The Dark Knight Rises adds Brett Cullen And Chris Ellis

With production officially underway there are still a few casting choices to be made and it seems that Nolan has chosen a few recognizable faces with a ton of experience to help finalize his final Batman movie.

Source: Cinemablend

The sea of recognizable faces in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has increased again. Just last week it was announced that Matthew Modine, Tom Conti and Joey King had joined the cast and now Variety’s Jeff Sneider, via his Twitter account, is reporting that Chris Ellis and Brett Cullen have joined the ranks as well.

Extra points for “Lost” alum’s! They also added a note that Cullen will be playing a judge while Ellis will be a priest. What is going on in this movie?! And where does Juno Temple fit in with all this?! And is Hathaway going to be a blonde or brunette?? OBSESSED Inquiring minds would like to know!

Sony’s Dark Little Mermaid

I loved the little Mermaid as a Kid. Yup, Disney had me hook line and sinker with Sebastian and Flounders most memorable songs now permanently ingrained in my noggin. As such, I have a nostalgic interest in the idea of the story of the Little Mermaid once again re-imagined with a more mature undertone.

Source: THR

Sony has picked up Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale, a book by Carolyn Turgeon, for Country Strong filmmaker Shana Feste to write and direct. Tobey Maguire and Jenno Topping, who worked with Feste on Country Strong,
are producing.

The story gets its point of view shifted and the tone is definitely not Disney. It centers on a princess who, in order to save her ravaged kingdom, sets out on a dangerous journey to marry the prince of her rival kingdom, not knowing that a beautiful mermaid has fallen for the same man and has sacrificed everything to be with him.

Word? This sounds interesting but only because it’s a familiar property. I don’t know how well this story would hold outside of the world of the Little Mermaid but it does seem like an interesting approach to a known property. I’ll keep my ears open for more details either way and will be sure to pass them along.

Wanted 2 is still a possibility

I really enjoyed Wanted when it was first released. It wasn’t the movie I expected, but it was definitely the movie that I hoped it would be and thoroughly enjoyed. The idea of a sequel typically evokes mixed feelings about the prospect because the film had a sense of finality to it that doesn’t encourage further installments, but the rumor of a sequel has been persistent ever since the box office results of the film was very successful. That has not yet changed for director Timur Bekmambetov.

Source: Latino Review

During an interview on the set of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” Timur spilled the beans on whether or not they’ll try to continue on making a sequel:

“We still talk sometimes about ‘Wanted 2.’ We want to try and continue that story because it’s a very interesting one for us.”

And no, for sure they won’t bring back Jolie’s character:

“The reality is we love [Jolie] and we’d love to do it with her, but also that story has such a big idea behind it that it can also go on without her.”

I really enjoyed Wanted and appreciate the movie for making me take notice to James McAvoy, (otherwise I would have missed out on the awesome show “Shameless”), and for making me believe that Morgan Freeman may be more nimble than he appears. I enjoyed that a lot but I am not convinced that this is a movie franchise that needs a sequel. Of course a great idea can make me change my mind so I look forward to finding out exactly what has Timor so excited about the possibility with or without the involvement of Angelina Jolie.

Stan Lee reveals Amazing Spider-Man cameo

Oh no. He’s talking a lot more lately and is beginning to remind me of “anybody’s” grandpa who’s just a little too excited that he’s still alive working. He just revealed spoilers for a movie a year away.

Granted, he’s not saying much that hasn’t already slipped online, but man does he go into detail!

And you know what else? I think he’s right. He’s not gonna get called for any more cameos!!! Man, I (hetero-)love Stan.

New Real Steel Poster

Real Steal is Hugh Jackman’s other “metal man” movie franchise with him in the starring role and a young Dakota Goyo tagging along to keep him in line. Let’s look at the poster!

Coming Soon

UGH. What is this? Oh yea. A Disney movie. I’ll concede that I may not fall within the range of the target audience for this movie. I don’t even like this poster. Let me explain: The movie looks flashy, stylish, and like it’s being given the budget needed for the vision. I don’t think I like the vision. I think Jackman will be able to pull of a great performance, but I also think the movie is just too naive to have my genuine interest beyond fascination. I’m just not able to find that needed “magic” to give it that cross appeal for children and adults, that I often find in Pixar movies, within the trailer or this poster. Shame cus I like Jackman’s on-screen presence.

