Stiller Spills Madagascar 2 Plot

Second Verse! Same as the First!

My kids absolutely LOVED this movie. Though I really dont see why. Granted when we showed them “The Wild” (Disney’s take on the same storyline) they didnt care for it at all. Still, Madagascar just didnt get MY attention. Not surprised since Pixar didnt make it.

CinemaBlend caught:

Recently Ben Stiller talked to the great folks over at Coming Soon about the work he’s doing on the sequel, Madgascar 2. He tells them that he’ll start recording his part soon, and as long as he was talking he went ahead and spilled the details on the plot for the second film.

According to Stiller, all the animals from the first film get off Madagascar in the downed airplane stuck in the trees from the first movie. They crash in Africa, and Stiller’s lion character Alex gets to know his relatives.

So now we get the same “fish out of water” story with the one animal that didnt belong in Madagascar actually going back to where the other Tiggers are from. Ok, lions. He was the only one.

I expect much of the same “holy cow! What’s that” antics that these domesticated Zoo creatures stumbled into in the first movie.

I just wont expect to like it. But my kids will.

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