Early Kill Bill reviews really positive

Over in Britain, advance reviews of Kill Bill have been hugely positive, and bode well for Tarantino fans hungry for the style and spirit of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

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100 thoughts on “Early Kill Bill reviews really positive

  1. I saw the 10:10 PM showing in Annapolis, MD after NAVY lost to Notre Dame by a field goal in the last :05 of the game. This movie made me forget about the game, and reminded me of all the classic ‘payback’ genre films made by both the Japanese and American directors. The merging of colors, music, camera angles and narrative maintained rapt attention within the audience; with one dissapointment.

    Some idiot and his girlfriend [ who were apparantly stoned ] were cackling throughout the film, and providing constant distraction. Whoever you are…I hope you remember that people paid $8.50 to see this movie…so next time shut up!

    Near the end of the movie I’m sure someone mumbled a thinly veiled comment to that effect, because they got quiet just before the credits rolled. I think that people must be taught about movie house manners…

    I must not give away the movie. You must see it (Like THE MATRIX)

  2. I can’t believe how excited i got from the amazing glow of energy that this movie gave off. The minute the movie started i was transported into a different world. QT is back and there is nothing any critic can do to stop him from making some of the best movies of all time. Kill Bill was the best movie i have seen in many years. The pace, the acting, the action and the style was so perfect that only QT could have done it.
    But what was the point of splitting it into two volumes because i could have sat through Vol. 2 and a few more volumes. This movie was amazing and is a must see!


  4. Salutations all, you all seem to be having quite the little converse over all this aren’t you? I believe TY had the most humerous comment about Mr. John about halfway up the page, my my my you all do l ike to type alot don’t you? I am currently waiting for this movie to reach us here in theatre, Keeping an open mind that Quintin’s moves are all style of his own, i find them humerous as well as amuseing and i believe a good movie is not always the most, professional stiff face borring everything is legit and superficial (ie.as well as anyone ever correcting anyone spelling, typing is freedom of expression, misspelled words aren’t always the mark of stupidity, so loosen up!) Back on track i hope this movie has it;’s share of “what the [email protected]!?!?!” moments cause aslong as there humerous not confusing to the point of losing the entire story, but regardless. HE made a movie I didn’t cudos for that, hope you make lots of money, i’ll be workin my ass off for probally next to nothing compared to what they earn, so anyone who thinks they can knock that…HA your just jealous! lol

  5. Okay, seriously fo ra second, that was the best film rebuke I’ve ever read. — regardless of whether or not I agree (I still haven’t seen it) — but that was solid. Okay.. I’m off to play more violent video games or something.

  6. Kill Bill is without doubt the most disappointing film I have seen since the Matrix Reloaded.

    What Tarantino and his fans clearly believe to be clever references to classic seventies cult cinematography, in my eyes came out as gimmicky and contrived often to the point of embarrassment, from the yellow jump-suits to the funky riff that heralded Thurman’s revenge killings.

    Tarantino has recycled all the cosmetic parts of 70s cult film – two-dimensional characters, cheesy music, hyper-unrealism – but he cannot possibly replicate the real appeal of these films; which is that they capture the essence of their time. Instead, he gives us nothing but skewed and fabricated nostalgia for an era which most of his fans never experienced.

    Nor can the gimmmicky retro effects mask the fact that he, unlike the directors he imitates, basically has nothing to say with the film. Where the classic directors were working in times of massive social change and using their art to make statements about youth culture, Tarantino gives us the style with no substance.

    For me, one of the most irksome points of the film was the worst swordsmanship by a lead character since Arnie played Conan. Was that yet another intentional reference to old western-style kung-fu flicks, or just a flaw? I really don’t know. As a practitioner of a few martial arts and a resident of Japan, I felt that his use of the country was limited to a backdrop, and really did nothing but confirm western stereotypes of the Japanese: they’re all either mystical warrior sages or bumbling Yakuza thugs. Having said that, watching the demise of Gogo, whose attitude amongst schoolkids here is all too familiar, did bring a smile to my face.

    I certainly ‘get it,’ and know what Tarantino is trying to do, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s all style and no substance. I will wait for the second instalment to come out on video, but I won’t be losing much sleep while I wait.

  7. I can’t believe how excited i got from the amazing glow of energy that this movie gave off. The minute the movie started i was transported into a different world. QT is back and there is nothing any critic can do to stop him from making some of the best movies of all time. Kill Bill was the best movie i have seen in many years. The pace, the acting, the action and the style was so perfect that only QT could have done it.
    But what was the point of splitting it into two volumes because i could have sat through Vol. 2 and a few more volumes. This movie was amazing and is a must see!

  8. I wish people would stop saying that the scene where the Bride takes on the Crazy 88s was taken from the Matrix Reloaded! The Matrix films, while good, are not the beginning and the end people! Besides, that situation has been done before. I prefer to think that QT got that idea from Spiritual Kung-Fu, a Jackie Chan kung-fu film from the seventies. He has to fight multiple opponents (yes, in a ring surrounding him) to gain the right to exit shaolin temple. I’m sure there are other situations in other movies I haven’t seen, cause QT is a HUGE movie-buff, and has probably seen more movies than I could in two lifetimes. Please stop with the Matrix comparisons; they’re two different beasts in the action genre… Matrix movies are serious, while KB is, as Angela so rightly points out is more of an over-the-top, humorous homage to grindhouse action flicks. Think of it as comic book style… nobody makes fun of the Batman villains do they?

  9. Reading a lot of these negative reviews, I have the feeling that some of you just don’t quite get it – this movie is MEANT to be over the top, and some aspects of the film are MEANT to be unbelievable. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I found the movie to be quite humorous throughout, (especially in the scene where O-ren and the Bride are fighting in the snow – the audience, from what I can tell, is meant to get a small chuckle when the Bride walks out into the snowy landscape – if your going to criticise the snow, why don’t you criticise the fact that there’s this wonderous garden in the middle of tokyo behind a club while you’re at it?)
    I can’t say that I’m an expert in film, and especially not in martial arts films (definitely not my forte), but I do have some very minimal knowledge of film, and it’s enough to tell me that Kill Bill is meant to be both a tribute to and a parody of the genre/s. Half of the film is for spoof value, ok? But it STILL is a good film, and one of the very few that is a ‘Revenge Tragedy’ (yes, lots of films are about revenge, but very few are ‘revenge tragedies’ – others include Zinnermanns “High Noon”, and “O”, the adaption of Shakespeare’s Othello), which is also something that makes it more interesting.
    The only other comment I have to make is that some people can’t seem to tell the difference between a ‘rip off’ and an ‘allusion to something’. if its something subtle that you recognise from somewhere, its an allusion (such as the cigarette billboard in Tokyo), if the whole thing is identical to something, its a rip off.
    I thought Kill Bill was a great movie, and I can’t wait for Part 2 to some out!!

  10. I see a lot of negative comments about the movie. To those people I say this: trying directing your own movie and show us YOUR cinematic vision.

  11. Okay for Joe.. a couple of thoughts..

    As far as copying Reloaded with that Black Mamba scene, that probably didn’t happen – since reloaded was only released in May, the odds that a chunk of QT’s movie was story-boarded, written, casted, shot, edited and post-produced, and edited into the rest of the movie that would’ve already been completed, all in a matter of months is highly unlikely, if not impossible.

    Mind you, there’ve have been many scenes in many movies where the protagonist fights multiple people at once, and maybe he got the idea from one of those – who knows, I ain’t him…

    Second, you said “if he wanted it rated-R, then take out half the blood..etc” — my question is: Is Kill Bill rated something other than ‘R’ somewhere? – What’s it rated where you are?

  12. Joe??? Is that how you really feel about that movie???. Apparently some here think its a work of art worthy of and Oscar. They apparently see something the rest of the world failed to see. I guess spewing blood has some measure of artistic relevance to a movie. Not to mention the flying severed limbs and heads. But i have been asked not to post any more and i will not.

  13. I thought Kill Bill was terrible! They went way overboard with all the blood. Blood doesn’t spray out of people like that. Quintin Tarentino(however you spell his name) is not talented at all. The movie was so cheesy, and they copied off the Matrix Reloaded when “Black Mamba” fought about 50 people. And their code names were too dramatic; the deadly viper assassination squad, is that supposed to be impressive or something? That stupid ass school girl assassin was so dumb. How could she kick the mace through the table and have it bounce off the walls? All the characters sucked too. so did the plot. The whole movie was retarded. I don’t know why everyone says that the way it was filmed was really good, because it was shity. And the part with the cartoon was stupid also. If QT wanted the movie to be rated R then why didn’t he just take out about half of the blood? It’s because Tarentino it a piece of shit director. The only thing that was all right in the movie was the music, but that’s it.

  14. Are we also forgetting that there is a second opart of this movie???

    Here’s something to note…

    1) It isn’t a movie with a sequel, its ONE movie, they just decided to split in two.
    2) You can’t really judge the actual ‘plot’ or ‘characters’ until the story concludes. We can however judge the action in the first part.

  15. hey everybody it’s time to sing-along:
    “…Heaven isn’t too far away…. Closer to it every-day.. ”
    C’mon folks, let’s hug!


  16. I think a lot of posts here are trying to make Kill Bill somthing it’s not. Let’s face it folks, KB is an ACTION film. It isn’t Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Citizen Kane or Casablanca. It isn’t supposed to have a pulitzer plot, well rounded fleshed-out characters, or a surprise ending. Its supposed to have a plot thats just there to explain why people are getting killed. Its supposed to have over the top violence and yes, gore. Its supposed to have killer fight sequences that last in the mind’s eye when you recall the film.

    This is QT’s version of an action film, told in his unique style, with countless references to movies and genres that have inspired him. As a huge fan of action films myself, I recognized many of the homages he presented and I think they’re very fitting and not disrespectful at all. Action films are supposed to be films where you can turn your mind off and just enjoy it for what it is. The Matrix has a much wider audience, because its an action flick that actually makes people think, and that is outstanding. But you can’t knock KB for being ‘just’ an action flick. It is what is it is, and it does what it does very, very well.

    As a fan of many action genres (samurai, kung-fu, westerns etc.) I thought the fight choreography, and camera work was terrific. Feel free to disagree, but I’ve seen a lot of action flicks, and everything was clear and easy to follow, but thats just me.

