Finally, a good look at Classic Cobra Commander

Remember how Cobra Commander looked in the first G.I. Joe movie? Yes? No? Well we know that Joseph Gordon Levitt didn’t return for this film and you should forget the old look anyway as it’s been scrapped entirely. Today we get a good look at Cobra Commander and how he’s been retooled to closer resemble the classic look of the character.

stands proud and watches silently.

A little cheesy looking? Hell Yeah. Classic 80’s goodness? In spades. This is our new Cobra Commander. Any questions?

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  • Ryan

    It looks awesome ! Especially the Fangs on the mask! But I still feel sad most of the characters of the first film will not be in this and wondered how they’re go to explain the “Destro” part .

  • This was the first good content to come out of their viral campaign.  I’m hoping more great stuff is on the way, so everyone should join the viral campaign so they release more exclusive photos and videos! Join the Cobra Special Forces here: