Harrison Ford and Zac Efron set to star in ‘You Belong To Me’


The Wrap is reporting that Harrison Ford and Zac Efron are in negotiations to work together in a Rob Reiner film titled, “You Belong To Me.” The film falls into the thriller genre and described as being similar to “Cape Fear.”


Ford would play a psychiatrist who has a difficult time after one of his female patients commits suicide. He ends up bonding with her brother James (Efron). But things become more difficult when he lets James into his life and James begins seducing his wife and daughter.


I can see Ford playing a psychiatrist and for some reason I immediately think of the horror film, “What Lies Beneath,” where he plays a scientist with a mystery surrounding him and his family. I will admit that I have mixed feelings about anything with Zac Efron in it. I tend to give many actors a chance regardless of their background, but Efron has not had one role that I have liked. I was forced to sit through The Lucky One where Efron seemed almost lifeless in an already terrible role and besides that, the rest of his films could be considered Disney Channel exclusives in my opinion. If this film is using “Cape Fear” as inspiration, Efron would have to make a drastic change from the usual roles he has been playing to be taken seriously as a more menacing character.

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