    Love it or hate it, as an action film, its near the top of the heap for me. When Vol.2 comes out, I’ll be ready with ticket in hand. I coudn’t care less if the film doesn’t make $100 million. I think an above poster said it best when he said most of the great movies weren’t for the mainstream. I couldn’t agree more. The day movies are made to appease the lowest common denominator, is the day I stop watching movies forever.

  17. Those three billy goats were not innocent. They knocked the poor hungry troll into the river to his death. Thats murder. The troll sure as hell wasnt a herbivore. He hadnt eaten his breakfast yet and those little sneaky’
    goats lied through their teeth to the poor old troll.

  18. For the benefit of those who claim to know everything about everything and yet still manage to miss out on blog/forum postings a “troll” is the random poster just waiting for something to disagree about so they can mindlessly repeat the same insults over and over when their opinion just turns into redundant sport. Much like the trolls you mention from popular fairy tale lore, they wait unseen for the chance to attack the innocent just for the sake of hearing themselves roar.

    Furthermore, Trolls are notorious for “flaming” which is the overinflated attacks and giant posts that just reguritate the same insults and smartass cracks that we already failed to care about.

    The more you point out reality, the more the trolls attack with their fantasy.

    Feel free to prove me right with another small essay on how your opinion is all that matters

  19. What is a troll??? I hope you are not calling me that hideous monster that was
    hiding under the bridge in “Three billy Goats gruff”

  20. Is it just me or is this guy repeating himself?

    Ok. We get it. You don’t like this film. Get over it. Some people like movies other people have meaningless lives and feel they have to make it there mission to cry about every film they dont like until people start to dismiss you as background noise.

    I have my list of films I don’t like but I would never be so shallow as to tell someone that the very basis of their future’s quality would depend on NOT seeing a film. Even after DLap chopped up and spit out Battlefield Earth, he never once told me NOT to see it. (and I did anyways – just to see if DLap was right) Please, do not berate or insult or even dare to repeat the same dribble on these forums just to beat your point to death.

    My post was just to see if you did qualify as a troll and it would appear you do. Say your bit, move on. We respect your opinion, but that is all that it is – an opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, and now we have heard yours. 15 times.

  21. Trust me if you dont watch this movie you will have a bright and inspiring future ahead of you. The only other time i went to a movie theatre and left
    feeling that my mind was being both raped and assaulted by abject stupidity projected from the screen was when i saw SCREAM….( I was a horror movie buff when i was a kid and watched a zillion horror movies from
    Hitchcock to peanuts in crap memorables like Night of the living Dead part
    8 or whatever the got up to. Scream was so friggin boring and i couldnt
    stand how people around me would scream because they saw a knife or heard
    a voice on the phone)

    Kill bill is so friggin shallow and when watching some scenes you actually feel like Quentin Tarantino is at the back of the audience snickering like some pubescent teenager who just farted in a crowded room and left before
    any one caught a wiff of what would later be a major stinkeroo or a gaseous

    Indeed you do have to be fairly retarded to seive any kind of entertainment value from this farce of a movie. People talk about how this movie is some post modern homage to this and that genre of movies. I dont see how that explains the fact that this movie still lacks any depth, has very terrible actors/actresses/ pathetic dialogue, mind numbingly poor
    story line bad camera work and all around terrible fight choreography.
    Whether or not Quentin Tarantino is paying homage (read that ripping off
    other movies due to a general lack of creativity) that does not excuse or explain its short comings. Every one who is trying to explain/excuse this farce is coming up with scenarios that so glaringly ignore those mentioned
    shortcomings in this movie. There has never been a movie in the history of the movie making that has come to be known as a classic with even half the afore mentioned oversights.
    (And for the many naive and devoted Quentin Tarantino followers, it might do you some good to ponder why Miramax decided to split this movie into two)
    I will still stand by my earlier comments..Claiming some higher understanding to be gleaned from this movie is like saying there is substance to be gained from watching some inbred deviants in a farting competition…There is some entertainment value in that, but one can not
    be suspected of having any genuine mental activity for watching such a perverse exhibition while having the gall to call it “ART”

  22. All this negativity and badmouthing this film nearly make me want to skip it for fear I will form an opinion and have some flamer start screaming like a cheerleader on prom night.

    Note that I didn’t indicate if the response was due to a good or bad opinion.

  23. Oh, and this was not an “homage” to anything, it was an “I have lost my imagination so I’m going to redo old crap even shitter and call it art.”

  24. My word,
    I saw Kill Bill yesterday with neutral hopes. Neutral because I became a die hard Tarantino fan after his first three movies but lost faith after witnessing his overwhelming love for himself in Dusk till Dawn and through interviews on the Pulp Fiction DVD.
    What made his other three movies interesting, was a combo of well written mildly intelligent but extremely entertaining dialogue, clever scripts, fun action and amazingly cool characters.
    In Kill Bill the first thing he did was throw away the clever script – people shoot chick, she lives, seeks revenge. I think Quentin got to the cutting room and thought “Fuck! I forgot the plot, oh well I’ll jump back and forth in time like I did in all my other movies, that’ll work.” It might have succeeded in at least giving us something to work out while we watched, except that everytime it swapped time zones a little title popped up and told exactly what was going on.
    The next thing he chopped out of the script was the dialogue, not just the quirky stuff, all of it. Little sentences did pop up here and there to pad out time between fights, but even these were so cheesy you’d groan if you were watching Bruce Willis.
    The actors were alright but you’ve seen them all before done better in his other movies.
    The last saving grace could have been the fight sequences which filled up the movie. Unfortunately Uma Thurman did all the fighting instead of Lucy Liu (who would have caned her in real life), and once you’ve seen a single Hong Kong action movie you can never again be awed by Hollywood fight scenes. The Matrix didn’t have awsome fighters either but they made up for it with nuts cameras. Kill Bill’s camera worked sucked, relying on quick zooms and a bit of tripod generated shakiness.
    The stand out feature of this film was the blood, there was tons of it. I have a feeling that Tarantino realised how bad this movie was going to be part way through shooting and decided he could still make people go wow if he covered everything in blood. It sort of worked.

    I heard an interview with him later that night where he said all his other movies were in their own special category and he felt it was time to make a mainstream movie for the masses, if he means that usually he makes good movies and it was time to make a shit one he was absolutely right. And fair enough, if he wants to make a shitty movie for his own pleasure why shouldn’t he. It’s not fair to share it with us though. Even more unfair is to trick us into seeing by putting the Tarantino name on it. Which by the way was the splashed around in ten foot lettering on the very first credit: “The 4th Film by Quentin Tarantino!” Tug tug fuckhead, please pull your penis somewhere else.

    Despite everything, there was an animated sequence in the movie that was quite good.

  25. One more thing. Although I’ve always thought Uma Thurman was a good actress (I loved her in Gattacca), she’s a little too washed-out and angular for my tastes, despite how many people I always hear talking about how beautiful she is.

    But Lucy Liu looks so damn good in this movie it made my heart race. Those eyes…those cheekbones…those freckles…whew!

    (Have I destroyed all shreds of my credibility yet?)


    P.S. Freckles…damn! Gotta go take a cold shower.

  26. Kill Bill is a serious parody of genre which is almost a parody of itself. It is a movie constucted entirely of homages, inside jokes, and allusions to 70’s chop-sockey movies, anime, and revenge flicks.

    People who are not familiar with the genres that this movie is paying homage to (and often making fun of) will probably hate it, and I don’t blame them.
    This movie is campy as hell. It is very cheesy. And it is ridiculously gory and violent. Although the characters are unique and memorable, the main plotline is very simple and predictable. Many things about the movie are unrealistic or overdone.
    But the whole point is that ALL of this is obviously intentional. The cinematography, the melodramtic dialogue, the action sequences are all there to evoke a sense of nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek reminiscence in fans of the movies it imitates. This movie is for people who can appreciate WHY the last fight scene takes place in a snowy Japanese garden, or WHY it is possible for Uma Thurman to reverse the paralysis in her legs by force of will alone, or WHY the need for revenge gives her superhuman strength and stamina. These things happen because they are genre staples– just like laser guns, alien invasions, and “hyperspace” are all sci-fi genre staples. And here these conventions are imitated so well that is not a rip-off (as it could very easily have been), but instead a quality homage to silly-but-quality films.

    If I had never seen a Western in my life, I wouldn’t have “gotten” Blazing Saddles either.

    This movie was not “the best movie I’ve seen all year.” It didn’t make me think philosophically about the paradoxes in man’s existence. It didn’t really make me think at all. What it did was make me do was cheer for the good-guy, hiss at the bad guys, wince from the ludicrous violence (but in a good way, if you can understand that), and eagerly anticipate the next scene. And all while it very clearly made fun of itself.

    Fun, silly, and worth my money for sure. But not for everybody. My girlfriend would have hated it.


    P.S. The 88-man fight sequence was a little too long and frantic, although it was funny when Uma Thurman spanks the last guy with her sword and goes, “That’s what you get for f-ing around with the Yakuza! Now go home.” All the other fight sequences were just right. Oh, except for the Vivica A. Fox fight scene in the very beginning, which is by far the most realistic looking, and over right when it starts to get good. Too bad!

  27. Anyone who likes Kill Bill must have an IQ lower than 100. So let me get this straight and chick wakes up from a coma and kills two people with ease. Her legs don’t work but her arms seem to work fine? She holds down a man twice her body weight while swinging a door into his head while the guy, unhurt at the start just lays there and takes it from a helpless 100 lb girl, stupid. Everyone in this movie carries a sword even on an airplane and on there motor bikes, stupid. The amount of blood lost when a limb is severed is over done and it looks stupid. SO she battles like 60 people which all of them have swords and only gets a little cut on the stomach. By the way with these swords there is no little cut in reality her guts would be on the floor. Gogo kicks the crap out of her and then she just shrugs it off, dumb! By the way how or way does Uma have super human strength and speed while no one elso does. The makers of the movie don’t even give you a reason why she is all-powerful, I guess she just is then. Ren cuts her down the spine where is should have crippled her and yet again, she shrugs it off. Rens death is stupid, the sword goes AROUND her brain and cleanly cuts the skull perfectly straight. I would watch Eyes Wide Shut before this movie(the second worst movie of all time). The directing and the fight cor were alright but the dam soundtrack needs a rehaul. It’s too annoying. I’d rather die than see this movie again.

