Now I Hate Ben Affleck. He’s Dating Jennifer Garner

garner_white.jpgYou know what Ben… I thought you were an ok guy. I really did. When everyone else would slam you I’d say “Hey, don’t be hatin my man Ben”. When people would say you were the weak link between you and Matt Damon I’d tell them “Don’t be under estimating the Fleck Man”. When people said DareDevil sucked I boldly said “Nuh uh… DareDevil Rocks my friends”. Yes Ben, I have been there for you. But now it’s all over the place that you’re dating Jennifer Garneryoudirtybastard!!!

What?!?! Dating J-Lo, and Gweneth Paltrow wasn’t enough for you? Oh no… you had to go out and get Garner too. I hate you. I hate you with an unrelenting passion you big jerk! For you see… while Garner was single, it gave the rest of us shmoes a chance… albeit an extremely small one. So screw you Affleck, and your little Christmas movie too. i spit at your shadow and pee on anything even resembling your image (they’re not going to like me at the Blockbusters). How i rue the day that IMDB reported this:

Ben Affleck’s low-key romance with Jennifer Garner has become a real challenge for paparazzi – because they’ve yet to snap the stars together. According to reports, the Daredevil co-stars started dating in late July after Affleck appeared on the Vancouver, Canada, set of their movie’s spin-off Elektra to film a cameo. And while a number of publications, such as People and Us Weekly, have declared sightings of Affleck and Garner together at each other’s homes and around Los Angeles, the telling picture – which would be worth a fortune – has yet to be captured.

Well, on the bright side at least it looks like DareDevil is going to be making an appearance in Elektra. Exactly how is it fair that one man gets to date J-Lo, Paltrow AND Garner?

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76 thoughts on “Now I Hate Ben Affleck. He’s Dating Jennifer Garner

  1. Ben Affleck is not that bad, I mean I don’t hate him, but please, Mr.Affleck, please keep your hands away from Jennifer Garner, please, she deserves something more (i.e. Mr. Vartan, Michael, her former fianc√ɬ©e)

    I can’t stand seeing pics of them together…why in the world did they have to marry…

  2. i love them together, they’re so hot and good for each other!

    and jen make good choice to pick ben and not vartan truc…..

    love ya ben………………….

  3. Wow…let me add my two cents…just cause i have nothing better to do!! Ben is a sorry actor and completely unattractive and as for BOTH Jennifers…both again are sorry actors too and they are both unattractive…J-HO is played out, yeah I said it-WHAT…and Jen G looks like a spokes person for Anorexia-R-Us. Hey, this could have a positive ending…both will quit acting and disappear forever from Hollywood and I will never again have to waste $7 on a movie I THOUGHT would be good.

  4. rite this is sooooooooo stupid this website is about ben nd jen not bout havin STUPID fukin arguements ova so getta life who eva made this bollocks website!!

  5. who really gives a fuk if your jealous of a couple them go that its stupid loadz of boyz want to be with jenifer but it aint going to happen unless your a famous rich with muscels, i think ben is hot doesnt meen i could marry him or be with him does it????noooooo!!!!

    so getta life!!

  6. i don’t care if anyone hates this comment or something but i really did prefer j.lo with ben they weregood together i never even rele knew why they broke up jennifer garner is pretty and nice and i know some of you are her fans and ben affleck is an ok guy too but the way i put it is diffrent even if i did like j.lo and ben together “you can’t just turn back time”j.lo might be happy with her skinny tooth pick guy and ben and jen might be the two most best hollywood couples but i rele liked the old bennifer and i am sorry if i didn’t putt it the way you wanted it too be but this is just my comment and yours can be way diffrent because you like them together but i am sorry j.lo was not the one for ben and jen maybe is not the one for ben but they are both hollywood couples and so is j.lo and her man and soon maybe the two couples will brake up but you don’t know you what the heck i don’t even know yet so lets please be calm its all in the hollywood trail please don’t take this comment seriously because i think the are both really nice people do have diffrent taste and maybe mine is not the same as yours but i see alot of people that don’t like them and like them so please don’t take mine real seriously i rele do like all your comments.


