Eva Mendes As She-Hulk?

Mendes-She-Hulk.jpgOk I’ll say this right up front. You could put Eva Mendes in a Mexican cooking show (I hate cooking shows and I’m also not that big of a fan of Mexican food) and I’d still tune in for 3 hours. That is one seriously attractive women… so good looking that it distracts you from the fact she’s not that good of an actress… although certainly not the worst in Hollywood either. But Mendes as She-Hulk? Now that’s interesting.

There are conflicting reports shooting around the web this morning. First of all there is a story from the great guys over at IESB that is claiming Nicolas Cage is trying to get the She-Hulk project off the ground and wants Mendes (his co-star in Ghost Rider) to play the lead role. Meanwhile, other sites are calling the rumours untrue. Which is true? Hard to say at this point… honestly I’m more interested in the CONCEPT right now more than anything else. For those of you who don’t know… here’s the idea behind she hulk from our friends over at Moviehole:

Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner (Hulk) and is a small and somewhat shy daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff Morris Walters. Agents of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day that Bruce Banner happened to be in town for a visit. Since no donors of her blood type were available, Banner provided blood for a transfusion; his radioactive blood transformed Jennifer into the green-skinned She-Hulk.

I mean come on… should they even be THINKING about a She-Hulk movie right now when the first Hulk film (which I really liked) wasn’t that big of a hit and they’re still waiting to get Hulk 2 off the ground? Isn’t it a little premature to be chasing after a lesser known, less popular character until they at least see how the next Hulk film turns out and how the public responds to it?

But as I said, put Eva Mendes in green body paint and have her pants up up to the crotch for half the movie and I’ll be there… even if she’s just cooking buritos.

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  1. Im a huge fan of the marvel and dc comic movies. I think She Hulk would be an incredibly successful movie if only there were a bit of realism. No short actresses, and no CGI. Cast Alexis Skye. She is six foot five inches tall and beautiful. She is the or one of the worlds tallest models. She has dabbled in acting. Her body, face and beauty match the character. She would make the movie an instant hit. mark my word. Somebody get her agent on the phone!

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:She-hulk.jpg

    The concept of Jen from the 2nd and 3rd volume of the Sensational She Hulk would make a fantastic movie. Anyone who hasnt read at least a few of those issues should really go out and find them.

    Kim Cattrall would be good for the voice but you really need a CGI 7 foot green shulkie.


    Instead of a full one “HULK SMASH” kinda movie She Hulk should have a lot of humour, based around Jen in court action being interupted by some Lame “super” Villian… StiltMan comes to mind. But it can then escalate to some kind of end of the universe kind of situation.

    unfortunantly it could easily look like a rip off of sex in the city and ally mcbeal.

  3. Hi.
    Have you actually read She-Hulk? It’s a fun book about a super hero lawyer trying to practice law in a super hero world– a place where things like time travel, ghosts, and sentient robots are possible. Why not give it a shot? The book has been called “one of the best comics coming out today” by AINT IT COOL NEWS, and has also received positive reviews from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE ONION, WIZARD MAGAZINE, COMIC BUYERS GUIDE, CINESCAPE, and the NEW YORK TIMES.

    Marvel has made 4 issues of the comic available online for FREE. You can read them here:

    SHE-HULK #1 at:

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    And SHE-HULK Vol.2 #1 at:

    If you like what you read, the book is currently on its second volume and up to issue #15. Issues are pretty self-contained and new readers can jump on at any point.

    If you REALLY like what you read and want to get caught up…

    You can find 4 SHE-HULK collections available at amazon.com.

    SHE-HULK: SUPERHUMAN LAW collects SHE-HULK Vol. 1 #7-12.
    SHE-HULK: TIME TRIALS collects SHE-HULK Vol. 2 #1-5.
    and SHE-HULK: LAWS OF ATTRACTION collects SHE-HULK Vol. 2 #6-13.

  4. I just linked to your story on my site. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We’re this close to a Hawkman movie. How wildly out of control have these comic adaptations gotten? She-Hulk? When will the studios realize that this well, too, is running dry? Time to reheat some Shakespeare for a couple of years…

  5. I’ll give you Trish Stratus,
    but she is not the archetypal female body builder that I was talking about. Plus, she’s like 5’8″ tall. Not exactly she-hulk preportions.
    And I still stand by my statement, Female superhero flicks dont work. On a subconscious level, men are threatened by a more powerful female. Fact of life, kids. I didnt make the rules, I’m just not blind to the fact that they exist.