  28. Some people here seem to be watching this movie for all the wrong reasons. Muj started to hit the nail on the head when he said, “The film was definitely intended to be over the top… I mean “The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad”? No one can put that in a film and take it seriously.” Bingo.
    Just thought I’d highlight that again. And apparently RedPimp didn’t pick up on his sarcasm, judging by his following post. Things like people living for long periods of time without limbs or snow falling for the dramatic battle to heighten the cheesy drama made being funny and over the top the whole point.
    Oh, and all these mentions of Star Wars and Matrix … just stop. We don’t need to compare everything in the universe to these movies. And we don’t need to be reminded of people’s opinions of them.
    The fight scenes were directed in such a way as to illustrate the ‘over-the-top’ feel of the movie. The camera would chase blades/bullets into people’s skulls, or follow a strike and then follow the fighters flying through the air to show some wham-bam in yo face 70’s power. This kind of cinematography can be as interesting as a stationary camera following the flow of form. I don’t think QT was trying for ‘form’ or ‘beauty’. Just a general ‘anime’ style. So … no characters busted out any ‘sugi’ or ‘drunken’ style … but that perhaps wouldn’t have fit in this movie as well as you think. If you manage to get into this mindset (which, quite frankly, most people are in when they go to see this movie anyway), the movie can be quite enjoyable.

  29. I was really excited about seeing Kill Bill. Tarentino himself is a tool (and I base this on interviews I’ve seen with him), but Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs were good movies. I figured that KB would probably be about as good, and considering that I’ve seen nothing but bad movies at the theater lately, I was ready to enjoy just about anything that didn’t suck completely.

    Unfortunately, Kill Bill sucked completely. It was easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. At least typical Hollywood trash doesn’t pretend to be anything more. It seems like all I ever see in action movies anymore is long, boring, bloody fight scenes between soulless characters whom I don’t have the slightest interest in. Matrix II was like this and so was that stupid Once Upon a Time in Mexico movie. People compare these sorts of movies to video games, but honestly, I’ve played video games with more riveting stories and deeper characters.

    I don’t have anything against people liking these movies, but liking a movie and claiming that it’s a work of genius are two different things. I will admit to liking a few movies that I know are pieces of crap. If someone thinks that Kill Bill was funny, okay, but an intelligent viewer should see that it’s the lower part of his mind enjoying the movie. This is fine, as I said; we all find pleasure in demeaning things from time to time, but lets call a piece of crap what it is, even if we like the smell.

    It is honestly painful to read all the posts here praising the movie, in the same way that it is painful to know that the new Star Wars movie made money. The old Star Wars movies were worth something; the new ones were just empty. It’s just incredible to me how many people have lost the ability to enjoy a story for it’s richness and not just its violence or neat shots (although KB’s shots weren’t even that interesting). Some previous poster made some self-righteous comment about how people need to understand post-modernism to understand movies like Kill Bill. Well, if that is the case, then I want nothing to do with post-modernism. If this movie has nothing to offer but a sort of empty intertextuality, why bother with it? I mean, if this sort of thing seems clever and interesting to you, that’s fine, but admit that the movie isn’t really anything else.

    No one on this list has really answered RedPimp. He is saying some very sensible things and all anyone does is criticize his writing (although his writing is effective and intelligent) or accuse him of being unfair and mean. Well, I suppose it’s not nice to call someone dumb for liking a movie, but nevertheless I can’t see how a full human being could ever consider Kill Bill even decent.

    But whatever, I guess we can expect more bad movies if this is the website even comes close to approximating the American movie-going public.

  30. Uhhh what Redpimp said ;)
    I was bored so I went to see it. It made my day even more boring if thats possible. I might of liked this movie when I was 10 or 11. Nobrainer plot with just killin and bleedin.

    P.S. You judge grammar in a business setting
    not in an internet movie review forum.

  31. I just find if very hypocritical of Quentin Tarantino to talk about how
    he would rather [email protected]#K his nintendo rather than use CGI because it take away
    the realism and that other great directors used real live action…Then
    the arrogant moron turns around and uses friggin cartoons in his movie
    UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH?????? Are cartoons any more real than CGI???? Do they add
    to some authentic feel of the movie he was bragging about???
    perhaps more people would be more receptive to him if he wasnt so arrogant
    and dissing other movie makers… The Matrix series has a very huge fan base
    all over the world..It serves you no good to alienate all those people
    because of his idiot remarks….Now his movie is teetering at the brink of
    disaster at the box office…Its up to 46 million in the USA after 3 weeks
    and dropping fast from the top. Lets see how many actually go back to sit
    through a second showing of gore and cheesy dialogue

  32. Maybe what QT is doing is saying that things need to be taken less seriously?

    I dunno. People definately need a grounding in the movies being referanced to appreciate it properly (And I don’t just mean Shaw Brothers and Hong Kong martial arts, but also anime and samurai movies.), which I’m fortunate enough to have been saturated in from a young age.

    One thing I like is the way QT makes death seem so important and profound one minute and so casual and funny the next – the scene where Elle is infiltrating the hospital, Twisted Nerve really makes it dramatic, and then you have the House of Blue Leaves.

    Me? I think it’s the coolest damn thing ever. The classiest, most stylish, superb piece of cinema ever. I don’t *care* if it has a message or not, the fact is that it is so awesomely cool that it’s just good old fashioned fun to watch. OMG! Wathcing a film for FUN?!? How radical and far out!

    Oh, and Tarantino said he was making the movie for HIMSELF, and if other people enjoy it, good for them. But at no point is he trying to make a movie to please anyone other than himself. So shush about not appealing to the ‘mainstream’. Do you think Donnie Darko, Igby Goes Down, The Seven Samurai, Battle Royale etc all appeal to the mainstream? *Most* of the best cinema of all time doesn’t apply to the mainstream.

  33. Kill Bill is rated R for restricted, but it rocks. Anyone who disagrees is rated R for Retarded. Just my opinion.
    Whats with the sheriff guy having like 12 pairs of shades? I don’t get that. How does that further the storyline at all?

  34. Ok Kill Bill Rocks, definitly a masterpiece of comedy mixed with gory action and intense storyboard structure. But I’m sorry, The Matrix Trilogy is by far the best story line I’ve ever seen come to life. Again my apologies to whoever I’ve offended with this comment but it had to be said.

  35. I like to see people agreeing with me, yet it is also good to see a healthy discussion. Kill Bill Vol.1 was a surprise for me as it had so much action and less of the extraordinary dialogue QT. is famous for yet I thought the use of subtitles was great.

    Tarantino has said himself (in a making of documentary I watched on local TV) that Vol.2 is better in terms of plot and dialogue as it isnt just as straight forward (kill one deadly viper assassin, move on, kill next one, etc.) as things begin to go aray for ‘the bride’. So maybe he was trying to appease to a bit of everybodys tastes? Can’t wait to find out.


  36. Listen folks, this is my very first review on this place. I have never sceen a Q.T. film(the exception being the very end of Reservour dogs). I heard a lot about Pulp Fiction and Jackie brown, but never got the will to watch them. Well after viewing Kill bill tonight, I will immodestly go view those movies. Q.T. made one of the best sarcastic movies of all time. If you have ever scène a old kung fu movies, then you will immodestly notice where his dialogue comes from and why its so cheesy (Yet at the same time BrilliantJ. The fight scenes were very well designed. I will admit there might have been a little too much blood near the end, but that’s cool. I watched fist of the Northstar and that anime was perhaps the only movie with a higher blood count. The plot has a surprising twist at the end that will make you come back for volume 2 with no problem. Speaking of anime, I’m glad Q.T. had the balls to include it in his movie. I love anime and this was an excellent way to prove to people that it does have its artistic value in major movie theaters not just art houses. It was apparent that this director is a fan of movies first then a director. He pays tribute to many movies of the past and even some in the present. From the way he presents our anti-hero, to the way of her victims you almost feel sorry for the bad guys when they get offed than the good guys. I wonder if this was the director’s intention. The surprise cast works together brilliantly. I just can’t wait to see part two. I hope this movie gets a wider release. I also hope the “violence” factor doesn’t deter people from watching it . It has an R rating for goodness sakes. What more do the moral critics need. Anyway I would recommend you watch this movie just to have a good time. It ends at just the right time, and you will defiantly be glad you spent 8 dollars on

  37. I saw the movie last night, and i just loved it! It’s definitely one of the best film I’ve seen this year so far. Of course their are couple of scenes that did not made sense (snow in the backyard where Thurman and Lui fought, how Thurman beat Lucy Lui’s a** in a matter of minutes, and why did Lui’s assistant survived after getting her arms cut off,left on the floor to bleed while Thurman fought Lui, she would have died a blood loss? and the blood gushing like fountains out of the cut off bodies??) Of course these are probably there to add humor, wonder and goriness, which didn’t really didn’t bothered me.

    And for people like Redpimp who goes crazy about how he thinks this movie sucked, he probably just like the attention he’s getting from posting such negative reviews and insulting movie goers for liking this film. He’s probably watched this movie ten times, and would be the first one in line to watch Vol 2!

  38. Cant decide about this film yet – i’ll have to see it again. One half of me thinks this is a self indulgent and arrogant movie that relies too heavily on martial arts scenes that are sometimes poorly executed. The other half of me admires the artisitc vision required to make a mainstream movie with such a varied cinematic format (monochrome/anime/silhouette) based in a comic book world where not everything needs to be explained.

