See? Told ya…

Okay, I realize the weekend isn’t over yet, but I just wanna point something out:

In THIS POST I said this:

“Anchorman will be doing quite better than your King Arthur, trust me. Our stat hits for Anchorman reviews over King Arthur reviews are nearly 2 to 1.”

With that in mind, over at, they’ve posted yesterday’s box office take:

Wow. Two to one. What a shock.
Being right is exhausting – I’m gonna go drink.

8 thoughts on “See? Told ya…

  1. Hey jason…

    that comment? right above this one? yeah, it’s the movieblog’s 4000th comment. Good job

    can you tell how bored I am ?


  2. wow…alote of type is being used to prove the point that King Arthur will go down as a big disappointment of this summer…but I AM POSITIVE that someone will bring out the point that it made all it’s money Over Sea’s in a theater off the coast of Piraquie….unless they get sued…then they can say it made nothing and Jerry Bruckhiemer’s Benz was repoed to pay off the debt

  3. Holy crap.. people read into EVERYTHING.. I hadn’t even noticed I had cropped that off (‘specially since the number is irrelevant) what I liked most was the snappy attitude he was giving me as if I had stuck my tongue in his sister’s ear.

    You see Ursus, since Friday was the first day ever on Planet Earth these two movies were open in theatres at the same time, I was comparing that day. Because there was no other days to use.
    But I’m sure you’re thinking about that and not griping about things that are pointless to gripe about.

    And for your math…. I will compare King Arthur after 3 days and Anchorman after three days… Happy?

  4. Arthur opened on a Wednesday. He gave an equal comparison that showed an equal number of days. The idea with mid-week openings – and this worked with Shrek and Spider-Man – is that the smaller crowds on the Wednesday and Thursday build positive word of mouth and result in even larger weekend crowds than what you otherwise would’ve had. With Arthur receiving mostly negative response it’s worked out the other way around …

  5. yeah, i like how you cropped that last number out of the bottom of the picture, though…i believe it says something like $13 million, which would mean it’s made more money than anchorman, right? i don’t know, i’m not too good at math. could you tell me if i’m right?

  6. of course you are completely ingnoring my prediction that Alexa Vega of Spy Kids I, II AND 3! (IN 3-D!!!) would usurp the movie wretchedness of the Olsen Twins New York Minute with her first post career film.

    BOW TO ME!!!! GIVE ME MY DUE!!!! It’s because I’m american isn’t it?! Look, I can’t help every stupid thing our government does. I mean I’m just one guy okay….OKAY!!!!!!

    Don’t make me come over there and pull on those Rapunzel dreadlocks Lapsley.


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