Darth Maul Is Snake Eyes In GI Joe

Ray-Park-Snake-EyesUp to this point, the only solid casting news we’ve had concerning the upcoming GI Joe film is that Sienna Miller apparently has snagged a role (as The Baroness?) much to the displeasure of many fans. But this news could lighten up their day.

According to our friends over at Slashfilm, GI Joe has cast the fan favorite character of Snake Eyes. None other than Darth Maul himself, Ray Park.

I have just confirmed that Star Wars Episode 1 star Ray Park has been cast as Snake Eyes in Stephen Sommer’s big screen live-action adaptation of GI Joe. Snake Eyes is one of the original members of the GI Joe series. Hasbro has released over 30 figures of the character since his debut in 1982. Not much is known about the ninja master’s real identity, as it has remained classified throughout the series.

Not bad news… as long as he keeps the mask on and doesn’t have to actually act. Ray was also Toad in the first X-Men movie, and was also the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow. I had a chance to meet and hang out just a little with Ray at Comic Con this year at a couple of parties and he was very cool to me (although word has it he fell far out of favor with folks at Star Wars). But as cool as he is, he’s not an actor… he’s a stuntman, and a damned good one… which should be totally fine for a role like Snake Eyes. Silent, masked, and doing insanely cool looking fight moves. That’s an order Ray Park can fill no problem.

Still waiting to hear who is officially going to be Duke, or Cobra Commander, or Destro… but this is decent news.

  • D. Royal

    Curious, what did Ray do to tick off King Lucas and Drearyworks?

  • Great choice for Snake Eyes! If he stays mysterious (i.e. we don’t see his face and he never talks), I’ll be happy.

    The next casting announcement will probably be a bad guy.

  • @Simple Simon

    I stand by my comment. He could talk and/or take his mask off.
    Yes, there’s a (good) reason why he didn’t speak or remove his mask. But I’m thinking in terms of adaptation. Nothing more.

  • Joe

    YES !!!!!!

  • Meli

    If they keep Snakes Eyes as he should be this is fantastic casting!

  • chris (the real one)

    LOL sweet a gi joe fan like myself….simon u have a new friend…..LOL

  • gpcreative

    I wonder what happened between him and the Star Wars people?