    Some of the things i liked:
    – ‘Brain cam’ when Lucy Liu snipes the limo occupant
    – Katana Swords as carry on luggage
    – Soundtrack (esp the ironside ref)
    – Mace on a chain fight scene

    Some of the thigs i wasnt so keen on
    – The use of chapter titles including the ‘the 4th movie from quentin tarantino’ bit
    – The big fight scene in the ‘House of the blue leaves’ – too cluttered and lacking any stylistic definition

    Also i’d be curious to know what far eastern film goers thought of it, as they’ve probably grown up with this genre and know a lot more about it than i do

  39. Perharps the worst martial arts movie i have ever seen in my life. Never was really a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and was pretty much indifferent to his movies.
    Is there something i am missing here??? The plot was horribly predictable and the movie as a whole was just empty…. I am a huge martial
    arts movie fan and i was so dissappointed and even shocked at the lack of
    understanding Tarantino has for martial arts…All that blood and gore??
    Blood doesnt offend me but that was overkill and like Oprah said,
    i would have to make myself spout and gush blood like those people were
    doing before watching another movie like that

  40. I agree, Uma Thurman as a mature woman sure has a lot of appeal about her.

    I thought her acting in this movie was exceptional, especially for the fact that most actresses HAVE TO look their best on screen at all times. Uma isnt afraid to look like trash (as she does in some scenes in the movie).


  41. just saw this film today.

    A masterpiece of ingenius genre merging, cultural refrences, and amazing acting. The use of anime, unusual music, and witty humour made this film an awe inspiring piece of entertainment. 10 out of 10!

    PS. Uma Thurman is very very beautiful!

  42. Also, I have just read the WHOLE PAGE and realised what ‘tits’ some people are being. This whole sending a day (especially a saturday) arguing over wether a movie was good or not, with someone you’ve never met… It’s pointless to an extent that you should be shot. Im sorry but thats just how annoying this page was for me, grrr! lol Anyways, I have shared with all of you ‘intellects’ my opinion and if you like it, fair enough, if you dont, do not start an crap because I just will not respond and leave you to waddle in the mess your silly little game has produced…

    then I will come and find you…. nah wont bother, BYE!

  43. I have been a huge fan of tarantino since I seen resevoire dogs a few years ago. Since I’m just about 16 now I was pretty young and didnt really catch the whole plot. But I got a lend of Pulp Fiction from a friend about a year ago and was mesmerized by the way the characters acted out their roles in life so… well, in a way that they should. The plot intreagued me and its style was crazily genius. Since then I have become a huge fan of Tarantino and went to see Kill Bill on release date (Britain).

    Verdict: Kill Bill was an explosion of clolour, style, music, gore and classic ‘Tino humor.

    ***To hit back at those who said the blood was too much: I belive that Tarantino agknowleged this and when the battl changes to black and white, it takes the emphasis off of the blood and gore and more on the red hot, unpredictable action that ensues. Also, as someone has stated before, the outspurts of blood are all part of the genre, its just that if you have never seen that type of film you do not expect it. I rarely get to see these types ye I knew t expect this and I saw the Gore as ‘part of the movie’ and not an ‘accessary’ as all the bad critics have said.

    The movie has a few pieces that just pop from no-where (box of cereal, decapitation) and the characters play their parts well making you believe the emotion they feel. The soundtrack fits like the feeling you get when you try on a new pair of socks.

    The action comes hard and fast and there is never a boring ‘explian the plot sequence’ as this is done through great action sequences, flashbacks and exhilarating anime.

    This is the must see movie of the year so far, even the las few years because most movies that come out now lack the originality in the action sequences and quickfire dialogue and noire storytelling.

    ****in reference to the matrix: I thoroughly enjoyed both movies yet its as if ‘Tino decided “i refuse to us computer help to create one of the most pleasing action scenes in years”. And he made it. Limbs drop, heads fly, swords clash all at a rate that you cannot consider. The amount of movie making techniques that ae used to create this experience are numerous and are used to full effect; hard hitting action, appropriate soundtrack, black and white, flashbacks, silhoette fighting, comedy. Seeing is believing.

    MUST SEE, for any movie fans, a real ‘movie movie’. 10/10

  44. I think I need counseling. After seeing Kill Bill, I don’t know whether to cry, or just jump out a window. This was the most uselessly violent movie I have ever seen. It compares in no way with any others of Tarantino’s flicks. Where’s the wit? It’s few and far between. Where’s the humor? It’s sick, disturbing, and much distracted by the inane gore. In short, I don’t understand what you all see in this violent massacre of a film.

    The subtle but genius cinematics that I expected from Tarantino were there, and in abundance, but sadly were much outweighed and disturbingly overshadowed by sprays, gurgles, and severed limbs.

    Oh my.

  45. Nice comment man…And i am really touched that you are concerned about
    my personal management…I will take that into consideration that there
    are strangers out there who are concerned about how i choose to spend my
    time. Also the last time i checked, i thought this is a free world…
    If i want to make a post a mile long about anything i will do it….
    If you dont like it just skip over the post and let us get on with our
    lives…No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read

    oopss gotta go…I know you hate it when i spend my OWN time arguing

  46. It is evident that RedPimp and others that go on and on and on… have much too much time on their hands to be so offended by other people’s remarks on a movie review website. Someone, please stop the madness and either blackball these folks or re-format the site so that reviewers can only have a limited amount of space… (you can only say so much, and if you need to say more, than get a job that will pay you for your opinions!).

    Too much time is spent wasted on arguing back and forth over a film. Either you like it or you don’t. Nobody wins an award or cash prizes. Use big words, use small words, either way nobody cares really, except for people that respond to other people’s comment… stop feeding the fire!

    Move on already… Kill Bill Volume 2 is out in a few months… comment some more then… but till then let’s all just get on with our lives!

  47. Well MUJ you have some valid questions but like you said yourself you are
    only 14 (no pun intended here) Once you watch a some more martial arts movies you will be able to spot fake martial arts movies with out all
    that “auterism” crap that guy is talking about.

    Lets compare the fight scenes in “The Matrix” series to the crap in this movie. In kill bill, the fight scenes are typically close up shots of the
    upper body and seem to try and get all kinds of activity forced into the
    one shot all the while hiding the rest of the fighters body. This leaves
    absolutely no room for the viewer to see form/technic or even style of
    the fighters. In the matrix, when Neo or Trinity throws a kick you get perfect body shots showing you the full body co-ordination from the head to
    arms all the way to the tip of the toe. Their fights were very well choreographed (dont call the nazi spelling police) and could even slow down to slow motion (or bullet time) without losing their integrity…
    (Best illustration of this is when trinity takes on 4 police men at close
    quarters in a small room at the beginning of the matrix…She is flawless
    in perfect sync, with form that makes her look like a friggin pro all the way to the critically acclaimed scene where she levitates in bullet time
    and kicks the cop… That scene right there illustrates every thing that is lacking in kill bill
    In Kill bill you just get basic slash or punch motions with absolutely no
    definition of style or technic. Martial arts is not about the punch or kick or what it demolishes in its path. Its about stance, power, fluidity
    (a staple of bruce lee movies) and Q.Tarantino does not know this…

    Also i have no problem whatsoever with some one ripping entire scenes from
    other movies, but i would expect them to put their own spin on it (And i dont mean throwing some black masks (allures to green hornet which again is a major insult to Bruce lee fans but i wont get into that being that am not a geek) then throw
    black suits on 88 asians (straight up rippoff from The matrix reloaded) and surround Uma Thurman in the middle and tell her to slash away at the 88
    guys. That scene was just terrible fightwise and the way it was shot.

    And dont get me started on the scene where she is fighting on the upper level of the house of blue leaves mostly against the leader of the Crazy 88
    (this scene is also another Ripoff from Crouching Tiger where the girl wipes out a whole bar full of men….I cant even get into this one because
    the Kill bill scene is so lame you cant consider it as any kind of homage
    to Zhang Zi yi) You end up feeling like Q.Tarantino is more or less laughing at you….

    Ps… Most movie viewers are more or less not interested in these little nuances or pretty much dont give a damn about the all yellow Bruce Lee suit Uma Thurman is wearing if she cant play her part right, the dialogue is lame and the story is god awful basic or downright cheesy…. And those of us who care about the nuances end up being mostly offended by their implications and pretty much disgusted by the lack of originality in the movie….If i want to see The Matrix, Green hornet, Enter the dragon and more i already have the dvds and do not wish to see all the fight scenes
    from these movies clumsily thrown together behind some stupid plot with
    crappy dialogue and lousy ass choreography….

  48. I forgot to add some stuff. The whole film is a pastische of different films that Tarantino obviously respects (did I spell that right?). Just because the actors aren’t proper martial artists, doesn’t mean that he has failed to honour those films. He’s just putting it into a western context. That was done with the Matrix, but no-one seems to mind that.
    Plus, I don’t really get hedgers comments. Is he saying that only people who analyse films at great depth and go to Bovine University to study them are the only people whose opinions are worth listening to?
    The film was definitely intended to be over the top… I mean “The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad”? No one can put that in a film and take it seriously, least of all Tarantino, who apparently laughed his arse off while watching the exorcist. Weirdo.
    Although I did find it funny when that french woman spends ages thrashing around spurting blood, and miraculously survives the time it takes for the Bride to kill everyone, and survives being put in a car boot and kicked down a hill :S. “Leave your limbs behind – they belong to me.” Crazy stuff.
    It didn’t quite lack the style of his previous movies, but has it’s own style. The key word here is “funky”. I mean like 1970s “kung faux” style funky. Even the opening credits were done like a seventies kung fu flick, the purple and yellow strobe effects were just like at the start of Fist of Fury.
    People who say that the fight scenes were ripoffs are kind of missing the point here… the fight scenes are based on other movies, to try and give you an insight into what inspires Tarantino. He is a self confessed movie freak after all. Just because the bloke has made a movie for himself for once, don’t rip the piss out of him for that.
    My comments obviously don’t mean very much, seeing as I am only 14 and not even legally allowed to watch Kill Bill, but perhaps I have the gist of it better than some of you guys. Like that loser who keeps going on about how the actors can’t do kung fu and how the fight scenes are crap. I saw Yuen Wo Ping’s name in the credits, and you seem to consider the Matrix movies quite good. So there you go. Plus, the kung fu isn’t the issue here….it’s what QT is trying to tell us with the kung fu. Basically it’s “I love bruce lee films, I love kool anime flicks (the blue silhouette fighting was straight out of Cowboy Bebop), I advise you to check em out”. Many people who are big fans of Dogs and Pulp don’t watch kung fu flicks, they have the wrong impression. They probably laught whenever anime is mentioned. Maybe QT is trying to set the record straight

    The whole film was like a thing…like a thingy on that wossname. Whoops, two conflicting metasyntactic variables there, auteurism, what a big word.
    When I grow up and know what auteurism is, I’m going to drive a Pussy Wagon (or whatever it was called.)