  7. *xxto all the beliversxx*

    To all the damb fuckers stop being violent all over these celebrities even though i am one of their fans shut up if you wanna know who. ben who is an ASS handsome prince beliver used to be with a lady called jennifer lopez which they call BENNIFER?? unexceptebly broke up then went with jennifer garner and dated like 1 FREAKIN DAY and then whats the bump under the shirt what a slut and now she says he is the love of my life what is that….???

    well now i am right if you guys make some big thing some of your comments are right except being a jennifer garner fan and ben handsme prince lover well you guys listen they won’t LAST they are both hollywood stars if you haven’t noticed.

    P.S don’t think this comment is not any better than yours.

  8. ok well i think that benifer 1 should have just stayed together because i like jennifer lopez and jennifer garner should have just stayed out of afflecks life! she is pretty but i prefer bennifer1 together…

    jennifer garner should just go screw herself! leave ben to jennifer lopez because lopez and affleck belong together and thats all i have to say o and –>>> ben affleck+jennifer lopez= the best!! lmao

    ben affleck+jennifer garner= ewww! haha

    thnxx pplz you fuckers

  9. Gwen was too good for Ben. Ben was too good for Jen I. This Jen Garner thing is crazy because I think they’re not good enough for each other. Too weird.

  10. FUCK’N STUPID BEAST!!!!! Quit obsessing over Jennifer. Face it you’re an ugly low life mother fucker and Jen will never want you! So quit hating on Ben just because he is fine as hell and has the woman of your dreams! Everybody has their own opinion so just stay the fuck out of it with your dumb threats!

  11. Carla watch your mouth about Jennifer Garner.
    I think Affleck is shit and Garner is like no other.
    The one women in the world


  12. I have always believed that Ben was heartbroken over losing JLO, but since he didnt want to marry her RIGHT AWAY, she let her pride get in the way and dumped him for Marc, the ugliest thing on Earth- to make herself feel better. She was quoted as saying “I am not a woman waiting around for anyone”. I think that if JLO OR Ben confessed their love to one another they would be together again. I do think that she was a little controlling over him, though. I think that is why he is with Jen Garner, the exact opposite because he knows she wouldnt hurt him and she’s not controlling. And sources say she is totally in love with him. I mean she’s some dorky actress and he’s the hottest thing on Earth. THAT is why him and JLO got so much press, their both hot! Who thinks Garner’s hot? with her fakeass goofy smile. I mean if he really did love her, wouldnt he have gotten married to her before she got knocked up??? She totally trapped him! I want Ben for ME! Ya, Im one craazzy biatch!

  13. I luv jen!!!! she can do so much better then affleck:( .. but thats her choice.. But why get pregnant i dont get it!!!! micheal vartan is so hot ~!!!!

  14. Shut the fuck up Raquel and your bitch JJJJaime.
    Some day i will crush both of u in my fist.
    I will find u in later life.
    Ben shouldn’t be going out with Jen as i don’t agree with it.

    p.s. Patrick well said, that it quite good coming from a person whom shows no respect for any one in life.


  15. I agree with ‘mikaeli’ but i haven’t seen either Daredevil or Elektra. But i feel everyone’s hatred over ben.

  16. i love jen but i hate ben affleck i hate the movie daredevil becuz of ben the only good part of it is jennifer is in it!!!!!i love jen she rockz

  17. This is to JJJJaime i am a Professional Hitman and i have master nealry all but one Martial Arts i.e Kickboxing, Thai boxing, Muay Thai, boxing, Kung-fu, jiu jitsu, grappling, wrestlering, karate, jeet kune do, sumo wrestling,samurai, etc….
    I have no heart so don’t expect any simpapy from me. I am HELLBOY!
    I am a abnomal beast of a person my muscle to big to be true i live of the streets in Thailand where i am world Champion in 6 denomiations plus being in the SBS in the army. I will put anyone to a horrible death if they get in my way. I will xXx u.
    I am loyal to Jennifer Garner and would die for her.

