure I will see it. Am I excited about it though? Hardly.

  11. Fredo, the invasion of Iraq began during Bush’s first term right?

    If you knew it was wrong and that there was no justification for it why on earth would you vote for Bush twice? I am not trying to be an ass I just don’t understand how you can feel the way you do about the Iraq war yet help re-elect the person who started it.

    Did you just dislike Kerry too much to have voted for him?

  12. V:

    Chark rolls eyes, trots out boilerplate Ron Paul talking points memo and yawns, realizing the truth of Ron Pauls obscurity: cozying up with shrill conspiracy theorists.


    Millions, huh? Sheeeit, bro.

  13. BTW, I think this quote from Robert McNamara sums it up (from “The Fog of War”):

    “What makes us omniscient? Have we a record of omniscience? We are the strongest nation in the world today. I do not believe we should ever apply that economic, political, or military power unilaterally. If we had followed that rule in Vietnam, we wouldn’t have been there! None of our allies supported us; not Japan, not Germany, not Britain or France. If we can’t persuade nations with comparable values of the merit of our cause, we’d better reexamine our reasoning.”

  14. I think people have a right to defend themselves. When the United States went into Afghanistan after 9/11, that was the right thing to do.

    Iraq was not the right thing. Period.

    Pin the blame on anyone you want, but the point is President Bush is the Commander-in-Chief and he bears the responsibility of the decisions this nation makes.

    I am alarmed at the “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” attitude you hear from time-to-time from Americans. We need empathy and we need love. Say what you want about Nazis and what not, but that point misses the point. There was justifiable cause to oust the Nazis with force. There was not justifiable cause for war with Iraq.

    When it boils down to it, I think the problem with this administration is the “my way or the highway” attitude. It’s the do what I say, not as I do mantra. We don’t want Iran to have nukes, we don’t want North Korea to have nukes, but we sure can have nukes. Get my point? If we are a superpower, then let us lead by example.

    I voted for Bush in both elections, by the way. I think I have earned and deserve the right – nay it is my obligation – to be critical of my choice and the job my choice has done.

  15. awwww, poor bushie… a agree its rough having to manage a false flag event, to help start wars of aggression. that then drag into infinity. w/ millions dead and no end in sight.

    yup, that would put a toll on me too.

  16. Hey Drewbacca,

    Oh geezzzz…. not the old “Nazi’s” argument again.

    Come on man, you know the history of that as well as I do. If the western world had treated Germany with any sort of “love and harmony” prior to WW2, Hitler would never have taken power and Germany would never have been an issue.

    It’s like Bush getting the US so fracking stuck in Iraq and creating such a mess there that now they CAN’T just up and leave.

    There were 15 steps of prevention that could have happened and prevented the mess. With Germany prior to WW2 there were about 500 possible steps of prevention.

    Lesson: You fuck a people into total poverty change their country into a borderline 3rd world nation… they’ll get pissed, get desperate and ultimately turn to a person like Hitler out of that desperation.

  17. Fredo: “War is never the answer”

    Totally. Much better to just let the Nazis march across the globe. As long as we loved them and treated them with peace and harmony right?

    I think the same can be said for the Janjaweed and Pol Pot and on and on and on.

  18. I don’t agree with all of Bush’s decisions and I think the War in Iraq, regardless of the reasons, was the wrong decision. War is never the answer, especially when we proclaim ourselves as a Christian nation. It should be love and charity, not hate and violence. With that said, I respect the office of the president and I believe in my power to change the country with my voice and vote. Whining about stolen elections, Cheney’s sith powers, or the president’s emotions on the day of 9/11 are pointless. If you don’t like the leader, change it with your vote and do it positively.

    I will see this movie, just because I love history and I love any small glimpse into the past, whether it was 100 years ago or just seven years ago. But I also know that filmmakers take big liberties sometimes, so it’s important to take in both sides of the story. Otherwise you end up being a patsy to someone’s agenda.

  19. John,

    I usually respect your comments whether I agree with them or not but you writing “but can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better?” is just plain stupid.

    You better be ready for anything! And I mean anything when you are The President of the United States of America…the most powerful position in the world! Pressure??!!! You better believe it when you are sitting in that seat! You better expect the pressure of the world on your shoulders! That seat embodies powers that extend around the world! And if you are not ready to embody the power and the pressures that come with it you should not be President!