  49. I just watched the film, even though I’m only 14 and can’t really compete with all these complicated words, I feel I have something to share. You know the seen with the eyepatch woman? I can’t remember the actress’ name, but when she was talking to Bill on the phone, there was a “hospital machine” in the lower right hand corner. And the number on it was 69! Hats off to Tarantino, the master of subtle random humour!

  50. My reference to “Autism” was not a mistake but intended to show you the fact that you are trying to stick some useless and more or less irrelevant
    quality on the average folks who go out to watch these movies….

    Also, i do not make my post in some quest for respect…To tell the truth,
    i dont know you and i really dont care what you think about me. When i post, i post the truth and in real life i have very little patience with
    people who parade themselves around as some high and mighty intelligent
    folks trying to tell you that you are more or less too dumb to decide for yourself if a movie is good or bad…. Like i said before you dont have to know how to cook to decide that the plate infront of you is and undercooked dish with no flavor and leaves a lousy taste in your mouth….

    I read the review about this movie on this board and went out and bought a ticket thinking people here had a clue about what they were talking about.
    I have only been this disgusted with one other movie that got more hype
    that even this one (Scream…the first movie i ever walked out of in my
    life) Most of the folks on here were/are comparing this travesty (call the
    spelling gestapo if i got that word wrong) to other great martial arts classics or action movies like the Matrix or C.Tiger. Some even had the audacity to compare it to Q.Tarantino’s other movies like pulp fiction
    or reservoir dogs… (I will not let up on my supposition that one has to have some thing wrong with their brains to make such a wayward statement)

    Facts about this movie and are indisputable ( i am yet to hear even one person making a single argument addressing these issues..most of you seem to be more interested my movie resume’ rather than defending this theatrical roadkill)

    -The movie has very very lousy dialogue
    -The actors are some of the lousiest martial artists that have disgraced the silver screen
    -The story line is lame as hell
    -The main character is pretty much some lifeless emotionless shell of
    a being that the audience will not connect with…
    -The entire movie lacks substance in that the plot is so friggin basic in that is so predictable, lacks mystery or any twists and turns that can keep the average movie viewer glued to the screen. You can snooze through
    entire scenes or chapters and wake up and not miss a beat.
    -The fight scenes are just plain horrible, and what is even worse yet is when you compare them to the movies they were ripped from it becomes more
    painful even insulting to the original movie maker… (Specifically refer to the scene in which Uma Thurman, after 3 weeks tybo training is trying to
    emulate Bruce Lee, the ultimate martial artist who dedicated his entire life to the art….That perharps is the biggest insult to all fans of bruce
    lee and martial arts as a genre of film.)
    -Not only are the fight scenes so horrible, they are so poorly shot (excluding the scene with the juvenile wielding a spiked mace and chain)
    they lack the detail and definition often found in a true martial arts movie…. To clarify what i mean here, Martial arts movies often capture the entire sequence of action a particular character goes through to throw
    a punch or a kick, with an emphasis on form and technic. This is why real and authentic martial arts movie makers opt for real martial artists to make “martial arts” movies. And you dont need “autism” to see this glaring short coming in the movie kill bill…. (And for those who dont understand this point, go watch crouching tiger hidden dragon, in the scene where
    the girl steals the Green Destiny to this village and beats up on a bar full of men then compare that scene to the fight in the house of blue leaves… (specifically when uma thurman is fighting on the remainder of
    the crazy88 on the upper level….) The scene before when she is encircled
    by the crazy88 is also another ripoff from “The matrix Reloaded.

    This is my core argument…. If you think i am wrong please address those issues…Dont post back telling me i spelt the word “Autism” wrong or my
    grammar sucks…. Be that as it may, the facts posted still stand uncontested which would lead me to believe that i am right and being that you dont have a credible argument you choose to focus on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the discussion….

  51. Did it occur to any of you that Redpimp may just be a bored kid who likes to cause problems? I keep seeing people write these irate 5 page letters responding to his “look at me, look at me” antics, when he probably saw the movie and liked it, and now is just seeing how many people he can rile up.

    I see a child who writes pages to stir up trouble, and thus reaffirms himself. I see adults who write pages to scold a child. Is it worth the time of either?

    Just a thought.


    P.S. Hedger: I may be a little slow on the punch here, but I think
    -the difference between plot and storyline
    -postmodern film and intertextuality
    -genre, and specifically genre conventions
    are some pretty strict requirements as to who can post on a friendly, public discussion board. I would invite you to define these terms for me, if only to satisfy my plebian curiosity. And educate me so very much, of course. =P

  52. You’re right, I am elitist when it comes to movies, because I respect the people who make film way too much to subject them to petty name calling and uninformed berating when I know I (and most people) couldn’t do it myself. When it comes down to it, I don’t think QT made this movie for wide dissemination, and even if he did, the level you enjoy/do not enjoy a movie on relates to the intent of the filmmaker. You are not understanding certain things and you intuitively go into a set of feelings that labels the misunderstanding as ‘badly shot’ or ‘lacking substance’ or any buzzwords that you might choose to use. All I was suggesting is that if one does understand certain things about cinema, maybe they would be able to judge film on a more intelligent level. After all, everyone is entitled to buy their favourite current ‘trendy’ artist’s cd, but I don’t think any reasonable person would suggest whomever is at the top of charts this week is ”better” than Mozart. To claim so would only be a failure to act objectively. You can act objectively can’t you? The analogy is relevant when do think about it. Please try.
    As for going to ”artsy fartsy websites”, I have no idea what that means. My knowledge of film comes from formal education and reading, not perusing reviews on a site that is labelled ‘artsy fartsy’ by somehow who commands no respect in his conduct or outlook.
    I realise, of course, respect is not what you are after. I also notice you assumed my original post was regarding you when I made no mention of your name, which leads me to believe perhaps you identified yourself with the statements I was making about uninformed reviewers.
    If you were after respect you’d at least give me the respect by responding in a calm and rational manner, and by doing me the service of not trying to use words that you, by your own admission, have no concept of. ‘Autism?’ I hope you were joking.
    Please don’t reply to this. Do you think Kill Bill was better or worse than your ability to write? The people of this site deserve better. It’s one thing to dislike a movie, but another to resort to insult when you can’t think critically.

  53. Greetings!

    My name is John, and I guess you could say I’m the head honcho (is that even how you spell it?) over at the movie blog.

    First I want to thank you for your participation on the site. I love it when some good debate gets started.

    Having said that, I felt I needed to write to you and a couple of other people about the manner in which SOME (not all) comments people leave have come across. Sometimes, in the spirit of conducting a good debate we accidentally slip over the line into disrespect and insults.

    So here’s the deal… I need to ask everyone to please be careful of crossing that line. It’s great to disagree, it’s great to debate, it’s great to think someone else is incorrect… BUT…

    When the discussions turn to name calling, when opinions are stated in such a way to intentionally belittle another person because of a different point of view, this is not acceptable. It stops being good debate and becomes nothing more than a group of 5 year olds yelling at each other in the parking lot screaming “I’m right you’re wrong! I’m right you’re wrong!” Pathetic. You guys are bigger than this.

    Like I said, debate is good. Give your opinion, say why you disagree with another person’s opinion, let the discussion enrich us all. But to say “If you think something different than me you’re stupid” is just infantile and needs to stop. All it does is show ignorance and suggests that your opinion can’t be backed up with intelligent conversation. Like I said, you guys are above this.

    So keep posting, be opinionated… BUT PLEASE start to show some respect for others who may not share you point of view. Thanks again!

    ~ John Campea
    The Big Guy at http://www.themovieblog.com

  54. So what you are saying is that the average joe has no right to decide whether a movie is bad or good. That the average joe can not decide for themselves that they thought particular scenes in a movie were terrbly done because they have no understanding of the
    difference between plot and storyline
    -postmodern film and intertextuality
    -genre, and specifically genre conventions

    With all due respect man, you are full of shit!!!! film viewing is a very very simple task that can not be compared to being some full fledged economic analyst… What you are saying is that just because i cant cook, that means that every dish served up infront of me should be readily gobbled up and given a nod as the most delicious meal i have ever eaten, be it that it was plate of maggots that was placed infront of me!!!!!!!

    Your assertion is indeed stupid and atypical of fruity artsy fartsy movie
    types who think the public are too dumb do decide for themselves what is good or bad. A movie is a very simple event that requires very little know how of behind the scenes expertise or any indepth film making know how for one to decide if they like it or not… I dont have to be some anal uptight film buff
    to see that Quentin Tarantino hired useless actors to perform martial arts
    in the movie kill bill… You dont need to know diddley squat about
    postmodern film and intertextuality to understand that the movie kill bill
    has no substance (a fact admitted by Q.Tarantino himself in the previously
    referenced article in Newsweek)

    So please for the last time get the hell out of my face with that crap of
    autism and crap like that because 99% of the movie viewing public wouldnt
    even have a clue about all the crap you claim they have to know before
    they can make a simple decision about a lousy ass movie like Kill bill…

    By the way, while you are at it, maybe you should go visit all those websites with the artsy fartsy types who study that crap you put so much importance in… You will find that your own kind pretty much trashed this movie and called is a useless waste of 2 hours!!!!!
    If you are too lazy to do it, i will be glad to copy and paste these for you.

    yours truly “Average joe who hates over hyped crap hollywood seems to
    be serving up regularly”

  55. Seeing as though we have been unable to get an intelligent dialogue happening about this movie, perhaps this site should introduce some kind of screening process by which only people with a basic knowledge of film may post comments to reviews. This would exclude people who have no understanding of:
    -the difference between plot and storyline
    -postmodern film and intertextuality
    -genre, and specifically genre conventions

    All right, perhaps that is a little extreme; but can we really be expected to take a person seriously in their assertions about film if they don’t have an understanding of the above?
    Kill Bill will be studied in film schools in years to come to demonstrate the above, just as Pulp Fiction is today.
    I’m not going to review the film, nor am I going to berate or insult the people who might disagree with the informed film lover’s analysis.
    However, I take issue to the sentimental relativism employed by some posters trying to diffuse a volatile situation by claiming ‘it’s just the opinion of x and everyone is entitled to their opinion’. Not everyone is entitled to express an opinion about a film if they are going to resort to insults and hyperbole rather than critique and actual rationale. It is one thing to enjoy or not enjoy a movie based on a gut reaction or intuitive sense of ‘I didn’t enjoy this movie’ but it is entirely another to pretend that a person with no understanding of the aforementioned qualities of film can intelligently review a movie for actual *reasons* and try to pretend that they somehow have an argument that does not exist in a void. Which it does: x amount of years going to see films doesn’t make a person any more qualified in speaking about films than I am to speak about the economy after using money all my life.

