Batman vs Superman Poster From I Am Legend

As you can see from my review, I enjoyed I Am Legend. It’s not perfect… it’s not even “great”, but I had a good time watching (especially since I got to watch it in the historic and legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood… but I’ll tell you more about that later).

But my favorite joygasm moment in the film was when Will Smith was walking down the deserted streets of New York, and a giant Batman vs Superman movie poster was hanging from a building!!! Made me smile like an idiot. I’ve been dying to see a Batman vs Superman movie ever since I read The Dark Knight Returns back in grade 8. Anyway, a Krintina was kind enough to email me this shot this morning showing the image from the movie. I’m still smiling.


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46 thoughts on “Batman vs Superman Poster From I Am Legend

  1. I saw it, there is a TEEN TITAN poster in the movie spot
    So, it is confirmed on the card n poster but the joker card has a horse not a jester in the movie, but that could’vr been to make it less obvious that the joker would be in a movie one day which he did done by heath

  2. and there was a poster of the green lantern that you can see the first time he heads to the movie spot before he gets out they show a distant view of the outside of the store and you can see it on the window then when he is walking in to return the movie as he goes in the aisle look at all the posters left of him and you will see the green lantern, but i still haven’t seen the TEEN TITAN Movie poster, i’ll keep looking for that

  3. Hey the card is in the book he is reading right after he wakes up and is watching the news in the kitchen, now it is a horse on the front of the card but it says Joker on the top left so it is a joker card but not the one that the joker usually carries with the jester in the front of it

  4. in superman returns during a news broadcast the newscaster says that crime in gotham has dropped. that is a little hint to maybe a b-v-s movie. but that poster was the first thing we all talked about after the movie….. how could you not!?

  5. so. they are going to make this 2010 batman vs superman movie ? wow!!!!!!!!!!! this i gotta see,…
    oh yesssss,….. this will be great, says me, brandin lee detroy from desoto, texas, this hits
    my fox friend’s expectations,….

  6. i been looking at web sites about this superman vs batman film you guys are talking about sorry to say but they talked about it but not going to happen. superman and batman are dc big heros in films right now why whould they make one of them fighting if anything they will think or might talk about them working together which this is where the JLA comes in! but fighting no i don’t think so. come on batman does not stand a chance against the MAN OF STEEL.

  7. Ok i’ve been into comic for a long time.When watching all these movies.I also believe of a Ultimate superhero movie,next to the upcoming Marvel movies. To answer the joker card in “I am Legend” not the joker card of batman. It’s a horse not a jester,but the poster in the movie does say “5/15/10” which is enough time after the third batman or any other DC comic movie to come out and help it’s hype.But bringing the joker into it that’s a big hell no. Reason why Heath did a great job in the movie and will win a oscar for it. Why bring back a character when he’s at the top.If they do have a batman and superman movie.It will be the movie to set off the justice league.But superman is after the batman to join it.The third batman will have to do with batman gaining respect back in Gotham.Riddle me this why is johnny depp talking to WB for a possible riddler? That would be great heath ledger best friend going after the TDK.

  8. Do you find it strange that both The Dark Knight and Superman: The Man Of Steel both will be released nearly a year apart, follow by the next Batman movie in 2010. Not only that, but you also got Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash in the works too. Which all lead up to the Jusitce League movie coming. Who is to say there isn’t a Batman/Superman movie in production right now. There has been movies where they already made, then out of no where they release the trailer with full surprise. It is also possible the Batman/Superman movie is a jump start for the upcoming Justice League movie. For example, look at Transformers when release the teaser at the Comic Book Convention not too long ago. No one expected, but it happened.
    The Batman/Superman will happen, because Hollywood knows what the Batman/Superman fans want. That is why you got the new Batman and Superman movies back on the big screen. Think about it.

  9. The poster definitely said nothing about “VS”. Besides, I know they’ve made it interesting from time to time when they clash in D.C. comics… but really now… Superman could smash, vaporize, or in some other way completely destroy Batman before Batman would even see him coming w/ his super speed. Kryptonite and getting the drop Supes is the only possible way Batman would stand a chance. I mean come on, let’s be realistic. Haha ;)

  10. Not to burst any bubbles, but I would guess that WB would have to change the logo if it were indeed a VS movie. It is very much identicaly to the comic version. However in the Jeff Loeb run in the comic entitled “Public Enemies” they do fight not just once but a couple of times. So from a geekster point of view, this being one of the best written stories from that series I would put my money on that one. And anyone curious about the Superman/Batman symbol please check out the website.

