Ken Taylor’s Creature from the Black Lagoon print


This popped up online today. It’s Ken Taylor’s contribution to the Mondo Gallery’s Universal Monsters exhibition opening later this week. The exhibition lasts from October 19 through November 10. Collectors and subsequent Mondo fanatics are undoubtedly lined up by this point as the expected artwork to be shown and sold at the event is highly anticipated. I’d personally be looking forward to seeing Martin Ansin’s work, who is probably my personal favorite in respect to the inherent ‘Mondo stable’. Jason Edmiston is another to look out for as well (really loved his Hand of Ming painting). But really, the list of artists is huge for this upcoming event and everything will be a surprise. The Mondo Gallery has become a project that really has shown its worth since opening earlier this year in March. In the simple sense, that it is just good artwork being done. In this case the medium is films and everything related to its inception in poster form.

This is easily my favorite Ken Taylor piece to date. I won’t be in search of it, but as I mentioned above. I think it’s a real treat to see work done like this from both an artist/designer’s perspective and just as a movie fan. And that’s the real joy of the movie poster work we’ve seen pushed a lot this year by Mondo. And in truth it’s not just them. Its companies like Nakatomi Inc or Spoke Art that have been around for awhile. And I’m slighting on names myself here, but there are tons of small independent groups out there just keeping it structured, doing good art just to do. Overall the composition for this Black Lagoon print is really balanced. The color treatment is vibrant and exact. One of things that have generally unsold me on some of the Mondo prints has been the typography treatment. Its one thing to get an artist to do a rendition of poster for a film, but it’s another when balancing the layout of type is involved. This particular Taylor print is well balanced I find, in an iconic manner that matches both how the text is treated in weight and spacing, to the art work/style itself with its surrounding detail.

So if you happen to be in Austin, Texas this coming weekend or sometime during the next month. Check out the show. Word on the street is the print run for a majority of these posters is 400+, which gives a great chance to score one for yourself, if you’re in the area or doing a poster buddy ISO (and maybe bites some reseller ass due to the higher volume). This particular Creature from the Black Lagoon by Ken Taylor is limited to 430 prints and will be on sale at the show for $50.




Via: Badass Digest



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