    So, in pursuit of intelligent discussion of film and in revilement of uninformed and boorish pseudo-discourse, I challenge all who post on this site to think before they attack a film, or for that matter blindly praise one. Do you really know enough to warrant other people reading your ‘opinions’? Am I the only one who finds the constant buffoonary an insult to the collective intelligence of the film-going public?
    Anyway, there’s some food for thought. Chow down.

  56. D-lap well i agree with you, perharps you should first go see the movie
    before trying to come up with phony arguments about something you know
    nothing about. And if you pick up a copy of this week’s newsweek article,
    you will find exactly where Q.Trantino admits that the first instalment
    of killbill lacks any substance , emotional value or even a credible outline of the story and plot (well he didnt go that fat but pretty much
    admitted to that)

    Being that these issues are not in contention, the film maker has admitted
    that his intention was to make pretty much a flat sequence of fight scenes
    with a light plot that attempts to lend some credence to the story line.

    Its no longer the substance that is in question here but the scenes and
    how they are being debated in this case. And by almost every ones admission
    Tarantino pretty much ripped off fight scenes from a dozen other movies
    and tried to cast a different light on them…. You can argue this all you
    want, but Tarantino failed miserably in this endeavor and seemed to be laughing at both the original films he ripped and the audience who paid
    a fee to watch his feeble attempt at theatrical piracy. No one here can argue that the scenes in kill bill can even remotely compare to the originals he is trying to ripoff and fall far short, or are even comical in some aspects. Its ok with me if some one says they liked that movie,
    that is understandable. Some people just like straight forward mish mash
    of mindless violence with blood and guts spewing all over the place (hence
    the porn reference ie. story line with explicit sex vs a bunch of people naked involved in all kinds of sexual activities) If you fail to see the parallel its the difference between boxing and wrestling. But to compare this crap filled orgy of flying limbs and blood baths to any of the movies
    Tarantino tried to rip off is a friggin joke and can only be done by those
    who are mentally challenged when it comes to film.

    Tarantino miserably failed to even pull off the task of filming basic martial arts scenes being that most of the sequences are characteristed by a flurry of activity punctuacted by an occasionally dismembered head or limb. The few times he does full body shots are when breaking from and intense fight sequence but it is still so plain and easy to see that the actors he uses are very lousy martial artists and you cant hide that beind spouts of blood (which by the way were more comical than shocking) or tight shots of fiercely moving arms and swords with no connection to those ochestrating the movement…kinda like viewing ballet but you only get to see the dancers feet with no idea of this upper body movement or co-ordination. Thats the reason Crouching Tiger was such a sucess. REal martial artists and students the subject were the actors and were able to pull off incredible stunts and continuous action sequences without the cuts that were way to frequent in Kill bill Funny thing is John Woo and the Wachowskis do this so well even with bullets its a joke to see Tarantino attempt this and fail so miserably with a simpler task of not dealing with faster moving projectiles. (Any average martial arts movie fan should know of John Woos and the Wachowski style of combining gun play with martial arts to successfully make the weapon in hand an extention of the actors hands) I sure as hell wont be going to see the second installment regardless of what Tarantino says about it. If i happened to be really bored and i have a copy of it on dvd or its on HBO i might watch it… But i sure as hell wont be looking to see it.

  57. I won’t spend too much time on this, as it’s a movie we’re talking about and as past experience has shown me, ruffling too many feathers over it, doesn’t get much done. And again, I’ve never seen the particular one in question.

    The only thing I will clarify is your notion that I said certain things, which I didn’t:

    1) I never said Critics require experience of movie credential. The inflection in your review carried the tone that you had elite knowledge of how to make films, not just how to not make them. Sorry if I read that wrong.

    2) I never have, do, or will claim to be a movie expert. Like yourself, I watch a lot. I also write a lot and squeeze into a few now and again, but that is all.

    As for everything else, I’ll just leave. Hell, we’d probably agree on a lot of things if I met you in passing, I love those other movies you mentioned Crouching/Face-Off etc, and if it makes you feel any better, to me, Star Wars is just a movie.

    I should actually thank you for perpetuating one of our forums, it makes the site so much more interesting to read and to write for.

    Lambaste away. Cheers.

  58. D-lap one funny thing is that you seem more interested in correcting the
    grammar in my rant than actually tackling the core issues in my argument…
    And to use one of your own lame arguments about classifying those who dont
    agree with you, that was a feeble attempt to sway me from the core issues
    at hand that still leave the question “fine, his grammar might lack something, but that takes nothing away from the fact the the movie sucked.”

    Secondly you also engrossed an immense and unecessary amount of time talking about one of the only scenes i pretty much agreed was the only fairly sensible part of the movie i actually liked. Yet again another tactic to deviate from the core issue that the whole movie lacked a viable
    plot, was seemingly made from duct taped scenes literraly ripped from other
    movies and had appallingly boring and very painful dialogue to complete
    the full trifecta or a recipee to an absolutely boring night out…

    Regarding you utterly ridiculous request for what experience i have in movies, 20 years as a paying dedicated movie viewer is all i need to criticize any movie as i see fit.. Or do i have to have made some lousy
    bloodbath movie to qualify my genuine dislike for any movie put out by
    any body be it spielberg or the devil himself…. Critics need absolutely no past experience of movie credential to tackle the glaring shortcomings
    of movies like Kill bill or Star Wars Clones or cones or whatever sorry ass name it was given(which i bet you are a huge fan of)

    Also please dont come at me with those useless lines about the hidden meanings or references to this or that scene had to a particular movie back
    in a certain period… Quentin Tarantino only suceeded in insulting all
    previous martial arts movie makers rather than pay homage to them in that
    all those references fell far short of their attempted goals due to his
    inability to bring forth the message he was trying to potray…

    Regarding his techniques of making martial arts movies, i also dont need
    a lick of experience to tell you that his fight scenes were absolutely horribly done with a juvenile overkill with all the blood spouting scenes
    and are just impracticle. It does not matter how many times you sever off peoples heads or limbs in the same scene, it will not make up for your ineptitude as a martial artist or lousy film maker for that matter. The fight scenes lacked fluidity had zero continuance or consistence for that matter and at time showed a total disconnect from the actor and the character they are supposed to be potraying.
    It would do you good to go get some genuine martial arts movies like
    Crouching Tiger, or most of the old Bruce lee, or Jet li’s asian export movies (not the bullshit american made stuff) even the Matrix.. Then perharps you will see how lousy QT is at making martial arts movies…. Not
    every movie maker easily makes the transition from gun powder to swords and
    blades and so many have failed, QT should study some John Woo movies and learn a thing or two about filming fast action at close proximity…(And
    perharps learn to hire people who are actually skilled in the arts instead
    of hiring some blonde bimbos in hopes that their beauty or projected viciousness will mask their athletic inability.

    Its good we agree on one thing, the movie has absolutely no original ideas!
    And by your own words, its a rip off of many other movies but it only suceeds in insulting the martial arts genre of movie making.

    Regarding my statement referring to those fans of this movie as “stupid”
    i stand by it…. It is people who have the inability or desire to exercise their grey cells that like that sort of cheap ass lazy style of making movies.Where by instead of coming up with new and innovative ways to make movies, the producers decided to steal entire scenes from various
    other movies and superglue them so as to pack as many people as possible into their theatres. People who have no desire for imaginative art that intrigues ones mind and inspires thought, or leads one into thought or simple philosophical ponderence of the circumstances portrayed in a movie
    are indeed “stupid” Some of these idiots even have the guts to compare this movie to pure works of art like, Crouching Tiger, Enter the dragon or
    Face off/ Mission Impossible (only referencing the fight sequences in this
    case) and even “Matrix”. The one very funny thing is that there is a very short scene in the movie Enter the Matrix, that pretty much captures the
    entire essence of “Kill Bill” or its lack there of. Its the scene where
    Neo meets the would be “White Rabbit”. I wont explain it to you since you claim you are such a movie expert. I figure that it you can figure this out
    on your own with help from a grammatically challenged individual like myself…. And to finalize, it is stupid people who will stand by the roadside gawking at the carcass of a dog that was run over by a car instead
    of moving along and thats what i felt like through out this entire movie.
    I will not take that back!!!!

    BTW regarding my like for porn movies, i wont apologize for it and will tell you i have seen some porn movies far better than that crappy ass movie kill bill… You must be some repressed utterly boring over the hill adult male balding away in a smelly couch. GROW THE FUCK UP go out and get you a girl friend then may be you will get comfortable with in your skin and learn to let loose and appreciate life… There is nothing wrong with
    porn!!!! Otherwise for all those out there that have not seen this movie,
    know that it is pathetic, poorly made with painfull lousy dialogue and
    script along with an absolutely worn out plot “Vengence” with zero twists
    and turns and lacks any remotely new or original ideas…. PEOPLE THIS IS }JUST A LIFE SIZE VERSION OF THE ITCHY AND SCRATCHY SHOW straight from
    bart simpsons living room!!!!

  59. REdpimp:

    – I haven’t seen this movie yet, so my opinion is completely neutral.
    – Instead, I’m going to review your review.

    You repeatedly talk about “filmmaking”:
    “He is a clown who has no friggin idea about how to shoot martial arts movies..”
    “you folks who call this movie…good have zero clue about filmography…”
    “The only reason you could have liked that movie is due to a lack of movie history, little
    or no understanding of modern film making technics…”

    * Please list your credentials regarding film editing and directing. Not liking the filming is one thing, claiming someone has “no idea how to to shoot martial arts movies” implies that you know more. If your credentials are “I’ve seen good martial arts movies before”, then don’t bother saying it. Don’t list student films either. I’d like to hear credits that are reputable. – I’m not saying you don’t have them, but give us a reason to think you’re right.