    P.S. not for Ben Affleck

  18. I DO NOT LIKE ben affleck. I think he is arrogant and a slob. And I just cannot stand Jen G. and Ben together. I really liked Jen with Michael Vartan, he is more down to earth like Jen. But I also realize, before anyone jumps down my throat, that it is absolutly NONE of my bussiness! I just hope that they’re relationship does not affect Alias. And that Michael and Jen are friends.
    For those of you that do not like them together, remember it is hollywood and how long do they’re relationships last anyway?


  20. I think it is crazy that Ben has to date JLO one month and what seems the next month can’t be without someone so he grabs her. I think they look HORRIBLE together and I can’t stand even looking at Jennifers show anymore nor anything that has Ben in it. JLO is better without him and I don’t care for her either to some extent.

  21. Poor Poor JG. She will learn soon that rebound love and shotgun weddings do not a marriage make. Then the kid ends up in the bad end of the deal. These are two “love myself” people and they deserve each other. Ben is still in love with JLO and JLO is still in love with Ben. They will get back together after this fiasco.

  22. Way to go Jamie!!! I love both of them soooo much they are beautiful together and I am so happy that they are having a baby! I’m glad that there are fans like you out there who know how to talk shit to fucking nosy assholes like them. Keep on!! Oh and im with you on that jeannine gonzales! I hate that skank of JLO too!

  23. let me guess LJ, you are chris’s fuck buddy. Ill tell you something there are two jamies in this regular posting site and im the one JJJJamie. Im am 17(and im a female) and i have mastered in Karate, Kickboxing and Grappling. So if i was you i would back off the 10 year olds and start trying to find a fuck buddy your own age. SOOOOOOO if you dont have anything nice to say then i suggest you back off

  24. HAHAHAHAHA chris you are pathedic….. u are prob. gay. u should go on QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY…. not as the straight guy thou. u faggot.

  25. AVR69 you are the one to talk so shut ur mouth and you say that they dont know were here….. FUNNY yes i have met her……. I was set up crue and clean up on 13 going on 30…. And she is GREAT she is all about the fans so FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK you you lonley sad bitch


    i am 10 years old, i know enough. this site is my life and i will defend them to the death!

    mind your own business BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Affleck, GO TO HELL. You are an asshole. I hate you so much AND I WANT TO KILL YOU. Die, die, die. If you ever think of beating jennifer garner, my true love, I will beat you to death.You suck and I want you to see your own blood before you die. I love jennifer garner so much. By the way Daredevil sucked except for Jennifer Garner.

  28. mind your own business john!

    if you have nothing good to say about jen and ben, just shut your mouth. it’s so rude of you to say those nasty things about people who you really don’t know of.

    plunge your brain in a cold shower.. everything else will gonna be okay.

  29. I hope you die ben. I love jen and you stole her from me, I even wrote a poem for her. You and all your friends can go die. Here’s the poem ” Jennifer Garner I love her so, she’s my fantasy, she was in 13 going on 30. Jennifer is going out with ben affleck so i’ll stab him in the back. Jen garner 5’9, and soon she’ll be mine

  30. I do not really have a comment about BEN & JEN – But damn JAMIE you are overly defensive about people who do not even know you exist – You seem to harbor so much hostility regarding differing perspectives – Realize that people have different tastes & opinions & a variety of reasons behind each of them – Do you really intend on scolding & insulting every person in the world that may happen to disagree with you ? Which would be a lost cause considering that besides you yourself no one else holds your sentiment in such high esteem – LEARN SOME RESPECT – GROW UP – GET A LIFE – I am sure you will have a response to this post – One that could only be expected from an immature child like yourself – But unlike you this is the first & only time I will be visiting this site