    That attack is not the first (Pearl Harbor, First World Trade bombing in 93) and it won’t be the last! Presidents have had to deal with extreme events since before I was born! Vietnam, Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis ( where the world nearly went nuclear!), World War II and the list goes on!

    I live in New York and was here in Manhattan when it happened and yes it was shocking and we were all in shock. But the shear stupidity of his manuevers over the next several shocked me even more. I love the study of history and politics but his moves baffled me and stunned me! I couldn’t believe the shear stupidity of his moves.

    I could go on and on but his decisions were less linked to pressure but to more underlying ideologies and black and white mentalities that I won’t get into. This a movie site and yes I do think this Bio pic should be made, but “pressure” is a poor excuse for any President! When you’re president you better expect pressure!

  20. Ah yes, a G Bush movie! Brilliant! I’ll bet the film is called “Greatest villains of the past 50 years”.

    9/11 was orchestrated by our government and the extremists.

    This is all being done so the NWO NEO CONS get us REALLY SCARED so they can take our freedoms with bribes of a false sense of security. If you trade your freedom for security, you’ll have neither.

    Our gov made those terrorists.

    HISDIVINESHADOW hit the nail on the head, a “false flag attack” is EXACTLY what 9/11 is.

    How about a movie about Ron Paul and how the media and big gov doesn’t want you to know about him? Yeah, that’d be good. They could call it “Mr Paul goes to Washington”.

  21. While it’s true that 99% of us wouldn’t have done a better job, keep in mind that only 0.0000000001 % of us get to the President of the United States, and it would be expected that if ANYONE will be good at it, it’ll be that one.

    Just a thought. I have to deal with the GST.

  22. My Good Lord, if anyone is going to make a movie on President George Bush, I want it to be Crispin Glover. It’ll cap that trilogy he has going…

  23. John, John, John. What are you doing being reasonable about Bush’s no-win situation? Don’t you know? Bush is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL. Heck, he rode into the Twin Towers on a donkey strapped with dynamite! Just listen to all the “open-minded progressives” who have commented ahead of me to understand where this utter hatred of Bush comes from. It’s not from any semblance of intelligence, obviously. It’s like listening to a preacher in church screaming about fire and brimstone. Coherent intelligence has left them many moons ago. Right about the time Bush came into office, actually…

  24. I agree with Seeley that a film of this sort seems premature.

    I’m with John on his overarching caveat: My criticisms of ANYTHING an authority figure does (mayor, police chief, parent) should be tempered with the attitude that, until I have the lion’s share of the facts sitting in my lap, my inquiries will be honest and serious, but not punctuated with insults.

    As passionate as some of you have been in dismissing out of hand anything the president has done, I wonder if it is wise to take that extra leap and proudly declare “I would have done things sohhh differently and, like, totally better”. It’s easy enough to just roll your eyes and say “stupid president”, but I’ve yet to see one of you lay out a feasible, step-by-step flowchart delineating what you would have really been capable of accomplishing as a better president, that would clearly set you apart from this one.

  25. Kristina…

    “I live in fear that any day somebody could storm into my house and waterboard me just because he says so, my civil liberties are being stripped of me, my friends are being sent to die in Iraq”

    What world do you live in? You seriously live in fear that the gov’t is going to storm into your house and water board you!? lol. What civil liberties did you have pre-Bush that you don’t have now? You can’t call Romania without possibly being recorded for possible terror ties and you have to take your shoes off at the security checkpoint at the airport. That’s about it.

    Keep the melodrama coming though. It’s entertaining.

  26. there was no “pressure” in the world that justified our invasion of iraq.
    considering they had ZERO to do with the 9/11 attacks.

  27. Its trully shocking to me to read all these comments and to see how completly duped you all are…..
    Your all so badly misled about bush.
    What would I have done if I was in his place. Has anyone here on this site ever heard of a (false flag attack?)

