Jimmy Kimmel talks about Andy Dick fiasco

jimmy.jpgJimmy Kimmel’s show Jimmy Kimmel Live is never known for being boring but with bodyguards escorting Andy Dick off of the show on Friday it has gone to a whole new level of entertainment, now Kimmel is speaking up about what happened. The people over at imdb.com give us this on the story:

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has spoken out about his decision to carry unruly guest Andy Dick off his show on Friday night, confessing the wacky funnyman always makes him “uncomfortable.” Kimmel called security and helped them physically remove Dick from his chat show sofa after the comic started making unwanted advances toward fellow guest Ivanka Trump.

The host says, “Andy did a segment, he was a little out of it. (When) she (Ivanka) came out, he wanted a big, wet kiss. It was time for Andy to go, so I escorted him out by his feet.” But Kimmel has spoken to Dick since the Jimmy Kimmel Live incident, and he insists the comic is far from upset about his rude exit. Kimmel adds, “He’s Andy. He’s not upset. He’s not apologetic. He’s just nutty. He always makes me a little uncomfortable, you have no idea what he’s going to do next.”

You know, this is one of those scenarios that is really a “you had to be there” sort of thing. I am betting that there is a lot of back story that the press is not being informed of.

There are two sides to this so let’s look first at Andy Dick’s: Andy is Andy, and you cannot invite a known mischief maker onto your show and then kick him off for causing…mischief. Of the two guests I am a much bigger fan of Dick than I am of Ivanka Trump. Dick, last time I checked is a comedian, and if you see the clip Andy is not doing anything too risky, he comments on her legs and tries to touch her, she laughs it off and things continue with Dick fixating slightly on Trumps attractiveness. Then suddenly he is pulled off, laughing the whole way.

As for Jimmy Kimmel…well heck I’d be nervous if my guest was Donald Trump’s daughter too. Especially if Trump told me to make sure she’s ok right before she went on and then I realized that Dick is going to be on the show, who is “unpredictable”. And when you ask someone specifically to not do something and then they do it…well if you are in charge then you can fix the problem by removing the problem, the problem being Dick. I think Kimmel was a little gun shy, but who can really blame him for being careful when he was trying to keep Trump’s daughter safe?

When there is a Dick in the room pretty young girls are always at risk.

To see the clip of Andy Dick being removed click here.