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The upcoming G.I. Joe moive has already been met with a lot of excitement and controversy. Excitement because… well… because it’s G.I. Joe. Controversy, because Joe is no longer an “American” team, but rather an international organization bannded together to fight terrorism (as it should be, good move).

Now, our friends over at IESB have uncovered some of the story details from the script that was just turned in. There aren’t really spoilers at all… but if you don’t want to know ANYTHING about the movie, then don’t read on.

The Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow story arch (god, I love Ninjas) will be a main focal point and the “soul” of the film. The villains of course are Destro, the Baroness and Cobra but we have been told that Cobra Commander will have more of a “Emperor Palpatine”-like character arch. The Joes will be mainly facing Destro and the Baroness. Helping Cobra will be one of the coolest groups of characters from the G.I. Joe comics and cartoons…the Dreadnoks.

So there you go. Personally I like what I’m hearing very much… however, I’m still convinced this movie will make no one happy. There will be little to no blood in the film… this isn’t transformers… in the transformers robots could stab each other through the heads, rip each other apart with their bare hands and do other vaious kinds of nasty violent stuff to each other and still be PG… cause they’re just robots. Can’t do that with human beings. Can’t show one guy stabbing another through the head, or stuff like that… not to mention they totally got the wrong director. We’ll see.

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13 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Movie Details

  1. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) G.I. Joe is A REAL AMERICAN HERO. If they want to do the UN versus Cobra, then by all means. Also, from what I’ve seen, the cast is mostly a bunch of 20-something pretty-faces; I’d prefer a CGI version to that. Ray Park as Snake Eyes is the only good call I’ve seen about this thing (that and his costume looks cool); as for the rest, I think it’ll sink like a stone. The anti-war crowd will protest it, the anti-American crowd will boycott it, and those of us who loved G.I. Joe as kids will flat out hate it. JMHO.

  2. Focusing on Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow is a very good idea.

    Snake-Eyes was, is, and will always be my favorite Joe character so hearing that he and Storm Shadow will be the heart of the movie has suddenly made me a lot more interested in this flick.

    Ninjas rule!

  3. This is great news! Hopefully, they’ll stick with Shiny Face Shield Helmeted Cobra Commander rather then Cloth Mask Cobra Commander!

    Oh, and they better not show Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow or Cobra Commander’s face.

    BTW,John the site looks AMAZING! Nice work! :)

  4. I will reserve judgement until I actually see something or at least hear some casting and director confirmations.

    I believe with the right script and direction this movie can be good, if they go for the “star waqrs” type action. Use laser guns and heavily armored villains and there you go.

  5. i hold off my judgement until i see more info…..im desperate praying that we dont get another transformers and hollywood wont shit on another of my childhood favorites….well at least they did the turtles decent….

  6. Well hearing these details sounds pretty good on paper, but how it would be cast and how it would be filmed can make or break the film. Im intrested to see this cobra commander (emperor) ver. will pan out. Who will play storm shadow? snake eyes, Cobra Commander, and Duke? My pic for duke is the actor who played as the king in 300. After seening his performance i though “yea! I can see him as Duke alot more than Marky Mark.” Also on the other front I hope there will be alot of action, no blood doesnt bother me much because its how blood is show that gets the censores flared up. The international team sounds fine. Half of the team was from diffrent parts of the world anyway.

  7. OK…this doesn’t sound too bad. I like what I’m hearing here. I’m still gonna be on the cautious side about making the team international and keeping the name GIJOE…but time will tell.

  8. The news makes me happy mostly because you can have a crap load of fun with the Dreadknots, but how will it work, honestly don’t know and have to wait and see.

  9. Has anyone seen the great real 12″ G.I.Joe’s Hasbro released exclusive to Wal-Mart recently? That’s G.I.Joe to anyone over 40.

  10. I agree with you guys! I am happy to see the story brought back to more closely resemble the original cartoon, however…

    …There still remains All the problems involved with translating it to modern live-action.

    Are they going to let this filmbe made for its REAL audience(26-36 yr olds) or are they going to blind themselves into thinking GI Joes is still a kids property?

    You can’t make GI JOE look to realistic without it making the War look like a joke and not resembling the cartoon at all…
    …you can’t make it too much cartoon without it looking like a cross between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: the movie.

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