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police.jpgThis is the first film Chan’s made back in his native Hong Kong in a while and it looks to be his best film in a good long time … site includes the first teaser, a full trailer, and an English language version of the entire site so you can actually have some clue what’s going on, though that stalled out when I tried to load it. So maybe Jackie’s just taunting us whities. Check it out here.

19 thoughts on “Website For Jackie Chan’s New Police Story Online

  1. i am not sure if youre gonna get this. but i just want to say congrats on the new movie i love youre work.i am a great fan of you like many more. thank you for taking time to read this. if you do get it.

  2. Just wanted to add, it isn’t so much Jackie is trying to broaden his range, I think he just wants to tell a believable story.

  3. I haven’t seen this movie yet, looks good though.
    Hey Paul, why should Jackie not broaden his range? Don’t forget that he went to school for theater too, not just Martial Arts.

  4. I have seen this movie in Shanghai. The script is very good for an action movie, Jackie Chan is a good actor for drama and the action is really exciting. I have been Jackie’s fan during many years, but I confess these last years I was a little dissapointed with his American movies. But Jackie comes back to Hong Kong cinema and he makes one of his best movies. This man is absolutely incredible, fifty years old and the things he can do almost nobody can do, never mind the age. Go to see New Police Story and you will enjoy with the good story and the top action, including some very dangerous moments for this great stuntman and artist.

  5. Stunned by quite how wretched this film is. We all know Jackie Chan is good a fighting choreography, stunts and a bit of slapstick thrown in. This had about 10 minutes of Jackie doing his stuff and 2 hours of dire “acting”. We had 20 minutes of Chan just staring mournfully into his whisky glass, acting drunk (exaggeratedly – he should take a lesson from Chaplin) and doing nothing. We had cartoon villains – totally unmenacing little boys. We had two simpering, appalling female leads. We had truly inance dialogues. Jackie to his men as they get murdered by the baddies (“Don’t panic”). Jackie to his love interest sitting with a huge bomb on her lap (“Everything will be alright”). We had a truly ridiculous, absurd plot. The script was surely written in 10 minutes on the back of cigarette packet. So, big budget, big mess! Jackie, get back to kung-fu fighting and stop anyone urging you to ‘broaden your range’. Acting does not consist of making gooey eyes at passive females and bursting into tears. You can’t ham up the drama as in New Police Story and then fall back on the old slapstick comedy.

  6. Went to see jacky’s NPS just now. I think it is his best movie in recent years, worth 4 out of 5 stars. This movie combined actions and human emotion. This is his first movie which soaked my eye when he and his police fellow in trouble at one scene…

  7. this is going to be bigger then any jackie movie to date.hes hong kong movies are so much better then hes usa ones.

  8. I am really looking forward to another HK Jackie Chan movie! He gets to utilize himself so much more, and his US roles are often sillier than I like to see. His HK ones are silly, but not to the extent that it gets old. I think a lot of pressure must be put on him because until recently, there have only been a few good martial artist in hollywood that were recognized for their talent. Or maybe I’m just rambling. I’m not sure. I had too much coffee today.

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