Why I Hate Ringu

ring.jpg**Welcome to my spat of the moment**
Okay, before I start, I’d like to clarify that I actually LIKED Ringu, much more so than the American version, but I won’t go into that. — However, I hate calling it Ringu which cleanly brings me to a segway into why I hate it. Still with me? I don’t care…

Ever Seen “Ringu”? you probably haven’t. Ever seen the cover for it? Besides right over there? Yeah well, on the cover it just says “Ring” not ‘Rings’ or ‘Ringu’ or ‘The Ringu’… Just RING. That’s it. Ring. Period. In fact, there isn’t even a period. One Word. Four Letters. In a legible, subsequent order. Still with me? Screw you. Anyway…

North Americans all watched the new “The Ring” on video and DVD and saw the adverisment at the end of the film advertising “Ringu”.. because that’s what the original is called here. It’s some weird translation thing that I don’t quite understand. My friend and I would talk about “The Ring” (the original) fairly often before the American got put to print, and now everyone, being the experts they are, when I say “…in the original Ring”, they say: “Oh, you mean Ringu?” … DAH!!ASDDksdhflsdkhg;oaishsjklcvhbs’;dlkghW[;’ I BLOODY HATE IT!! Yeah I’m so sorry.. I meant ‘RingU‘…. excuse me while I’m obviously so far behind on my movie titles. The title is flippin “RING”. The American one is called “The American One”. I have spoken. Be still.

2nd Reason: Much Like Sixth Sense did for any movie that had tension ANYWHERE in the plot, “Ring” (again, the original) is compared to EVERY — SINGLE — SPOOKY — MOVIE — with Asians in it. Suddenly Everything(from areas that go from Thai to Chinese to Korean flicks) like the Eye, Tetsuo, the Phone, The Grudge, Dark Water (okay, same director with Dark Water, so that’s okay), All Night Long, EVERYTHING before or after “Ring” are all subjected to attempts at hot-shot reviews like:

“Well, compared to Ringu – which, for those of you that aren’t nearly as cool as me, is the title of the japanese version….”

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.. Shut UP!!!! How bout numbering your foriegn movie library past your current count of ONE??? How’d that be for a mind-scramble? Or a Mind-scrambleU, if you will. Does that help? Shut up…

Wow.. I feel a lot better now. I won’t go to the shrink this week.

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