    Reed I saw some hope in your post until I read the part where you believe binladen is still on the loose.
    How do you know that? How does ANYONE (including CNN /Drudge report) know????
    Oh yeah because of those tapes that the cia says are him. Yeah that’s right.
    Bush was put into office to see that the False Flag operation took place, and your all wondering what you would have done…
    Man this country is sooo doomed.
    I’m sure I’m going to hear some feedback on this so unless you want me to start posting sites that will PROVE my point of view keep drinking the coolaid gang……

  28. I don’t need to see someone burn Bush(haha) with a movie. The guy burns himself. I’m having to live with his bullshit on a daily basis. I pay out my ass to fill my tank with gas, I’m terrified about the job market post-graduation, I live in fear that any day somebody could storm into my house and waterboard me just because he says so, my civil liberties are being stripped of me, my friends are being sent to die in Iraq, do I need to fucking continue? I’m sick of seeing this man’s face, so why would I pay money to go see someone tell me something I already know? He’s a shitty prez? No shit, Sherlock!

  29. if you think that you couldnt have done a better job than bush after 9/11 than you dont at least have common sense.

    he attacked iraq.

    the reason he remained calm when he was told it happened was probably because he knew it was about to happen for sometime, and didnt do shit about it.

    almost all politicians are tools. he is just a bit dumber than most, and horrible at making decisions.

  30. While I think a film about the Bush legacy or a part of it is a bit too soon, I also think John makes a valid point. Let’s close our eyes for a moment and, in a dream some would choose not to wake up from, Gore, and not Bush, would have been elected President.

    9/11 was planned. It still would have happened. It is a fair assumption that if Gore was the President, he would have acted in a like fashion after the attacks. I’m not so sure on Iraq, but I damn well will think Gore might have given a stronger look at North Korea (run by another dictator who had -and still has – WMD and chose not only to put them in plain sight, but ran occasional ‘tests’…) and/or concentrated on getting that swine Bin Laden more than Saddam Hussien.

    But it’s time to wake from the slumber. We have Bush. (For a little while longer…it’s almost over…almost….ahhh) Bush, like any other President, makes good choices, and makes bad ones. Granted, some more bad than good.

    And I don’t see a problem with a bio-pic on Bush Jr. I just think it is too soon.

  31. but to ur defense John ur not a politician or someone in a position of that power. most normal people wouldnt know what to do, but as someone who “won” the presidency its assumed they know how to handle certain situations.

    bush was politically impotent and ignorant to foreign policy. and really had no place in the white house, but what do i know…..am i stoner….

  32. @John
    So you would have started your attack on terror in …mmmh… Canada? ;-)

    No, no , John, by reading the articles on your site, I think you would have made a much wiser president! :-)

    Yes he has a lot of pressure, but that’s not the reasons behind all this wrong decisions… There are a lot more people behind these decision…It’s the whole apparatus, which was wrong.
    And he was part of it…

    – Wow, I just remembered this whole “Freedom Fries” thing when France didn’t like the idea of attacking Iraque….

  33. Hey Chris998

    You completely misunderstood my point. My point isn’t that we shouldn’t criticize. But rather, in the criticism try to keep in mind the sort of unworldly pressure the president was under.

    Hindsight is 20/20. As I clearly lay out in my post, I think Bush’s decisions were the wrong ones…. but if I was in his situation, I may have made 20x worse decisions (as hard as that is to believe). :P

  34. We really shouldn’t criticise the director of “Meet the Spartans”.
    Maybe he made horribly wrong decisions… but can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better?

  35. First the “We should all not care if Will Smith is a scientoligists” post and now the “You can’t say that George Bush handeled the situation totally shitty because you weren’t president at that time and you don’t know what’s like”…

    So we should criticise anyone, because we aren’t the people we criticise… What kind of logic is that? Vulcan?

    You wrote in your article:
    “Maybe he made horribly wrong decisions… but can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better? ”

    So attacking Iraque wasn’t a bad decision???
    The whole world told Bush that there are no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraque and the goverment of saddam was horrible but under his regime there were no terroists.
    Now after the war Iraque is like a whole terroist building camp and despite what any politican running for votes says, the USA can’t leave Iraque for a long long time…

  36. “…so unless you have been president of the USA shut the fuck up.”

    So does this wonderful piece of observational wisdom apply to everything else in Life? Sports…music…media…? Unless you’ve done it, you have no right to comment?