  11. One more thing, warner bros have registered “” wich means they are not saying its not coming, but they might just do that to make sure noone else will make fake hopes for ppl or something.

    IF they are making that movie i think it will be about when batmans wife died, because then you will see them as friends, you will see batmans frustration, superman trying to help his friend, you will see them both together and you will se batman fighting him, but not to death. So it will probably be them vs eachother in the movie and together.. if they made it about that we would probably see joker dead :P think it would be a legendary movie, i really hope it was not just some easter egg, and i dont think so either since they got the site registered, planning logos, probably allready made sure who will be the actors..

  12. Hey folks, I noticed that poster in “I am legend” and i have to say that if it ever comes out such a movie it will probably be about the comics where superman and batman are rulers of the world together, and they fight crime together.
    But in those comics there is alot happening, superman himself have said that batman is the most dangerous man alive, and batman is smart even if he did a fight against superman he would find a way to psyche him out.
    And example would be to capture lois in a room with a bomb and kryptonite gass or something clever..
    Anyways, why should he kill him? unless he had a reason..
    In the comics batman gives up on beeing a superhero after killing joker.. his biggest enemy and at that time the most dangerous man alive.. and then he marries a woman, if i remember right joker is not dead and he goes to superman masked as some thief, anyways the thief (joker) gets batmans wife killed and superman wants the thief to get justuce but not killing him.. but on the transport to the police or something he sprays some kryptonite thing at superman and manage to escape, superman wakes up with only the thiefs mask (the thief was joker) anyways batman blames superman for not killing joker after he killd his wife, goes back to beeing a superhero, mad as hell and killing any villians on his way to getting joker.
    He digs up jokers coffin and finds a fake corpse, smashing the fake ones head with a crowbar in frustration (kidna funny, since joker did the same to robins head witha crowbar). Anyways superman is behind batman on the graveyard trying to talk him out of it, but batman is crazy in his head atm and warns superman that if he gets in the way he will kill him too..
    now this is kinda crazy to say to a friend/superman i must say.. anyways earlyer in the comics superman actually gave batman a piece of kryptonite (think it was a kryptonite ring) and said that if he ever went evil he wanted batman to use it on him..
    You know batman is very rich, he can actually buy anything he wants, thats why he got all those gadgets etc.
    Now im 22 i cant really remember everything in those old comics but there was something about batman winning a fight over batman using his brain, there was also one where batman made a suit of lead with a weak touch of kryptonite so superman couldnt be near him (would make him weak). Notice i think this was when lex luthor was president or somthing abd made both superman and batman enemies of the state, anyways they killed lex luthor together so i guess the movie would be about that or maby after..

    Anyways thanks for all the comments here, i like speculating hehe.. sorry for my bad english :P

  13. Well, if anyone follows the comic series, the logo displayed is actually Batman/Superman NOT Batman versus Superman. Batman and Superman fight side-by-side against whoever gets in their way. It’s funny though because they don’t exactly get along but it’s a good read.

    – J.S.

  14. ok, im a comic geek, i freely admit that, so im gonna try and not ramble here.

    first yes the movie takes place in 2012 BUT he has been alone for 3 years, making that poster dated from 2009, for a 2010 release. sounds pretty damned possible/spoilerific/easter eggy to me.

    second the logo is a slightly stylized version of the one from the batman superman title of comics that has been running for the last few years.

    teen titans standee? didnt notice it but there have been rumors of that around. who knows.

    i missed the jokers card, gonna have to pull the movie out and watch it again.

  15. I agree, Shannon just wants to bash the party….real or not it is very much a possiblilty. It would not be the first time producers have used movies to foretell of movies to come. Pixar does it all the time. So I am all for a movie with Batman and Superman, and I would vote for working together….but that is me.

  16. Clearly Shannon is a fool. It is a obvious plug for a 2009 release of batman and/vs superman. talks have been on for so long about the film and to have the logo ready to publish on film all but confirms its release.

