Frank Grillo to play Crossbones in both Captain America and Avengers Sequels?


A week ago or so I came across some news that Frank Grillo was going to join the Cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and would possibly play Crossbones in the film. Since it wasn’t yet confirmed and I hate marrying an actor to a role without a contract I just waited until said contract was signed. Well confirmation has come that Grillo will play the role but new information reveals that he was also subject to the “three film” clause that has plagued Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman:


…during a recent episode of Aaron’s show,the hostcalled Grillo and asked if he’ll appear as Crossbones in more than one Marvelfilm. The actor said “yes.” After theinterview, Aaron revealed that the same source who knew about Grillo’s involvement a week ago is now saying that the actor signed acontractfor atotalof threefilms. The first will be “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” The next will be “The Avengers2.” And then finally, he’ll play Crossbones in “Captain America 3.”

I love how Marvel is taking their time and planning things out, and also kudos to them for their binding contracts. I fully support their idea for planning ahead and locking in these stars against their will. Or something like that. I don’t foresee Grillo having the same gripes as Weaving with having to reprise his role in future films and more interesting is the fact that his character seems to linger around throughout all of these films.


I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that Crossbones  kills Captain America on behalf of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull and Bucky Barnes takes the role ahead of the assured return of Steve Rogers to reclaim his mantle. Sure that’s exactly how it happened in the comics, but what other theory did you think I would have?


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