Details On Tsui Hark’s The Seven Swords

sevenswords.jpgThere was a time when Tsui Hark’s name was enough to get me to drop good coin on a new film. Between his role as producer of most of John Woo’s best work and his stint directing the classic Once Upon a Time in China films Hark was, justifiably, a legend in Asian film. But that time has passed and Hark has been behind the wheel for a string of staggeringly bad films – there’s a good reason why I’ve never once brought up Zu Warriors when ranting about Miramax burying Asian films – thus shaking my confidence in the man so badly that I had been completely ignoring all the news about his upcoming Seven Swords project until just now.

Based on a classic wuxia novel Seven Swords will be a seven film project – there’s also apparently a television show in the offing – revolving around seven brothers staging a political rebellion. So why has this got my attention? Two reasons. First, it’s a period martial arts piece which is where Hark has done his best work as a director. Second, the outside talent. How can you not like a film project starring Donnie Yen with martial arts choreography by Lau Kar-Leung? Kar-Leung was one of the key figures in the Shaw Brothers production house, directing The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter and The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, among others. Yen and Leung together is old school meeting new school in the best possible way. And between this, Twins Effect 2 and the new flick he’s doing with Sammo Hung, Yen’s finally getting back in front of the camera on a regular basis which is certainly good reason to be happy.

Thanks to Monkey Peaches for the info …

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8 thoughts on “Details On Tsui Hark’s The Seven Swords

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  2. Oh, yeah, I really liked Time and Tide. I love pretty much anything with Anthony Wong Chau-Sang. He’s just sort of a creepy guy… I like that.

  3. I haven;t seen Time and Tide, actually, though I have heard it provides a reprieve from Hark’s recent string of Very Bad Films …

  4. Yeah, Zu Warriors was one of those “why did they have to remake this” type of movies. The special effects in the original were hokey, but they were amazing for the budget and the time they were made. And Zu Warriors certainly improved on the special effects…but everything else was just completely ruined.

    But I remain a Tsui Hark fan, and will check this one out as soon as I’m able to.

  5. This is awesome! I’ve been so disappointed with Tsui Hark lately. I mean, “Black Mask 2” from whoever thought that was a good idea, is quite possibly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I even watched it all the way through hoping it would get better, but to no avail. But, I will of course allow him a few mistakes. Everyone has that one awful stinker of a movie. I’m glad to see him back on his feet.

  6. That news of the Yen and the Kar-Leung teaming up is a dream come true. There is going to be some wicked Fu happening on the screen.
    Kar-Leung looks good for his age too. That dude’s acient. Been doing the Fu since the 50s. I don’t even want to begin to think of the many ways that he can hurt me.
    Go on my son!

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