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Well here is comes. The Sweeney Todd trailer is up and on the web. It’s no secret that I don’t particularly like Tim Burton’s movies. I think he’s the most over rated director out there. Please note, I’m not saying he’s the WORST director out there (there are 1 or 2 of his films I actually quite like) but the over all fan following this guy has is totally beyond me. Most of his stuff I find to be the same recycled rubish he does over and over again, just on different plates. Meh, but that’s just me.

Sweeney Todd though is looking quite interesting. The trailer doesn’t do a lot for me, and to be quite honest, hearing Johnny Depp singing made me roll my eyes… but still… the idea of the film has a lot of promise, and perhaps might be one where Burton’s style is perfect for it. Who knows?

For now, here’s the Sweeney Tood trailer:

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27 thoughts on “Sweeney Todd Trailer

  1. Stephen Sondheim himself said that this role is more about hitting the emotional high notes rather than the musical ones. The problem with singers who act is they’re singing first and acting second, that’s why they’re better on stage. You can’t see their faces well. You can’t see the look in their eyes. In a movie, you can. I think most of the actors that could have sung this role ever note proper would probably ruin the movie. It is a story first, and a musical second. I agree with some of the other comments, yes, it does remind me of the Count of Monte Cristo, but the count is subtle. Sweeney goes insane and begins to murder his customers, until he can get to his main goal, the man who raped his wife, sent him to prison, and then adopted his daughter, Judge Turpin. If Depp delivers on the emotion, then I’ll be sold, even if he does sound very similar to Captain Jack. Oh, and yes, there will be cannibalism. However, I assume that will be alluded to (A Little Priest) rather than displayed, but I haven’t the film, so I can’t say. Personally, I do not care that Burton is directing, or the Depp is starring. If the story is treated with respect, then I will enjoy this movie. If not, then at least there’s always the play.

  2. “Most of his stuff I find to be the same recycled rubish he does over and over again, just on different plates”

    you just can’t be serius about that can you, recycled rubish? i can understand if you don’t like the guy but when you say things like that, as i see it, you don’t get what Tim Burton movies is about even if you believe you do, well YOU DON’T.

  3. This has always been one of my favorite musicals. I don’t know how much I expect Depp to be singing; hopefully it isn’t too jarring. Overall though, unless they ruin this (matter of opinion, I know) it’s already on my buy list when it comes out on dvd.

  4. I was thinking the same thing andrew Jones … hearing from the beginning i felt ‘count of monte cristo’ but even so … i’m still eager to see how this film turns out … i’m a johnny depp fan and enjoy his movies (my favorite of his being Ed Wood) can’t wait

    – … out

  5. i thought his singing was fine.

    i am actually kind of suprised by some of the comments.

    i enjoyed the trailer. i will definitly be seeing it in theaters.

  6. lol…i think it looks kinda cool….but i am tired of seeing Helena Bonham Carter’s dirty ass…..is it just me or does she play the same woman over and over again….dirty skanky goth chick…..oh well….yea but i like burten….sleepy hollow was cool, scissorhands was cool, nightmare before christmas was classic…..still watch it every holiday season……might see this

  7. Someone today made a clip of four “Sweeney Todds” singing, essentially, the same bit of “Epiphany” (the song in the trailer)…

    1) Len Cariou (who originated ST on Broadway),
    2) George Hearn (who took over from Cariou on Broadway)
    3) Michael Cerveris (who starred in the revival on Broadway),
    4) And Johnny – the newest incarnation of Sweeney…

    In all four clips most of the lyrics ARE SPOKEN (or shouted), until everyone breaks into SONG with “I will have vengeance, I will have Salvation…”

    So to say that Johnny will probably be speaking most of the lines from all the music in ST is ludicrous…Sondheim himself gave Johnny’s singing a thumbs up…and if it’s good enough for Stephen, it’s good enough for me…

    The Tim Burton musical movie version of the stage musical will be different, given the time constraints, logistics, etc…

    But to condemn the movie after viewing a 2 minute + trailer is putting the horse before the hearse…um…as it were…

  8. Ok, I guess I’ve found the one actor that it seems no one is allowed to poke fun at for having a hard time with a British accent?

    My one question for all those that are supporting Johnny Depp in this role as Sweeney? Have any of you EVER listened to the original Broadway musical version? If you haven’t, then you have no idea how its supposed to sound like and how badly Johnny is just “reading” the music and not actually “singing” it.

