Christian Bale Is John Conner In New Terminator Movie

Christain-Bale-TerminatorWell holy crap. The other day we reported to you guys that McG was signed on to direct the next Terminator installment tentatively titled “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” (bad title). I don’t think McG is a very good fit for a project like Terminator. However, there must be some people out there who love the idea because according to the guys at Ain’t It Cool News they’ve just cast the lead guy.

Yeah, the man who will play the lead character, John Conner (who was played by Nick Stahl in T:3 and Edward Furlong in T:2) is none other than Batman himself… Christian Bale. AICN gives us this:

Just got off the phone with an extremely trusted source who has never been wrong before. he revealed exclusively to AICN that in the upcoming McG reboot, TERMINATOR SALVATION: The Future Begins, that they have cast CHRISTIAN BALE as none other than JOHN CONNER. you folks know what that means… THIS IS GOING TO KICK ASS!!!

If this indeed turns out to be true, then it’s one hell of a pull off. Nabbing Christian Bale for this would instantly bring a lot of credibility to the new Terminator movie that quite frankly has been missing.

Still… I disagree with Harry here… remember folks, Christian Bale isn’t WRITING the movie. A bad line is still a bad line weather Christian Bale or Pee-Wee Herman says it. Still… this can be seen as nothing but good news for Terminator fans.

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36 thoughts on “Christian Bale Is John Conner In New Terminator Movie

  1. not as impressive as i hoped way too much hype throughout the movie and have to say a lot of flaws sigh nothing beats the original and this movie is just proof it it. sorry they should have stopped after one. saying this as i watch the original lol

  2. Man, I heard them talking about Christian Bale signing on for a new movie on the TV and I got all excited thinking it was going to be about Metal Gear Solid… This is still good to hear though, certainly a step in the right direction! :D


  3. “A bad line is still a bad line weather Christian Bale or Pee-Wee Herman says it. ”

    How true…look at all the ridiculous dialogue Bale had to spew out in “Batman Begins”.

  4. @John

    Yeah, I know he works for $$$, but there’s a difference(at least in my naive mind) between getting paid to do something that you just so happen to be passionate about, and just having money flung in your face to participate in a shitty-sounding project. To me, this is on par with Terrence Stamp starring in Elektra or Ben Kingsley starring in Bloodrayne. Blatant money-grabbing without regard for the project’s quality.

    Now, Bale isn’t a dumb guy. If he’s signed onto this project, he knows more than I do about it. This could be an outstanding movie, but the name McG attached to any film is an immediate red flag.

  5. I have to say, out of all the actors in Hollywood right now, Bale seems like one of the few who really cares about the quality of the projects he involves himself with.

    I hope that Bale still cares and that this is a sign that the franchise has a good script (or good ideas at the very least) and not that Bale just had buckets of gold boullion thrown at him to have his name attached to an otherwise weak film.

    Heres hoping for the former.

  6. This is great news. Also, I don’t think McG is a bad director, but his style doesn’t quite match the Terminator movies. Anyway, the most important thing is who will WRITE this thing.

  7. If Bale is really doing it,that means they might be on to something there. I doubt he
    would do it just because of the cash. But with McG onboard I have to doubt that is the case…

  8. Hmmm seems to good to be true! Going to hold judgment until it’s confirmed. Just like the JLA casting which is all wrong. Scott was in an intereview and said he never got the part of Superman. Casting is all over the place.

  9. Hey Kristina,

    You said:

    “This movie seems like a blatant money grab, and I don’t think Bale is the money-grabbing type”

    To be fair, all of us do our jobs as a money grab. I think we often forget acting is his JOB. Would you go to work in the morning if you weren’t getting paid? :)

  10. Seriously, why in the WORLD would Bale do a movie with friggin’ McG? I refuse to believe this. Even if it gets confirmed, I won’t believe it. Even if I see him in a trailer, I won’t believe it! Man, I really pray this isn’t true. I have a ton of respect for this guy as an actor. Just look at his filmography, for goodness’ sake. As much as I love the Depp, if I absolutely had to choose my fav actor working today, Bale would get my vote. If this story is true(Lord, let it be false), I hate to say this, but he will lose some cool points with me. This movie seems like a blatant money grab, and I don’t think Bale is the money-grabbing type.

