Potential Giant Robot Movies

Giant-Robot-OptimusWith the outrageous success of Transformers (making approximately $700 million world wide, and apparently over 8 million DVDs in its first week) it is a clear cut and forgone conclusion that there will be not only more Transformers on the horizon, but also more giant robot movies in general (Hollywood loves nothing more than to copy itself and ride trends like a $20 whore… which isn’t always a bad thing I guess).

The only question is which giant robot movies will get made, and how many of them. So I thought I’d throw it open to you guys to give your thoughts (for those of you who are as obsessed sci fi fans as I am… and nerds) about which EXISTING giant robot properties you’d like to see on the big screen next (let’s just pretend for a moment that the recent Robotech with Tobey Maguire news hasn’t come out).

Of all the various giant robot cartoons out there, this one clearly has the most depth of story and intricacies. Man, don’t you just hate it when legions of alien invaders come around killing your buzz just for some damn protoculture? Anyway, the story of Robotech certainly does lend itself to a big screen adaptation without question. Massive potential for dazzling visuals, huge battles and as already mentioned, depth of actual story as well with not only the cartoon to draw from, but also worlds of source material from comics, novels, animated movies… yadda yadda yadda.

This one has been whispered about for YEARS. Certainly not as deep in it’s mythology as something like Robotech, but when you look beyond 5 cartoon lions, you realize the underlying concepts are pretty decent on their own as well. Also, Voltron caries a “fun” factor with it that Robotech’s doesn’t quite match up with. Plus, there’s the whole combining to form one super giant robot that’s always cool and would have one hell of a “wow” factor on screen when they do it.

Another one I just loved as a kid, but without the depth of a Robotech or as much fun factor as Voltron. Some pretty standard fare in the whole “lone survivor of another world now protecting earth” hooks that to be fair doesn’t really get to tired in this genre. The only question I would have if they did a Grandizer film is…. would they keep the 4 giant bananas coming out of his head in the movie?

Giant-Robot-DanguardDANGUARD ACE
Probably the least known on this list, but maybe a dark horse. Danguard Ace is unique in this group in the sense that it’s main plot point isn’t invading Alien armies looking for our resources… but rather it’s earth that is short on resources and the conflict is more like a civil war. Danguard Ace also has probably the most interesting, cool, and intriguing character of this crop of shows with Captain Mask (an uncreative name no question… since he wears an iron mask) who even as a side character would have me glued to the screen as a kid

There are others… but these are the ones I think would have the best chance at success on the big screen. So out of these franchises, which one would you like to see up there? Are there good ones I’ve left off this list that you would prefer to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments area.