Now I Hate Ben Affleck. He’s Dating Jennifer Garner

garner_white.jpgYou know what Ben… I thought you were an ok guy. I really did. When everyone else would slam you I’d say “Hey, don’t be hatin my man Ben”. When people would say you were the weak link between you and Matt Damon I’d tell them “Don’t be under estimating the Fleck Man”. When people said DareDevil sucked I boldly said “Nuh uh… DareDevil Rocks my friends”. Yes Ben, I have been there for you. But now it’s all over the place that you’re dating Jennifer Garneryoudirtybastard!!!

What?!?! Dating J-Lo, and Gweneth Paltrow wasn’t enough for you? Oh no… you had to go out and get Garner too. I hate you. I hate you with an unrelenting passion you big jerk! For you see… while Garner was single, it gave the rest of us shmoes a chance… albeit an extremely small one. So screw you Affleck, and your little Christmas movie too. i spit at your shadow and pee on anything even resembling your image (they’re not going to like me at the Blockbusters). How i rue the day that IMDB reported this:

Ben Affleck’s low-key romance with Jennifer Garner has become a real challenge for paparazzi – because they’ve yet to snap the stars together. According to reports, the Daredevil co-stars started dating in late July after Affleck appeared on the Vancouver, Canada, set of their movie’s spin-off Elektra to film a cameo. And while a number of publications, such as People and Us Weekly, have declared sightings of Affleck and Garner together at each other’s homes and around Los Angeles, the telling picture – which would be worth a fortune – has yet to be captured.

Well, on the bright side at least it looks like DareDevil is going to be making an appearance in Elektra. Exactly how is it fair that one man gets to date J-Lo, Paltrow AND Garner?