13 Going On 30 with Jennifer Garner trailer now online

13goingon30.jpgWhen you see the trailer for 13 Going on 30 you can’t help but think only about hottie-and-a-half Jennifer Garner. Here’s my dilemna…

Is this a movie for teens to laugh at an adult who’s really a kid on the inside, is hot as hell, adored by the masses, and hitting on the 13-year-old boy that everyone wants to be? OR

Is this movie for adults who wish they could somehow go back and be the innocent 13-year-old in their adult bodies and hope for the best?

I will without a doubt go see this movie, if for nothing else than to see Jennifer Garner in what seems like a very funny role. Not to mention that it’s obviously a chick flick to the Nth degree. And how I adore chick flicks!!

Not much has been written about this movie just yet, but I’m sure as we get closer to release date (April 23) we’ll hear some more.

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