  31. OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG cici you are a gongshow. “I WROTE TO HIM TWO TIMES”” well he has a life for one thing and two you might even be sending it to the wrong place>>>>>>>> WHATS WRONG WITH JENNIFER GARNER she is the most generious peorson. if u think that she is not good enough for him whuupty ding. THATS THERE LIFE NOT URS>>> GOT THAAT


  32. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ben what the heck were you thinking! jennifer garner my god you dont think she is going to stay with you 4 ever do you? how come celebritys always have to mary other celebritys? why cant they marry normal people is ther something wrong with normal people? ben affleck i wrote you 2 times and what you still dont write back you sure do love your fans! you love them so much you dont write back to them! man i still like you but i could like you even more if jennifer garner! but you love who love nothing wrong with that! :)

  33. Anyone ever see that episode of SeinField were Jerry’s Girlfriend looks good in certain light but not other?.. well i get that a lot with Garner..Sometimes she’s smokin` hot then other times she’s…. well FUG-UGly…. maybe Im jjust weird…

  34. They are perfect for each other beause they are both gross people, inside and out. I hope that Assfleck dumps Jennifer since she really deserves it! She deserves humiliation and heartbreak after how she treated her husband.

  35. hey ben i think u guys will be together but i was coming to try out for a roll in a movie with u. i like u but i just want to say your not jerk for picking and likeing a different girl, please e-mail me i want to wish u happiness in what ever your decission will be.


  36. NOOOOOOOOOOO ben is sexy and they look damm hott together and i dont know what u guys are thinking and i bet yall would jump on benny in a heart beat. ( i sure as hell would) AND I DON’T THINK THAT GILGI WAS A BOMB IT WAS A GOOD MOVIE

  37. My God. What is SHE thinking???? Affleck is nothing but a looser with (ok, I admit it) some looks.

    Prove is that he dated for so long (and almost married) that stinking bitch J.Lo…Yeeek!

    Jenny (Garner), girl: I think you can do LOTS better than Ben Affleck.

  38. haha I think its so funny that Ben’s going out with Jennifer Garner. Wonder if he broke up with her too and go out with some other celebrity with the name Jen XD. Anyway hope their relationship goes better than the one with J.Lo

  39. Ben is really hot! ;) and so is Jennifer Garner, Jennifer seems like a nice girl (aside from being a good actress)she is much better than J-Lo, and I am glad that they are together, I just hope that both of them make it work, unlike most of the unstable hollywood couples in example (J-lo and her first husband, J-lo and her 2nd husband, J-lo and her 3rd husband……

  40. Daredevil wasn’t bad, I don’t know why you people thought it was bad. The comic daredevil was more badass but it’s still a pretty good movie. As for you Affleck haters, you guy’s are total morons. Who cares who he’s dating, it’s up to him, not you dumbasses who stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. But hey, talk all you want, it’s the internet. Just makes you more of an idiot.

  41. lol you guys are retarded. I am a JEN and BEN fan and i dont understand you butting into there business. That SHANNON ho up there: just because ben isnt with you dont slam jennifer garner. There together because they love eachother and this is y celeb couples break up beacause overly obsessed fans make all this bullshit that they dont belong together and they are fighting and THEY ARN’ like come on leave them along and JEN AND BEN LOOK GOOD AND HAPPY TOGETHER SO LEAVE THEM ALONG AND MIND WHO THE HELL YOU ARE HOOKED UP WITH, IF YOU ARE EVEN HAVING THAT JOY OF BEING LOVED BECAUSE THEY DO AND GIRLS AND GUYS BEN IS TAKEN SO WHATEVER

  42. I didn’t mind Ben before but hate him now! Why? simple. I like Jen and I am protective of her. He doesn’t deserve her. I do look at her different too since.
    Hate Ben!