    * You are shooting yourself in the foot if you are insulting people about their “lack of movie history” when you don’t even know the different origins of the things you spoke of highly: the schoolgirl bodyguard, what movie her costume was referencing, or what movie the “spiked ball” originated. Small details yes, but if you are going to bitch about movie history, try not to put yourself on a clueless rant in the process. – As I’ve said before, the whole movie is a stew of referencing, to say the movie was a “rip-off” is like saying a band doing a tribute cover of “Hey Jude” is trying to ‘rip-off’ the Beatles.

    * Making fun of people is what bad stand up comedians do when their routine is completely bombing and they need a desperation joke to try and solidify their efforts. It doesn’t help prove anything when you conclude an argument with “If you don’t agree with me, then you’re stupid”.

    Again, I haven’t seen this movie yet, but your review is very juvenile. — Burning a movie is fun – and can be hilarious if it’s done right, but if you make it your personal adgenda to insult everybody for no reason what so ever, it’s not terribly clever.

    And thanks for being open and honest about your fondness of porn movies, that’ll get you massive amounts of credit.

    By the way, “afficionando” is spelt “aficionado”.

  60. Bad reviews from ignorant people! To each his own, but…

    REDPIMP can not even write properly so his negative review is just a waste of space. He rants and raves without an ounce of intelligence! Keep your off-beat comments back on the playground and pay attention in English class. Post a logical and well-written critique when you grow up, kid.

  61. One other thing, most of you folks who call this movie a classic or
    even half way good a just a pathetic bunch of twats who have zero clue
    about filmography and have zero understanding of the simple aspects of
    story telling all the way down to simple cinematography….
    This movie is a pathetic ripoff of a bunch of movies that falls far
    short of its goal and to here people call it the beat movie ever is
    a sign of the ignorance and the stupidity that afflicts this nations
    synthetic majority of the micro wave generation… The only reason you could have liked that movie is due to a lack of movie history, little
    or no understanding of modern film making technics and you have to be an
    outright baffoon to overlook the movies gross absence of anything scenewise,plotwise or story wise that could remotely stimulate any ones brain (May be when you are asking yourself “Where the [email protected] did the snow come from?????? It wasnt snowing when she was riding up there on a bike????)” Or HOw the fuck did Vernita , the so called Copperhead miss a
    target less than 8 feet from her????? Thats like making a superman movie
    only superman breaks his legs while leaping over a building!!!!!!

    Wake the [email protected] up people…. Its morons like you that make movie companies
    cut movies to 90 minutes because of pathetic or generally absent mental

  62. CLassic my ass. This has got to be perharps the worst movie i have had
    the misfortune of watching. That mishmash of badly edited movie clips is
    the result of some dumbass director who has let his previous sucess get to
    his head. Sure i have greatly appreciated previous Quentin Tarantino
    movies but Martial arts is way out of his league…… He is a clown who has no friggin idea about how to shoot martial arts movies and he should
    stick to lead and gun powder because thats all he can shoot….. The camera
    work in the movie is so horrible you cant even see what half the fighters
    are doing. The actors are such terrible martial artists (or martial fakers)
    its not even funny. They quiver like crack heads with swords and have absolutely no form or even average fighting ability… The only person who
    even seemed to have a clue about what she was doing was the 17 year old
    miscreant who was flawless with the spiked ball and chain and obviously in a league of her own (of course it didnt help that the damn thing looked plastic and even if it was spiked, it kept bouncing off walls and rebounded
    hitting the poor girl in her head)

    Worse yet was all that over kill with blood and dismemberment. Dont get me wrong, i love my fair share of guts and gibs all over the place, but like
    a good porn movie, less is more….. Some scenes are so impractical i was
    laughing at the absurdity of the mayhem that is impossible… (if any one
    of you limbs is severed from bone to bone, you would die from blood loss
    in less than a minute but that doesnt happen here… You actually have
    people juggling their own severed legs in some scenes…How pathetic

    The dialogue was appallingly boring and at times just plain stupid, like
    in the scene where she goes to okinawa for a sword…. (i know thats how
    classic martial arts movies played but Tarantino made to bad i was screaming in my head for mercy) And that seedy ass cheesy scene where she
    is in all white accepting the sword!!!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

    Then there is the editing….It was down right awful and there entire scenes or even 30 second shots that required those lousy actors to stay in
    character while the camera panned around them as if to show their inability
    to hold a scene….

    The story line itself is so friggin bogus i wont even delve into it….

    I will kill the next person who takes me to a movie about “REVENGE”….
    How creative of Tarantino, no one in the world would have thought of making a movie about a woman seeking vengence…That was classical…
    OOOOHHHHHH and the plot is so friggin pathetic you can get up out of the movie and sneak into other movies to get some reviews on them and be
    back in time to follow the lame ass story!!!!! OOOHH and the twists and
    turns along with the intrigue in the movie, are so absolutely apparent in
    their absence it would make any average movie afficionando groan in pain.


    AND there is a part two…. yeah right, geekville must be very excited about that one!!!!!

  63. I’ve now seen this movie twice. Once on Sat. the 11th and just a few hours ago. I’m not a huge student of film, but I do love my movies and this one is now number one for me. There are a couple of things about it that are cool:

    1. It is made up of one cliche after another – they are packed solid – the hordes of costumed fighters flowing into the restaurant, the cheesy confrontation music, the sometimes stilted dialog. Yet the director, the genius Mr. Tarantino, makes it all work perfectly.

    2. Some people have mentioned the music. Normally, I wouldn’t listen to a single bit of the music in this film, but somehow it works perfectly. I loved the “Bang Bang” tune at the start.

    3. The visuals and sound effects make for a really beautiful experience (despite the gore!). Every image and sound seems to be engineered _and_ crafted to perfection. In particular I loved the water-tock-tock sound in the Japanese garden.

    4. The most amazing thing to me is the continual juxtaposition of the extremes of beauty and its opposites (grotesquery, vileness, evil, etc.) I loved the sword gifting scene and actually got a little teary-eyed. As a religious person, the intensity of the “God will be cut” phrase cannot be underestimated.

    Anyway, just a few little comments.

  64. Tom Jones is entitled to his opinion….even if it’s completley wrong.
    Every point you made against this movie, I think was a point for the movie.
    You’re just so clueless you don’t have any idea which way is what.

    Was there any originality to this movie….of course not….and yes.
    And that’s the point. Tarantino took everything he loved about those old genres, and blasted it back out in the same kick ass style that all of us have playing in that movie theater in our minds. That movie was near perfection….down to the last detail.
    You could see how much time and effort went into crafting this movie.
    And I have to say that it was exactly what I expect from a kick ass film.
    It HAD good story, great character development (tell me you didn’t feel remorse for The Bride, and tell me you didn’t like Lucy Lui’s character jus a bit)…and tell me that you’re not rivited waiting to see:
    – Daryl Hannah’s character get explained…
    – The gunfight that started his whole story

  65. Hey D-Lap!

    THANKS for the references… I am from Chicago so may check out our Chinatown when I get the chance or just purchase it from the site you recommended – thanks very much… I do have Hard Boiled & A Better tomorrow as well as early Jet Li…(My Father is a Hero is my FAVE) early classic Jacky Chan and most of Chow Yun Fat films… all with subtitles – I HATE DUBBED! Anyway, when I searched for Battle Royale I read that it would be hard to get in the US so I think I’m better off purchasing on-line… thanks a bunch and Lord of the Flies is one of my favorite books and films so I am certain I’ll enjoy this!!

    Tom Jones gave an awful review but that’s his opinion… He is entitled people, remember that, no need to insult the ignorant!

    Kill Bill is an absolutely fantastic film whether other people get it or not is their loss… This just shows the true power of one’s creative mind…

  66. can’t compare to ANY other movie? Not even the glorious pillar of light that is Vanilla Ice’s “Cool as Ice”, that even stars Michael Gross from Family Ties? I mean c’mon that’s some sweet stuff right there. I hear all this jibber-jabber about “Kill bill” being a good movie, and no one’s brought up the Ice man yet. I simply can’t believe it.

  67. Pure masterpiece
    Tarantino combined kung fu & Old Japanese Samurai movies with a western appeal and his insane signature quirks in KILL BILL…The man is a genius and demented at the same time…there is no comparison…U cannot compare Kill Bill with any other movie.

  68. Whoa whoa.. now now kids..
    Although yeah, most of the negative stuff that I’ve heard about kill bill (which is VERY limited) has mostly been somehow related to “comparisons”.

    As far as I can see, Quentin wanted to pool a ton of stuff from everywhere and make a movie stew of it all. Sort of like a Spoof movie does with stupid scenes from other movies, he did but with action sequences instead. I think all of the “ripping-off” was the point. I don’t think for a second that Quentin would say that he thought of this stuff himself, in fact, he practically spells out the movies he’s paying tribute to right there on the screen.

    To each his own though, but if all he did was make the same quircky movie over and over, it would get kinda boring.. I mean yeah, look at “Jaws”.. hehehe Okay that parallel sucked.. later.

  69. Tom Jones… You are an idiot. Kill Bill was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and if i were u id stop crying. Ohh “Boo Hoo, its not like his old movies” who the hell cares. as long as its a good movie, stop bitching. Anyway, that movie was damn good, i loved all the blood used, it was ridiculous when someone got a limb chopped off, it was like 10 hoses of blood in them, it was insane.

  70. I loved every frame of this film. The Acting, The Cinamatography, The Music (Wow, the Music), The Anime, and of corse the Direction. Quinten has given us a Spaghetti Eastern Masterpiece.