New Deathly Hollows Pt 2 poster

Welcome back to the Hogwarts express! Our conducter, Harry Potter, has seen better days. Today we get a look at the latest poster revealed for the upcoming box-office blockbuster and it’s now available for all of your ocular perusial.

Via: Coming Soon

That is a lot of forehead! It looks pretty cool with all the effects that they’ve done with the colors, but it still seems like most posters of today are derived from that poster for “The Social Network”. And doust my eyes deceiveth me? H.P. has some peachfuzz on that chin! Good lord, I remember when he seemed like a toddler while dodging the mechanisms of the life sized ‘Battle Chess’ pieces in the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Wow. This might bring tears.

Ethan Hawke talks Total Recall role

Ethan Hawke is going to have a part in the upcoming Total Recall reboot/remake in an unspecified role. What’s with all the mystery? No idea, but he’s recently been caught sharing some more interesting details about the role that may give us a clue regarding his appearance.

Source: Vulture

Still, at least there’s one thing Hawke can promise you’ll see next year: His cameo in the remake of Total Recall (starring Colin Farrell), which he’s shooting next week. “[I’ve got to] leave the party. Learn the lines. It’s a five-page monologue … Yeah, it’s great. It’s really good.” His role in the film has been shrouded in mystery — is he playing a character we might recognize from the first film? Hawke just grinned mysteriously. “I don’t know … “

5 page monologue? That could be really long or really short depending on the font size used in the script! Sounds like a speech! How many characters gave speeches in the first movie? Too many questions that I can’t answer, so I’m turning it over to the experts. You guys. International friends: Who the heck is this the Hawke man portraying in this movie?

Rumor: GI J.O.E. 2 might be 2D only

John Chu is a man who makes 3D movies. Both of his last two movies on his resume were conceived and filmed for 3D, and he had hoped that he would be able to incorporate the technology into his next film. Seems that might not be the case after all.

Source: /Film

I really want to do it in 3D, but the decision hasn’t been made yet. A lot of factors that go into that, which I think it’s good to have a big discussion about. I think it’s going to be perfect for it, but there are other factors that are built into it—how it slows you down, things like that. But I could try some other things if it wasn’t in 3D; it would change my whole view of how I would make this movie, so we’re trying to figure it out.

I feel for the guy. Sounds like someone doesn’t want to commit the moolah needed to have the film ready by the already announced release date of August 10th 2012. Special effects can take a long time and a rush job is noticeable so I hope that they make a reasonable decision within a reasonable amount of time. I’ll share more news as soon as it’s received.

First Look: The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane

We knew that he was on the set and that he had seen the mask. That much we knew. Today we get more. We get a LOT more. Today we get to take a look at how huge this dude has gotten since the announcement that he had taken on the role of Bane.

Click to embiggen

Via: The Dark Knight Rises Official Site

Those are some impeccable back muscles. Whatsup with the mask? The single light setup helps deliver the “mystery”, and definitely delivers with regard to the tone of the character, but it also makes it hard to get a handle on Nolan’s Bane from this picture of a shirtless man showcasing his back. I can’t see the mask too well at all but it does seem to coincide with Hardy’s’ previous statement of “no Gimp”. I did notice an omission of a backpack and tubing so now I get to wonder how the Venom goes in. I think I like the look but I need to see more to be sure.

Transformers 3 Clip without robots

Michael Bay is not holding back. No, he says that this is his last Transformers movie and insists that he will be going out with a bang ‘splosion. This first clip does not display the forementioned ‘splosions and instead relies on something unheard of. Acting talent.

I didn’t know Pepper Potts was in this movie… but that’s not Gwyneth! This scene here shows me that there’s very little hope for acting talent from this lingerie model. Megan Fox is, currently, far from an Oscar contender but at least I’d gotten familiar with her participation in the first 2 films. This is a brand new “bad”, and I’d rather the “bad” I know than the “bad” I don’t. Not looking forward to this chick…

FIXED – First Look: The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this Hunger Games movie, so I’m naturally curious to find out what all the fuss is about. Today we find out that Entertainment Weekly got the first look at Jennifer Lawrence in wardrobe for her role as Katniss Everdeen.