  11. I don’t believe it. I just don’t. Bale in a damn McG movie? Bale..and McG?! I just don’t buy it. God, I HOPE this is fake.

    And if you haven’t seen Bale in Rescue Dawn yet, you really need to.

  12. Our buddy Devin over at CHUD backed this up 100%; even went as far to say he was told 2-3 days ago and tried like Hell to get this officially confirmed by Bale’s management and WB people.

    Devin also brought up an excellent point about why Christian Bale would accept ANOTHER multi-picture franchise role. He simply isn’t being paid that much $$$ for the BATMAN films. Doing something like this new TERMINATOR trilogy would enable him to pay the bills, support his wife and small daughter (not to mention any more kids down the line) and continue to headline those indie films where he spends 6 months to a year losing/gaining weight.

    So I honestly can’t blame Bale…

  13. This is great news, but what does it really mean.

    Sean Connery is a great actor who’s very name got me excited to see any film with his name on it. BUT…. There was Highlander 2, The Avengers and The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen.

    Sometimes even great actors, take the money and run.

  14. Great Scott! This is awesome news, my interest in this movie just went through the roof!
    Now, if only they could get a new director…

  15. “got to disagree with you Gio, a great actor can save a bad line”

    That may be true but a great actor can’t save an entire movie by himself. I mean look at Shaft, Bale came out in that movie also but that film sucked and so did Reign of Fire. Not everything Bale is in is terrific and that doesn’t mean the directing is going to be solid either.

    In my mind the franchise ended with T2 the only way I would be excited for this upcomming film would be if they got a better director if Cameron were to come back. James Cameron is not commming back to direct and I don’t think they are going to get another director so i think this movie will suck.

  16. I’m still not completely convinced that this is legitimate news but it’s not completely out of the question when one considers that this could very well pay bills while he’s off making other smaller, more interesting films.

    That said, this may mean that the project is in better hands than I initially anticipated. Who knows, maybe it’ll actually be good.

  17. Wow.
    That’s all I can say to this.

    If that indeed is true (and I can’t stress that IF big enough!), than this movie just got a million times more interesting.
    But at this point I don’t believe this yet.
    Somehow doesn’t feel right for Bale to do this.
    Why should he? He’s got immense credibility in terms of talent with performances in low-key-yet-brilliant movies like THE MACHINIST and RESCUE DAWN, yet is a major action star because of the BATMAN franchise. And believe you me DARK KNIGHT will make tons of cash next year.
    How could his participation in this project further his career? Especially with someone like McG at the helm. I just don’t see it.
    Until there’s an official announcement I see this as an empty rumor only fabricated to warm up the hype.

  18. Interesting….did McGinty actually say “reboot”?

    I thought this was supposedly in future war? If not, then Bale as Connor would not be in the film all that much. Perhaps he is Reese (if it is a reboot/remake)

    BTW, I share Gio’s POV more than AICN Harry – as good as Bale is, his name alone didn’t get anyone to see “Harsh Times” or “Rescue Dawn” – which had great performances by Bale (and others), and, I didn’t give a lick about Equalibruim a number of years back either.

    Question is: who is The Terminator?

  19. I just don’t get it. Then again, Bale hasn’t made superb movies or choices 100% of the time, just 95% of the time.

    And maybe it’s a great script. That would suprise all of us.

  20. I just became ifinitly more interested in this movie.
    Because, let’s face it… a Terminator movie without Arnold directed by McG just didnt realy get my juices flowing, but knowing that Christian frickin’ Bale says it’s good enough for him has me really re-thinking my stance.

    Bale may not have written it but he has a knack for picking good projects. (I dont care what anybody says, I liked Reign Of Fire)

    Very good news, indeed

  21. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, that’s pretty suprising. Well, Bale isn’t the type of actor who just takes any role that he stumbles upoon. Especially not after his success with Begins and critical acclaim in almost every movie he’s been releasing lately.

  22. Doesn’t sound right to me. Why would Bale want to do this?! If this is the case I’m pushing for using the whole Batman cast – Michael Caine as the Terminator anyone?

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