    I love Johnny Depp as an actor. I loved him in Pirates. In fact I’ve loved him in all his films. However, I stand by my opinion, this was not the role he was destined to play!

    Let’s all just agree to disagree.

  9. Am I the only one here who thought it was kind of cool to see Depp singing? And at least you know this movie is going to be visually interesting…

  10. “If you close your eyes and just listen to Depp read his lines you’ll think you’re watching “Pirates of the Caribbean – THE MUSICAL”. He’s doing that same gravily-slurred-psuedo-British accent he always does.”

    Oh yes, it would be so much better if Depp did Sweeney with non-British accent. I vote for an American southern drawl. You come on. Both characters are from England, both from the working class rather than landed gentry, both prior to the 20th century. I am sure the nuances in accent from London to Manchester are varied and many, but just how different would you expect the accent to be, coming from the same man? Oh, and in Sleepy Hollow and The Libertine? British accents, completely different from each other and those of the characters we are discussing here.

    But, to each his own.

  11. Ah yes. John’s favorite director is making another one of “his” movies. Notice the visual style and props/set design, etc..

    This trailer had me all excited until Depp started singing. I was hoping they were not going to make a musical out of this movie.

  12. I hate Helena Bonham Carter. I hate knowing that everything Burton does will have her in it.
    This is one big present for the goth kids.

  13. I saw this onscreen Wednesday night when I saw a sneak of The Heartbreak Kid, and I thought the trailer was great. I did kinda chuckle when Johnny started singing, though.

    And is it me or is he doing the Jack Sparrow voice?

  14. Don’t like any Tim Burton movies. All of them are just so bad. His Batman films were aweful. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was aweful (ruined the Oompa Loompas). Nightmare Before Christmas is overrated, but atleast it gave all those little emo kids a mascot (the skeleton character). Edward Scissorhands was weird…almost to a likeable sense…but still just pretty stupid. I could go on but I don’t remeber all his movies and I wouldn’t find anything good from them.

    Only thing that I can see mabey liking about this one is I believe Sacha Baron Cohen was in there.

  15. Come on!

    If you close your eyes and just listen to Depp read his lines you’ll think you’re watching “Pirates of the Caribbean – THE MUSICAL”. He’s doing that same gravily-slurred-psuedo-British accent he always does.

    I’m just not sold on him being the best choice for the role of Sweeney. There are far more actors out there that have had more stage and musical training than Depp and its just Burton going back to his old stomping grounds and giving his “buddies” some work. It’s sad (artistically) to see him doing that.

  16. “Most of his stuff I find to be the same recycled rubish he does over and over again, just on different plates.”

    Dude… John… I find myself disagreeing with your views more and more lately and well, here’s another big one. I understand if you don’t like Burton’s style, but recycled rubbish? How are Ed Wood, Batman, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow and Big Fish “recycled rubbish?” Sheesh.

    Also, Mr. James how does it look like Depp is doing a “loose version of Captain Jack in the victorian age” at all?

    The things some people say on here just boggles my mind sometimes…

  17. Ok, I am a HUGE fan of the broadway version of Sweeney Todd and was totally psyched about seeing this film. I even gave it a miss when I first saw Johnny Depp with the skunk wig on in the teaser pics that were leaked all over the internet. However, now that I’ve seen this trailer this film has just dropped down to the bottom of my list of “must-see” movies for the remainder of the year and it might even be moved onto the “I-can-wait-for-this-to-come-out-on-DVD” list!
    Wow, Johnny Depp is no singer and this looks like a huge mess of a film with him doing a loose version of Captain Jack in the victorian age! I like Johnny Depp and I like Tim Burton, but I’m disappointed that Tim can’t see any other actors as being options to play this role.

    Oh well, it’s a safe bet this one will have all the little Burton goths going out to see it in droves.

  18. I’m inclined to agree with you. I’ve enjoyed most of his films, but I think he’s only ever made one “great” film, ED WOOD (with arguments to be made for BATMAN and BEETLEJUICE… yes I realize I’m leaving out EDWARD SCISSORHANDS). The rest of his films are distinctive in the visual sense, but are feature either awkward characterizations or story. But people get such hardons for him because of his visuals, they don’t really notice that the movie’s not that great.

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