Via: Filmofilia

Looks like a survivor. I don’t know what’s going on, or why I should be excited, but I have to admit that she does look cute with red hair. Oh, and there’s that cool looking eagle logo thingy on hir jacket. No, I haven’t read the books so I’m probably not as pumped as most. I have a “thing” about avoiding books to movie adaptations as I feel that exposure to both will ultimately lead to criticisms of the movie based off of what’s going on in the books rather than just judging the movie as a movie. I Cant wait til I see “Deathly Hollows 2” so I can finally read the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Looking forward to finding out if this can stand on its own.

Coming Soon: Titanic 3D

Titanic was a monumental achievement of technology and film as a medium when it was initially released in 1998, and went on to earn almost 2 billion dollars in gross revenue.

Source: JoBlo

Today the trio announced that TITANIC will be re-released in theaters on April 6, 2012 in 3D…

The release will mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail, which took place on April 10th, 1912. Cameron first announced the news back at the 2009 Comic-Con and has been working on the 3D conversion since.

Says Cameron of the re-release: “There’s a whole generation that’s never seen ‘TITANIC’ as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen. And this will be ‘TITANIC’ as you’ve never seen it before, digitally re-mastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D. With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike.”

It comes as little surprise that the folks at Fox and Paramount are interested in letting Jim Cameron post convert the movie into 3D to try to re-create the undeniably epic sea of women, men, children and pets repeatedly shouting that they’ll never let go at local malls, schools, post offices, and most of Time Square.

I don’t know if I can voluntarily participate in such an event as the outcome is most tragic and involves the poor judgment and heaving of expensive jewels overboard the tragic outcome of a romance that could never last. I don’t know if I can stomach that.

RUMOR: Ferrell and Wahlberg up for Turkey Bowl

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg had quite a bit of success with last summers’ “the Other guys” and it seems that the duo would like to re-team for at least 1 more project that involves football, turkeys, and somewhere they squeeze in some comedy.
Source: Deadline

Warner Bros has closed a deal for Turkey Bowl, a comedy that will re-team The Other Guys stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as guys from football-obsessed towns who lead rival teams in an annual tackle football game for bragging and trash-talking rights. The tackle games are grandiose, and I’m told they plan to pack it with fun cameos, just the way they did during the rival broadcaster gang fights in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Alec Baldwin is already aboard as Wahlberg’s father.

Do they really think that they can make a movie with these losers without showcasing the real stars of the Other guys? The Rock and Sam “mutha flood puckin” Jackson are the real reason people packed into theaters to watch that movie. They better appear as part of the team. Hell, they are the team! Radar status: secured.

The Crow remake still on?

Last bit of news we heard about the idea of remaking the Crow remake taking shape was that it probably wouldn’t happen anytime soon, but news on the web says that filming will begin in January. Word?

Source: Cinemablend

Buried near the end of Screen Daily’s story about producer Ed Pressman’s plans to remake the 1988 thriller Bloodsport with director Phillip Noyce at the helm was an item about Pressman also pressing forward on his Crow remake. The producer said 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo plans to begin shooting this latest Crow in January, adding that Bradley Cooper is still in negotiations to play the back-from-the-dead angel of vengeance.

It seems they intend to resolve this whole “who owns the rights” thing sooner rather than later if they are going ahead with plans to schedule production. Of course things could change but for those looking forward to the return of the Crow in your local theater can exhale a sigh of relief and keep an eye out for news as to where Brad Cooper is taking on the title role or not.

Disney found their Lone Ranger in Armie Hammer

Ladies and Gentleman, Johnny Depp finally has a Ranger to accompany his Tonto. We just found out that Armie Hammer is now contractualy obligated to accompany Mr. Depp, on horseback, to right any wrong doings in the old west with a mask and can leisurely wear a 10 gallon hat.

Source: Variety

When Johnny Depp was first cast as Tonto in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s bigscreen adaptation of “The Lone Ranger,” Armie Hammer was a relative unknown in Hollywood who was ready to break out as Batman in Warner Bros.’ “Justice League.”