  43. By: Noreen Spence
    Hey, Wow. People are saying alot of stuff about you and Ben Afflick. people should just stay out of your bussiness and worrie about there own. Don’t you think? It would get me upset to have people talking behind your back and even taking pictures. It would bug me so much. I just want to say thank you Jennifer Garner for inspiring me to be a better person and I lost wait just trying to do the stunts you did in your movies. I read your bio, and I want to be just like you one day. I highly dought that this letter will get to you. But I gave it a shot hey? Well I will tell you somemore opinions in the future to come, but peyce out for now!
    The End!

  44. i think he has great looks,better that finally now u have somebody u deserve to have,i hated jlo,such a bitch!go ben!dont mess up this glad that u are dating jen garner.

  45. I think it is great that Ben and Jen are together especially because I like both of them. I hope they end up married and have a happy life together!

  46. I do not know what the hell make you people have the right say bad things about Ben Affleck because he is a good person and I am glad he is dating Jennifer Garner because I hated J.lo. So buzz off, mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hmmm..I have been an admirer of Ben’s movies until lately. They seem to be either belly busters or extremely hokey. What happened to the great movies like Armegeddon or Good Will Hunting?? Anyhow, this Jennifer G. thing, I have never been a fan of her.She’s not my favorite, but, alas, it is his decision. I am just a fan putting in my two cents where they don’t belong.

  48. You haters all sound like pathetic jealous losers, and as most of you dont know them personally you should’nt judge them

    Im happy for both of them, and hope they have a happy and long life together

  49. I think ben and jennifer garner are a horrible couple. i like jen but definately not ben. when jen was going out with vartan, i thought that was a great couple. but do whatever u want, it’s your life!

  50. Ben and J-Lo horible couple

    Ben and Jennifer Garner best couple

    If you don’t like them as a couple your just jealous of them. that you can’t have either one of them

  51. Ben Affleck better thank God everyday that he’s with Jennifer Garner.
    Wonder why he got her pregnant so quick>???
    I wish both of them the best of luck, but relationships are challenging in the Hollywood Machine…
    Personally, I don’t think Ben can hold a candle to Jen…and that Jen is caught up in the swoon of a new relationship.
    Jen-if you can hear me, always be true to yourself, think with your head, but listen to your heart…

  52. i thought exactly the same thing that ben and sp looked alike. I think that him and garner make a great couple, adn what do we have to do to judge we don’t know them. i heard that ben might be proposing on christmas from the magazine life and style weekly. that would be so cool

  53. I personally think that Ben and Scott Peterson look like twins. And I find Scott Peterson very UNATTRACTIVE. I also think that Ben and JLO still love one another but it’s too late due to her reactive behavior by marrying Marc anthony.
    Marc is talented but she certainly doesn’t love him any more than Ben loves Jennifer Garner. I know because I can see the future.

  54. i dont hate him. i like his looks. but i dont really like his vices.. who the hell does!?! that is why im really not sure if he is good enough for jen garner.. i dont have any right to judge him. i dont know him one bit. but maybe.. he has changed..

  55. The reason Ben and J-Lo made such a big story had everything to do with the fact that the woman had just married her second husband months before!

    I thought Daredevil was pretty bad…I didn’t even finish watching it! But I’m still a fan of Ben’s, and I hope he has finally found happiness. I think him and Garner make a great couple, and mind you, it hurts me to have him off the market again!

  56. I hate ben affleck he is such a jerk i cant stand to see pics of ben and jen together its just disguisting it makes me shiver. And that they are perfect for each other and getting married please that will make me vomit

  57. In his GQ interview Ben said people were interested in his relationship with Jennifer because it was a white man dating a “non-white” female! How arrogant can you be, they were interested in you because everyone was wondering why JLo would come close to YOU!

  58. Daredevil was one of the worst films I have ever seen. I have ended friendships over this movie(not really but it should happen). Ben Affleck can have whomever he wants and it won’t change my mind about him. He is either really bad or funny. Sometimes not on purpose.

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