Alien Vs. Predator Teaser Trailer? .. Imagine that…

avp.jpgWell, it may be piggybacking on the whole “Freddy vs. Jason” thing — wait a minute, of course it is……

– But for whatever reason, after years of “hey, I heard they were making an Alien Vs. Predator movie…”, it’s actually making its way into your life. Oh Joy.

Ain’t it Cool reports that there is, in fact, a Teaser Trailer for this cinematic slice of Gold showing in front of the Director’s Cut of Alien, being re-released into theatres this week. Granted, my curiousity could easily get the better of me on this one – especially since I’d probably go see Alien anyway. — Mind you the very same (and very long) article also reports that the teaser completely SUCKS and “will get more laughs than Freddy vs. Jason’s trailer”. (which I kinda liked in a “wow, that’ll be ridiculous” kinda way)

Predator should win hands down I say.

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