Three years later, Hammer has been handed a high-profile black mask he’ll actually get to wear, landing the titular role as the crime- the crime-fighting Texas Ranger in “Lone Ranger.”

Thesp is finalizing a deal to saddle up and shout the signature “Hi-ho, Silver! Away!” line in the pic that Gore Verbinski will shoot sometime in the fall based on a script by Justin Haythe.

…Hammer had been the frontrunner for the “Lone Ranger” role for weeks, but casting now moves the project forward, making it Bruckheimer’s next tentpole after the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” pic sets sail this weekend. Production would start after Depp wraps up WB’s “Dark Shadows” adaptation and Hammer finishes “Snow White.”

This news is great! For some odd reason I thought there was a bit of a lull in Johnny Depp news and this Armie Hammer guy is sure to help maintain his spot in the limelight. Sidekick? No, this Tonto will be much more than a sidekick and the kicking won’t be of any sides he’s aiming straight for the arse. We’ll share more news as soon as its available as they will undoubtedly want to cast a love interest. There’s no such thing as a good Disney movie without a love interest after all. Until next time…

Keanu will NOT be in Akira

The Keanu man has been making a bit of a resurgance lately with news that he’s pushing for the development of a 3rd Bill and Ted movie and word that he had expressed interest in adapting Japanese Anime’s. Today we learn that 1 of those anime’s is no longer under the actors’ consideration as he has passed on the role of Kaneda in the Akira adaptation.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Even though he has a strong relationship with Warner Bros. by way of the The Matrix franchise, Keanu Reeves has officially passed on the role of Kaneda in the live-action Akira film, based on the 1988 landmark anime and six-volume manga. The project has been in development hell for years and has had numerous big names circling it – James Franco, Brad Pitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to name a few – but none have ultimately signed on to the Albert Hughes helmed sci-fi flick, whose budget has swelled to an estimated $140 million.

A little disappointed in that the absence of the Keanu man’s presence may slow down development of this movie, but also a little relieved as I’m not sure it’s the best anime to adapt into a live action flick. It’s not that I dont think that they could pull off the visuals, they probably could, it’s because Akira’s story is WEIRD. Creepy little blue kids, a psycho biker gang, and an old friend with a host of super powers with a sub plot of the title character that actually has very little to do with the on-screen action sounds good on paper, but I just don’t think audiences are willing to wrap their head around the complexities of the underlying themes in the movie.

This may not stop them from making the movie, so if not the Keanu man then who?

Abin Sur’s Green Lantern theater poster

Abin Sur is the mysterious Green Lantern that precedes Hal Jordan as GL of Sector 2814, and is not expected to have too much screen time in this summers’ Green Lantern movie but that hasn’t halted the Designers over at WB from whipping up a spiffy new poster for you to point at when walking in your local theater. Let’s look.

Via: Coming Soon

Poor Abin. Poor poor Abin. If it wasn’t bad enough that your days are numbered, you also have to suffer the sorry fate of being mocked for looking like another famous alien. Kidding aside, I have to say that I think Abin’s poster does look decent if not all that inspiring.

Milla Jovovich tweets Resident Evil 5

It should come as little surprise to find out that details are emerging regarding the fifth Resident Evil movie, especially when you consider that they already announced a release date 2 months ago, and today we find out that this sequel has a title.

Source: Dark Horizons

“I think its called RE: Retribution, but i have to ask paul 2 b sure.” “I pray 4 japan everyday and i can’t wait 2 go there and shoot the nxt RE!”

Just to let the RE fans know, ’cause there’s been a bunch of questions about the next film, Paul has kids that are professional players. All they do is play the games until they master every level and unlock every code. They play the games for weeks and give Paul the footage. So, he’s literally watching days of the most awesome RE players out there to get inspiration for the next installment of the franchise.

The Resident Evil movie franchise has been entertaining but not really too faithful to the source material so I’m a little shocked that Paul Anderson even has people play the game for him to relay the details. What are these guys doing wrong that he couldnt understand that Nemesis was not supposed to be a wimp that turns on his creators? And when is someone going to stop pulling his leg and tell him that there is no Alice in the game!? Man, he shoulda played the game himself…