Michael Clarke Duncan in Fantastic Four as The Thing?

KingPin.jpgApparently Michael Clarke Duncan has been talking with the brain trust behind the upcoming Marvel comic movie The Fantastic Four. If this all works out it would be the second Marvel character Duncan has played. The first being KingPin in the much underrated DareDevil.

I’m a big fan of Duncan’s work. He was actually nominated for an Academy Award for his amazing work in The Green Mile, a film where he upstaged Tom Hanks (not an easy thing to do). Even in the poor films he’s appeared in, Duncan is always worth watching. Planet of the Apes, Armageddon, The Scorpion King, The Whole Nine Yards are some of his better efforts (in my opinion). I think he would be a fantastic Ben Grimm. I hope this is one of those rumors that actually works out.

5 thoughts on “Michael Clarke Duncan in Fantastic Four as The Thing?

  1. I don’t really care if he’s white or black or hispanic… as long as it doesn’t interfere with the esence of who the caracter is. That’s why KingPin worked… even though he’s black, he pulled off the “esence” of who Kingpin is extremely well. I think he can do the same for Thing.

  2. Um…Nothing against the very talented Mr.Duncan, but…Ben Grimm is a WHITE character with BLUE eyes. In fact, he has for decades been referred to as “the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing.”
    I had no real problem with the Kingpin’s race being changed for the DAREDEVIL film, but this is a terrible, terrible idea. No doubt this will not affect most folks’ enjoyment of the film, since the average joe has never read the comic, but it will really diminish the enjoyment of longtime fans such as myself.

  3. Crap. Update.

    I went to the site where the Whole Ten Yards trailer was and they have updated the release date (originally said fall 2003) and now its supposed to come out April 9, 2004.

    I will see the movie. But I doubt I will like it. Maybe it will go directly to video.

  4. Whole Nine Yards is hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. Ok, I know you will all have a list of comedies that you all feel are funnier, or that you think I am off my rocker for thinking this movie was that funny. But it is.

    Feel free to mock me and question my taste in movies, but as far as comedy goes, I dont think there is much that would tickle my funnybone more than this movie. And MCD was awesome in it. Everyone was.

    There were rumours of a sequel called “the whole 10 yards” and I even saw a trailer for it. But it hasn’t come out. I am sort of glad it didnt.

  5. The only reason John thinks Daredevil was underrated is that he spent the entire time ogling Jennifer Garner and no time actually watching the film.

    That said, I think this would be one sweet piece of casting …

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