  71. I wouldn’t usually post a review for a movie, but…….
    after watching Kill Bill the first night of it’s release I had to describe this catastrophic let-down of a movie, and also pose the question; why in the hell is anyone giving this smarmy, self-referential shout out to all the loser, video store working, mom’s basement living, fanboy jerkoff’s a good review?
    Is this what movies have come to? That all that needs to occur is for a bit of faux-originality to be shown in a movie, and it’s director is credited with some sort of genius? I am taking such a negative tone because I really, really liked Tarantino’s earlier films, and I like a lot of the genres that he has ripped off in this wankfest of a movie.(I know I am not the only one out there who got excited when I saw Sonny Chiba’s name in the opening credits, or the RZA’s!) But where those old Tarantino movies, and the schlocky older genre films worked, Kill Bill simply doesn’t. It is definetly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts, the older movies were coherent, and stood on their own- whereas Kill Bill is just too contrived; too many ripped off ideas thrown together and expected to mesh.
    I doesn’t help that the film has very little plot or meaningful character development to speak of; I kept trying to remind myself why I should give a fuck as I sat through another drawn-out and unfulfilling action sequence, or listened to another utterance of corny, ham- handed dialogue. A repetitive theme I have found in the reviews on this film is the critics bemoaning the decision to chop this film in half as a perversion of the director’s cinematic “vision”. Maybe… but I for one was thankful that it ended when it did, as after sitting through that tedious final sword fight I don’t know how much more my ass, or attention span could take.
    Maybe Kill Bill volume Two will bring things full circle and give us a reason why we should sit through this bad video game being called a movie. But until then Kill Bill has very little to offer, we are expected to ooh and aah at the cinematography, the funky recent film school grad camera shots, and the cool elements that Tarantino has ripped off from cooler films. Notice how all the good reviews for this film talk primarily about “style” and “vision”, and not much else- that speaks volumes about this piece of shit movie.

  72. Cecilia,

    Did I mention I was stupid? — maybe I should answer the RENTING part.– The only way I can help you there is: if you live in Toronto, I’d go to Suspect Video. but that’s a shot in the dark.

    I can tell you that Blockbuster won’t have it, but that should go without saying. — And if you like violence, I’d recommend another one of Tarantino’s favourites, called “Hard Boiled” by John Woo. — This one is a little more popular and can be rented at most outlets. My recommendation this time would be the sub-titled one over the dubbed one. – But I’m babbling again.

  73. Hey Cecilia,

    Okay, Battle Royale — Here we go.. There’s a trailer floating around for “Battle Royale 2” – which will never be shown in North America (ensured by the city of towers collapsing at the end) — If you saw the Trailer for The 1st Battle Royale, it’s basically a really violent “Lord of the Flies”..

    Now, where to get it…

    Would precede the next immediate question: Where do you live? — If you live anywhere close to a Chinatown of relative size, or anywhere that has Asian imports on DVD, then if they don’t have it, then you can CERTAINLY order it from them..

    You can also order it from http://www.hkflix.com (Hong Kong Flicks, get it?) — and there’s always Ebay — but make sure you get Region 1 (or Region ZERO) encoding for NTSC DVD players, or else you’ll be getting a really nice coaster for your coffee table with the letters “BR” on it.

    And as everything, I’d recommend the 2-disc special edition, but, hey, that’s just me.

  74. This movie was non stop action, well directed, good movie.

    BUT..it did not seem like it was Tarantinp..so I was quite disapointed. Just didn’t carry his signature style. Sure, lots of blood, action.

    But, was missing the style of Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Reservoir Dogs.

    Could have been directed by any action director. Nothing special

  75. to D-Lap: thanks for the Battle Royale referral… I just saw the trailer! Intense… never heard of it — do you know where I can rent this?


  76. Bottom line: This movie is amazing, Taratino is a genius….and anyone claiming the contrary just didn’t get it.

    Before you fire up your keyboards to flame me, realize that I’m typically the first person to question anyone who tells me “I didn’t get it.” But now I understand.

    First, this movie is way over the top…which is the first thing that some people would misunderstand. The movie, in all it’s exaggerated, comic-book glory…is supposed to be, and is as an homage to all the movies that Taratino loved while growing up. Spaghetti Westerns, Kun-Fu flicks, Sunny Chiba films, anime, ect… And I think he nailed it, perfectly.

    Second, almost every minor detail is again crafted to pay honor to all those films and actors that Tarantino idealized. From the most obvious, Uma’s yellow jumpsuit which was taken from Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon….all the way to the most subtle like facial ticks no doubt fashioned from the acting in old-school westerns. I love the billboard for Red Apples…the cigarette Bruce Willis smokes in Pulp Fiction. I saw what seemed like hundreds of references. I look forward to watching this agin on DVD to pick out more. And I bet I didn’t catch half.

    (((SPOILER))) Can I say the anime section was great. Seen that in several other movies, and never as successfully as used here. Brilliant.

    The whole movie’s mood was amazingly set and controlled by artistic flair, and a killer soundtrack (granted you won’t be singing along to many of these tunes on the CD, like many of you have with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack…but Kill Bill’s is intense at it’s role as an old-school soundtrack).

    Sick sick movie. Even if you don’t “get it”, you’ll probably enjoy it.
    Even if you don’t get one little reference, it’s still one of the most fun movies you’ll see in a long time.

  77. Wow. I went to see the anticipated Kill Bill. When I saw the trailer, I was very excited.

    First of all, a hat off to Quentin Tarantino for the use of color, lighting, etc. It was the best I’ve seen and helped the movie move along very nicely. We see color and monochrome. There was also the fight at the end of Liu’s minions where they go to silhouette fighting, which was great in its unique view. Also, the switch from real life to anime and back was brilliant.

    While the fighting with Lucy Liu was great, I have to say that the opening fight with Vivica A. Fox was my favorite. The fast-paced planned out fighting was realistic and didn’t seem pre-meditated. I felt like they were actually fighting! This was also a great way to start showing how the characters were going to be set up.

    Now: blood. Wow. There was a lot of it. I was very much shocked by the amount of blood used in this movie. I would have to say half of Tarantino’s budget to make this movie was used on gore effects, haha.

    The emotion put in from the actors were astounding. The opening scene with the look on Uma Thurman’s blood spattered face crying her eyes out in mercy really made me feel sympathetic for her, and almost made me want to take revenge on my adversaries! Also, we see the emotion in Vivica A. Fox when her child is coming home from school. I think the funniest emittance of emotion was when the guy made the mistake of calling Lucy Lui a “Chinese-Jap American bitch,” and she cut his head off, politely told the rest of the council that that would happen to them if they did that, then griped them out at the same time. Priceless…

    The flow of the movie seemed constant, and the exposition is haphazardly thrown throughout the movie, yet, it all makes sense. I give two thumbs up to Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. I will surely be in line for the second Volume and again for the first.

  78. I didn’t notice at first but yeah that is the chick from Battle Royale. That evil face is so unconfortable I tried to forget it.

    The fight with Lucy was awesome! reminds me of something straight out of an anime flick but brought to life.

  79. Oh, I meant that the first Matrix was better than the second Matix, not Kill Bill — those crazy undefined pronouns..

    — Has anyone else noticed the schoolgirl from Battle Royale? Apparently she’s Lucy Lui’s bodyguard and wearing the same outfit even.. Does she have a big role? I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet. Stupid stupid stupid….

    By the way if you haven’t seen Battle Royale, you should, it’s pretty intense.

  80. An absolutely thrilling movie to watch. The animation clip was excellent… reminding me of Fist of the North Star! And the Charlie Brown remark was a hoot!! I can’t wait to watch Volume II. I have a new found respect for Uma Thurman as an actress and an even greater respect for Quentin… Definitely a success!! No comparison to Matrix movies, why would anyone do that??!!

  81. Well, Harry Knowles of Ain’t it cool said almost the exact same thing… He says Tarantino gets right what everybody else gets wrong…

    “Every problem, every microbe of an issue that I√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve had with everything from MATRIX RELOADED to ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO to, hell√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ the entire exploitation genre of Martial Arts films and Revenge flicks√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ Quentin gets right.”

    the review is here.. http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=16184

    John who posts here will disagree with anyone who says it, but I also thought the first Matrix was better.

  82. Top 3 Quentin Taratino movies:

    3. Reservoir Dogs
    2. Pulp Fiction
    1. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill is everything I want to see in an action movie.

    *Please Note* Fuck Matrix II & III, they should have stopped at 1.

  83. I saw Kill Bill yesterday with some misgivings. In my eyes,tarantina has set such high standards that I was afraid he was going to fall short on this one. I mean Kung Fu?! after PF. But come to think of it, TR has a heavy kung-fu current to it. Anyway, the movie is a delight. Qt delivers a killer chop. I can’t wait for the part-2.

  84. Alrighty, I just got home from seeing the movie on opening night and I would have to say right off that bat that this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages. It’s a unique twist on older kung fu movies brought out in the style of Quentin Taratino.

    So right away we know it’s going to be big bad and bloody. Well in that aspect it didn’t let me down. Then came the captivating story followed with a very unique soundtrack. Now for some of the best parts. The witty humor, the subtle tradition’s, and the editing masterpeice.

    I’ll start with the humor. All the humor in this movie is executed so well that you wouldn’t think the character’s were trying to be funny. It all seems so natural and very much so how we act and feel on a day to day basis.

    This movie is filled with alot of cultural tradition’s that seem very subtle in my eyes. Most movies you see in this genre talk about it again and again as if it were some big moral crisis. In this movie however the tradition’s are there but there not thrown in your face as if your supposed to learn a lesson or something. *Thumbs up to Quentin for that one too*

    Now as I watch the movie and I’m completely taken by the style in which the movie was made. It works like a book roaming through chapter’s with teaser titles. Every chapter tells you just what you need to know to move onto the next while only filling you in small amounts of the main chars past at a time.

    The sixty/seventy theme’s throughout are a very nice touch. There is a extremely cool animeted sequence done in the style of cell shaded anime that has some CGI in it. Other intresting and note worthy effects are the match up screen’s. When the main char sees one of her advisary’s a really cool Reee Reee Reee nosie happens while flashing both there faces back and forth.

    Anyway I just wanted to say that this film was definatly worth watching once, I am going to see it in theater’s again. When the second vol comes out I will be first in line to see that too. t. I also wanted to say this, just for people who like to ‘compare movies’ That anyone who makes a ‘Matrix’ referance should; A. have there head examined, and B. Never reprocrate. It’s not that I hate the matrix it’s just that there were better movies to be compared to then it.

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