  17. While I will not pretend to know with any certainty whether or not this movie is actually going to be made, I will say that the poster would be very strange to be there if it was entirely made up just for kicks. During this scene in particular, look around at the signs and billboards that are around him. All of them that are movie ads are ads of actual movies (except this one that is in question). This is a hint that it is a possibility. ANyway, even if it’s not necessarily true, we can all hope and dream that it is.

  18. Didn’t they say they were making a Batman vs Superman movie. That’s what I heard, but i”m not sure if it’s true or not.

  19. thank god there are other geeks out there, I wasn’t sure if anyone would even mention the BvS poster…and just to comment on some of these other comments i really doubt if they ever did make a BvS movie that they would be fighting together. everyone wants to see them battle, not hug and fight crime. 5.5.10 we can dream! :)

  20. I’ve just seen I Am Legend, and the billboard definitely has the Superman logo over the Batman one – with 05/15/10 at the bottom of the poster.

    Dark Knight returns?

  21. Hey YLC I don’t know about the logo giving The Dark Knight the edge…but I do know that Batman always pimps that boyscout Supes!!He has even on ocassion gone as far to call Superman dumb.

    So many comic book movies to make so little time!!

  22. So… for those of you who thinks this is a hoax… both Christian Bale and Brandon Routh have both said publically that there was a clause in thier contract about a supes vs b-man movie… and considering this movie takes place in 2010, I think its very possible…

    Oh and Herby man… thats what people call sarcasm bud… look it up… [email protected]

  23. Yeah, Batman and Superman is going to rock! You know it! I was real happy with I Am Legend, I didn’t care for the CG, but I can suspend disbelief to enjoy a great movie. I found this cool “I Am Legend” Movie Fan Lens that might be of interest to some of you. If you haven’t seen the movie yet its the only movie this winter worth seeing if you ask me.

  24. Screw Superfriends/American Heroes; A BATMAN/SUPERMAN MOVIE IS WHAT WE WANT! That, and with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh in their respective roles. FUCK RECASTING CHARACTERS WHO STILL HAVE A MOVIE FRANCHISE (except Hulk; Edward Norton OWNS)!


  25. Also… apply the same logic to Back to the Future 2. In that filme a 3-D Advertisment is played saying “Jaws 19″ coming soon…. does that mean in 2015 “Jaws 19″ will come out?”

    Oh I so hope so ;-D

  26. Seems the logo gives Batman the edge over superman: like Batman, his cape flailing behind him, swooping in for the kill on Superman. Anybody else reads the same thing into the billboard’s design?

  27. actually it was warner bros owns that movie and also the dark knight, thats whyy u see batman everywhere, including PROLOGUE

    so don’t be suprise, and about joker card that will smith had i didn’t see it but i like to see that too !

  28. This is nothing more than fake poster. It does not prediect, nor try to predict, any upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Dark Knight comes out in May, then they have one more. We also have Justice League of America in pre-production stages…. so this is nothing more than wishful thinking.

    Also… apply the same logic to Back to the Future 2. In that filme a 3-D Advertisment is played saying “Jaws 19” coming soon…. does that mean in 2015 “Jaws 19” will come out? Didn’t think so.

  29. Either way its a cool nod. Even if it isnt Batman VS. Superman. Im sure in that comic where they work together a major continuing plot point is the tension of the relationship between the two. The big Blue Boyscout and the rage filled vigilante don t always see eye to eye you know.

  30. Hey John, what did you think of the Mann’s? I saw Hitman there a few weeks ago. While it was fun for the nostalgia and all, it is very uncomfortable.

  31. That movie would be as successful and of the same quality(I know, sight unseen) of the JLA or the whatever it is they will end up calling it movie. Though I’d rather see a Batman/Superman movie than a JLA, personally.

  32. Does the billboard actually say “Superman VERSUS Batman” on it? The logo is the same for the Superman/Batman comic currently published by DC, where the two are working together, not beating the snot out of each other. I know I’m geeking out over something minor, but my name IS Kryptonite….

    1. thats so not fair if its a VS. Being a batman fan it still comes to mind that superman is invincible unless batmans covered in kyrptonite :P

      1. Batman ALWAYS wins against Superman, he ALWAYS carries a sliver or Kryptonite with him just in case Superman ever went rouge like he has in the past.

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