    I would be OK with She-Hulk if she appeared in a Hulk movie as a secondary character.
    By herself… no thanks.

  6. While I also think Cage was kidding- I want to be against the grain here. First, while I don’t “see” a She-Hulk live action fim, let’s NOT rule out the following:

    *If (a big if) there is a “third” Hulk movie, the character could show up.

    *The character’s solo series didn’t really take off until it had hints of surrealism, inside jokes and a character’s self awareness that she was in a comic book. That said, if there was a thought of “spoofing” the Hulk [or having it as a DTV spinoff] I can sort of buy it. AND THAT SAID, it shouldn’t be Eva Mendes, but more along the lines of Trish Status.

    You know what I’m talking about.
    In the meantime, John, please, she’s a great looker, but there’s just somethin’ wrong with any picture dealing with butt crack.

  7. The best female comics movie character is/will be Battle Angel Alita, James Cameron’s next movie after Avatar.
    I bet this movie will blow everyone away.

  8. I would go and check a she-hulk movie, anyone that knows a bit of comics like the character a lot. But then I think, they could drop that rubber Thing on that Fab Four movie and put another girl on the team. It’s really hard to sell a she-hulk movie? Somewhat like it would be if a Elektra movie came first. Come on, she is strong and hot as hell give the green a chance. I also loved the Hulk movie.

  9. Well while I do like She-Hulk better then Wonderwoman as a movie, I agree with John, it’s too early for a She-Hulk movie til they see how well the new Hulk film does. Although I am pretty sure the new Hulk is going to do really well from the way they say it’s going to be. But I don’t know anyone whos ever thought that much about this character or has even read the She-Hulk comics with enuff intrest in it to even want to.

    And Eva Mendes as the main pick to play her, for real or not, I don’t see her right as a lead role in any movie, exspeshaly the main hero in a comic book movie and as a simi-cheesy character. I think it would take a much more talented actor to make you wanna watch this character and care about them more then just for sex apeal.

  10. #1: Cage was joking

    #2: A She-Hulk movie is a waste of time and money.

    If made, it will fail like all other female superhero/comic-book movies do.
    And a neon green chick that shows off her ass for two hours will not hold anyone’s attention (with anything but their eyes and libidos that is) nor will it make for an interesting or engaging story.

    Does anyone really think female bodybuilders are hot?
    A giant green chick with bulging muscles is in no way sexy.
    Why does this character appeal to anyone anyway? I just dont get it.
    Now Jennifer Garner… she was hot, but did the movie do well at the box office? Nope.
    Fanboys and their overactive hormones daydream about real-life depictions of the characters that have drooled over for years but the reality is the female superhero movie genre does not work.
    Women dont fantasize about beating up villains or rescuing dudes in distress, so it doesnt appeal to their core.
    Men dont fantasize about being rescued by women that are infinitly stronger than they are, so it doesnt appeal to our core.

    Waste of time.
    To me it is, anyway.

  11. am I the only person who thinks that photo up top is one of the least erotic or sexy things they have ever seen?

    shes giving this sultry “my knickers are a size to small…you like?”

    she can look nice but generally I think “man face, man face”

  12. Dude, its like getting all the fun and action promised in the Hulk redux…. and BOOBS!

    I dont see the problem here.

    I hear in the reboot of Star Trek they are making Kirk a girl. Boobs sell.

  13. I question whether anyone who proclaims to dislike Mexican food has actually had good Mexican food. You need to find a nice hole-in-the-wall place in San Antonio, Austin, or Fort Worth. Or even further south if you want to venture that far.

  14. Hey there Joseph,

    I said right in the post why I said Mexican Food:

    “I hate cooking shows and I’m also not that big of a fan of Mexican food”

    That’s why I used it in the analogy.


  15. why did you pick “mexican” cooking show? for the record, she’s Cuban.

    and i think a She-hulk is a bad idea. not even Spielberg could make something like that work.

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