The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story – Gay Baseball Players Movie

baseballFirst there was Brokeback Mountain. Hot on the heals of it’s Oscar Buzz Brad Pitt comes out and says he wants a gay role to be his next project. Then the news about the new Adam Sandler project where 2 male firefighters get married, and now it’s gay baseball players.

The good folks over at Empire give us this:

The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story. The plot in question concerns a married baseball player who falls in love with a fellow player. When word of their romance gets out, scandal inevitably follows. This is not the first time the book has been through the Hollywood development mill, but now with Brokeback leading the way, it has a good chance of finally being made.

Yup, gay is the new formula. Gay cowboys, firefighters and now baseball players. I guarantee you that within the next 3 months we’ll hear about new movies being developed about gay professional wrestlers, gay plumbers, and gay (name the most traditionally “manly” profession you can think of).

Yup… when studios smell “Oscars” they swarm like sharks around whatever the trend may be.