    That’s gonna put a lot of people out of work…and shut down just about every message board in the world.

    Shame, that.

    But if you insist. LMAO

    BTW; do YOU follow that guideline?

  37. I agree with LEELOO Cheney is the real enemy he manipulates Bush very well.

    He like the guy who always was wispering in that guys ear in LOTR Two Towers.

  38. I think to many Americans hate Bush and don’t know why yes he has made some mistakes but he has the most stress full job ever so unless you have been president of the USA shut the fuck up. with that said i agree with John 100%

  39. ‘The Power of Nightmares’

    Watch it if you believe anything akin to “Having said that… let’s face it… the man was in an impossible situation. Maybe he made horribly wrong decisions… but can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better? He’s just been elected president, and all of a sudden for the first time a foreign attack is made on American soil with a catastrophic series of events that left thousands of people dead and BILLIONS of dollars in damage. Communities destroyed, lives ruined and a country in panic.”

    (Oh, and for the record, 9/11 wasn’t the ‘first attack on American soil’. Go back to your Canadian history, John. I’m sure you’ve been to Stoney Creek and are familiar with the rest of The War of 1812.)

  40. “Can you honestly say that under the circumstances and under the pressure he was facing that you would have done much better?” Come on, John. I can honestly say that my granddad’s right testicle would have done much better.

    I’m not saying it wasn’t a tough situation, and I certainly realize this wasn’t your main point, but I can’t imagine anyone doing much worse. It has been six and a half years, and Bin Laden is still on the loose. Bush has proven to be the ultimate know-nothing, do-nothing leader.

    Aside from that one sentence, I agree with the rest of your post. I do think that Stone has somewhat lost his touch ever since U-Turn (haven’t seen WTC yet). But maybe he just needs the right material. I do think it will be hard to play this film correctly, though. The administration is so secretive, conjecture will have to play a sizable role.

  41. Alright, I have to say that I am one of those people who still like Bush, though I take much of what is said and done with a grain of salt. He came into a time that I think few people would really be able to deal with. A lot of people are criticizing how much he built up the army since 911 and the amount of money into which he put into them and weaponry. What few people seem to realize was how much Clinton had eliminated in his presidency. Bases were closed and defenses minimized to cut costs to the lowest point in the last hundred years. My ex had a friend who was on presidential duty on 9-11. Bush was in middle of reading a book to a classroom of schoolchildren when the news broke. He was informed, continued reading the book, finished it, and cut his visit short. I remember the flack he received because he didn’t immediately rush out. I also know from the soldier on duty that Bush went onto his plane, waited for the door to close and then went into a tirade throwing chairs and paper. Then he stopped, took a breathe and said, “Let’s get to work.” He has tried to keep strong in the midst of horror and despair. I wouldn’t want to be in his place, nor do I want another Germany after WWI where a powerful dictator took power over a desperate country because everyone pulled out and left them to their fate.I know this sounds like a love letter to Bush and perhaps this movie will open my eyes and make me not like him a bit, but to those who hate him, give him a bit of a break. You have no real clue what he has really dealt with or even if you could do better. That’s all…

  42. I remembered during one podcast that Nagy said something like Oliver Stone wanted to do this film akin to ‘The Queen’ in terms of what it is like to be Bush in the day to day basis.

    Now ‘The Queen’ was set when England despised Queen Elizabeth, and the movie was told how she coped with the pressure and how she redeemed herself to the people. That took place for a couple of months right? (I saw the movie once, I can’t remember)

    Now imagine a Bush movie where people despise him for (give or take) 7 years. I really think this could be gold. And if Stone wants to release it late this year, I really think that the studio and him thinks this could be Oscar-worthy but who knows?

  43. Good point John. It’s easy to say this and that when you’re not the one in the situation. You’re right that this, at least in principle, is something that should be made.

  44. Are you serious? I have full faith that almost any other leader, particularly Gore (who actually won the election and should have been President of the US at the time) would have handled it very differently. I don’t think anyone has ever suggested that doing nothing was the other option.

    I also doubt seriously that Oliver Stone is going to somehow get special access to some truth about what went on in the White House. This is the most secretive administration ever, they jealously guard their process. I doubt this film will illuminate anything.

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